Sunday, March 12, 2006


If you haven't had a chance to review the comments on the previous post on sneaking into movies, there's some interesting 'takes' on this dishonest hobby. So, take a look at what's been said, and read my admission of guilt in the comments.

Three 'thefty' things I'm not proud of as I look back to my 'younger' years: dining and ditching at Dunkin' Donuts one late night (only because we could not get the attention of the cashier, and we really did try); only leaving a twenty-dollar bill for a Mexican dinner and quite a few beers because the service was the worst service we'd ever had in our entire lives and we had been waiting for half-an-hour for the bill; paying for late-night snacks at a grocery store, but not being charged for the case of Diet Coke, and not letting them know as we left the store; and the last one I'm not saying because I should leave some things private.

Share some morally questioning things you've done in the past, if you'd like to.

Check back later and I'll tell you about how we almost burned our house down Saturday night. It gave new meaning to the song by Talking Heads...Good times, good times.


domestic_valerie said...

I have a big problem with corporate retail and employee "discounts". I doubled my cd collection while working at a large chain music less than six months. Then my car was wrecked...instant karma? Perhaps...

But for some reason, I have an irrational fear of sneaking into another movie. I can justify my "discount" by the crappy wage paid, but I can't bring myself to sneak into a movie...even with the absurd amount they charge.

I have even less moral tales, involving beer and shoes. But like you said, some things should remain private.

I don't think you're an immoral person. I think you're gutsy.

Unknown said...

When I worked at a popular chain drug store at the photo counter EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE used to steal makeup, cd's and all kinds of things. I too took some cheap makeup on a few occasions.

Also, I gave out a "friend's" phone number on a phone chat line just for fun once when I was 14. Well, it wasn't funny because it was her parents line as well and they were getting sexy phone calls at all hours because of me. I came clean on that one.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Girlies--doesn't it feel good to 'fess up?!!!

Domestic--I think the fear of sneaking into a theater is that you're getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar kind of. No escaping except to admit you did it.

Kristen--you're ME but 12 years younger and so much cuter! Love your lists--fave movies are MINE too. Love Million Little Pieces--now THERE'S a debate on morality folks! And maybe that is MY problem cuz I'm like, Cool, James Frey wrote a GREAT book and he beat the system. (Probably shooting myself MAJORLY in the foot for saying that right now.)

Kristi said...

Can't wait to hear about the fire incident.
Hmmm, immoral things. Trying to get coupons by the grocery store without actually buying the EXACT item listed. Especially the Campbells soup ones that say you are not allowed to buy the "cream" varieties with it. I don't get that at all.

Kristi said...

Oh, and just to comment on your comment about James Frey. I posted about that whole scandal and about how it WAS a great story and how I got jipped out of the full effect b/c I read it after the lies came out. Just think about how much more moved I would have been had I thought it was all true.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

kfk--I hope your boyfriend's last name doesn't start with a C cuz when you get married, you will be KFC--hahaah. Chicken. Get it? Okay. It's late. I apologize!

Anyway, I DID read Million Pieces about three years ago, before Oprah had even heard of him. I read it just to read a book and enjoyed it immensely. I even think I sent him an email. It doesn't bother me or affect my life at all if he fibbed his way through it, just like how would a quick free movie bother anyone else? Geeze, I can't get this one to let go of my brain, huh?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OOPS, now I was getting KFK and Kristen mixed up. KFK is already married. Sorry girls! My bad.

kim said...

Ignorance really is bliss. I think if the guilt is there it's because you know it was wrong and I bet you don't do it again. Don't beat yourself up about it, just take note from your conscience and don't do it again.

Nothing is "free" anyway. Just like domestic said about stealing cd's and then having to pay even more in car damages.

Not that nothing bad can happen if you are perfectly moral, but I bet after you "slid by" on things, you got an unexpected bill for something??? Shrank your favorite pair of pants? Something.

I always figure ten fold, be prepared to pay tenfold for outright dishonesty.

I've done immoral a plenty, but I like to think I live, learn, ammend, and move on.

What about shopping at stores that use immoral purchasing practices? Or buying from companies with immoral marketing strategies? This is the one I'm working on.

The Dummy said...

Well, if they don't charge you for something that you held right up in plain sight, then that's their responsibility, not yours. As for sneaking into movies, lol, I think that's great. They charge you an arm and a leg, and what's wrong with a little mischief now and then?

Jess Riley said...

I can't wait to hear about the house burning story!

I never really stole anything (except my parents' mini-van, haha) ButI still feel guilty about forgetting to leave a tip after a pre-prom dinner with 4 other couples. Holy crap, that poor waitress deserved at least 25 bucks. Being in high school was no excuse for our airheaded thoughtlessness.

Dear AL said...

You are gona burn in hell, you hear me! BURN!

Don't worry about corrupting your kids with that extra movie, you just broaden their horizon, that's all. :) Who hasn't sneaked into a movie?

Me and my buddy use to sneak into a public pool to go skinny dipping with a few girls way back, just wish I wasn't so damn skinny back then. I looked like a freak!

About burning down your house, happy that you didn't. Just another lesson for the kids!

Anonymous said...

Sometime late last summer I was shopping for a bridal shower gift, using a gift card I had received as an incentive from my job. The bride was registered at Williams-Sonoma; the shower was the following day, so I was looking for a gift she was registered for that was reasonably priced. I found out that she was registered for martini glasses and she was still “in need” of 4. The martini glasses were about 4 for $50; I also bought her drink recipe book, which was on sale. I found some great margarita glasses that were on sale so I decided to treat my self with the money still left of my gift card. When I checked out the total came to around $76, I didn't think much of it because I knew the Margarita glasses were on sale. I wasn’t thinking about the price of everything. Just thought, wow, what a great deal!

Later that day...I still hadn't left the shopping plaza, but had left the store; I figured out that I had been only charged for one martini glass! I never returned to the store to tell anyone, I realize that it isn't the moral thing to do, but figured the cashier didn't do her job correctly if she forgot to scan the other three glasses! The only time I thought about it again was when I left the gift tag inside the box with the martini glasses, in case the bride received more than she asked for, she wouldn’t be able to return them using my gift receipt.

Needless to say, given the fact that I used a gift card, I paid for none of it and I still have $24 left to spend on the gift card!


her master said...

Umm .. for previous post title: consciousness -> conscience :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

her master--I actually knew that was wrong but was too lazy to check the dictionary. So, now, not only am I immoral, I am also lazy and illiterate! (Did I spell that one right?) LOL. How's the big, white ball-o-fur doing?

kim said...

I had to come back to this post b/c I remembered a bad one.

I stole a favorite t-shirt from a roomate. I didn't really plan on stealing it, I just kept avoiding giving it back and she really wanted it back. We lost touch and I still have it some twelve years later.

Very guilty about that one. I'd be so sad if someone snaked a favorite shirt.