Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Announcement

Hi everyone -- I'm on vacation and I've just picked the latest winners for ON THE ISLAND and WHAT I DID which I will list below. I was going to pick Emily Giffin's WHERE WE BELONG winner but didn't think that was very fair since I just put the post up yesterday so I'll maybe pick the winner while on vacation. If you haven't entered that one yet, you still have time, so click on over here to enter to win Emily Giffin's WHERE WE BELONG!

However, while I'm away, I have scheduled a REALLY BIG EVENT for WEDNESDAY so please come back.

ONE OF YOU will have a chance to win 10 of my favorites... a really fun post is coming your way! Don't forget to stop on by!

Now, here are the latest winners:

WHAT I DID goes to: LAURA who had strep throat! (I hope you are feeling better!) Please email me at with your full name and address so I can get your book to you. But don't send your germs!

ON THE ISLAND goes to: Accidental Gypsy! Who has won on Booking with Manic before! It always pleases me when picks a number and I see that a person who's won is a winner again -- you keep coming back here to Booking with Manic, and your turn will come up, and sometimes your name will come up AGAIN! Lynn, I've got your address and have already put your book in motion!

Everyone, please stop by on Wednesday -- I put a lot of thought into this really fun giveaway on Wednesday and I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I have for you. A lot of fun books for ONE LUCKY WINNER!!!

Take care! GOOD LUCK!

If you're new to Booking with Manic, here are some important details for the giveaways:

If you're new to Booking with Manic, thank you for stopping by! We love new readers! Some notes - If you're entering to win a book, please use an identifying name and it's usually a great idea to include an email, which I will never give out to anyone else. You can only enter once please. You'll need to check back here in about a week or so to see if you've won the book -- I will highlight the winner's name at the top of this post. Most books are supplied directly through publishers, publicists and the authors. Winners will receive books directly from the publisher within 3 weeks from the time you provide me with your address, unless I send you the book (sometimes I will). Sorry, but we can only ship to U.S. and Canada so if you're from another country, thank you for coming by to read and discover new authors, but we can't send you a book. Any questions on how I run the blog or suggestions on who you would like to see featured, please email me at Thank you for your support!

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