Wednesday, July 04, 2012


 More Book Winners Announced!

 Here are the last of the books that were posted in June! If your name/ID is on this list, please email me at Put in the subject line: I WON A BOOK and the name of the book that you won! Include in your email to me your full name and address, and I'll make sure you receive your book! And if your name is not on this list, don't worry, we still have the grand prize to give away!


Monarch Beach: Nan from Alaska

Prosper in Love: Krystal (Kndyer)

What Alice Forgot: Tina B @ Brannanflooring

I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag: Your Invisible Pixie     

The Language of Flowers: Keltban

Wallflower in Bloom: Mon Cherie (sweeping news)

Skinnydipping: Mary Jo Burke

All the Difference: Accidentalgypsy


These people have still not claimed their books:

The Art of Forgetting: jerigraff

Between You and Me: Bernadette 7

The Objects of My Affection: Susieqlaw

Hand Me Down: Nancyecdavis


For the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING, I will put everyone’s name into the drawing however many times you left a comment on my blog. If you entered every single day, your name will be placed into the drawing THAT many times, so you’ll have that many chances of winning! I’m trying to get the drawing done as soon as I can so please be patient with me as I go through this process, but I still also have to keep up with the blog, and do other life stuff!


ncsuloges said...

Thanks for all your hard work!

susieqlaw said...

You are making summer fun!

Joelle said...

Congrats to all of the winners!!!!

Thank you for these amazing giveaways. xoxo

Karen said...

I've missed out with my crazy-A June. I'm looking forward to going back and catching up! :) ktmixon315