Saturday, April 01, 2006


Don't need no kisses,
no licking on the neck,
Don't need no hugs,
or a kissy-kissy peck,

All he has to do,
all he has to say,
I'm so glad I'm a dad-day!

Okay, so it doesn't really rhyme but the point of this flash poem that I just thunk up in my head (and yes, as I'm typing this, I'm doing so in a redneck accent) is that we have been spending the past two days in major family mode--playing H-O-R-S-E on the driveway, going to the park, drawing with chalk on the drive, taking walks, eating ice cream and burritos, and just having fun being a family.

After Hub took Ajers to baseball practice, he came home and I was lounging, snoozing, cozied all up on my favorite couch in the whole wide world in my second favorite room in the whole wide world (second to only where I sit right now in front of this screen), and Hub says, with no prompting, no other conversation going on:

"I'm so glad I get to be a Daddy."

Yep, as I said, better than any of that other smushy stuff!

He's such a great dad. I'm so lucky.


Modigliani said...

That is SO Sweet and CUTE! :)

onedivorceddiva said...
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onedivorceddiva said...

(minor typo before)
I knew he was a keep the first time I met him. :)

onedivorceddiva said...

Okay still a typo, but you know what I MEAN!