Thursday, March 16, 2006

Productive? Not So Much

~Ajers woke me up.
~I begged for 10 more minutes.
~Slept 9 more minutes.
~Heard, "MOM, GET UP!"
~Got up.
~Microwaved waffles, sausage biscuit, mini pancakes.
~Read Tukey a book.
~Laid in Tukey's bed as I tricked him into getting dressed.
~Took Tukey to school.
~Got a grandenonfatcinnamondolcelattelitewhip and two M&M sugar cookies, and a Ventinonfatmochaoneandahalfshotsnofoamnowhip but I asked for it like Elmer Fudd, and said, No Woam, No Fip. This was for Lisa.
~Went to Lisa's house.
~Crawled into bed with Lisa.
~Told her I loved her.
~Told her Coffee Talk with her does something different to me--my seratonin excels when I'm drinking coffee with Lisa--we just laugh and laugh.
~Sat there with Lisa calling Oprah fat (well, not really, but we were yelling at the TV that she's not a size six!
~Went to Diva's school and read to them.
~Met Lisa and her husband out for lunch, at yes, Melanie--HUGO'S!
~Ate the following: Shrimp bisque, BLT, fries.
~Lisa had to order us a brownie sundae.
~Ate that too.
~Picked up Tukey.
~Came home.
~Checked Email.
~Laid in my bed with Tukey while he watched Spongebob and I dozed.
~Then he watched Jimmy Neutron while I dozed some more.
~Then I went to the bus to get Diva and Ajers.
~Then I checked more email.
~Cleaned up a little.
~Searched all over for Diva's homework packet.
~Could not find it.
~Felt full from all that food.
~Cleaned up a little more.
~Maybe more email, a blog or two.
~Sent an email to an author I adore to be named later who I had the totally immense honor of meeting and chatting with her last night, and I'll tell you all about it later in another post because the experience is still percolating in my mind!
~Took the kids and two neighbor girls to see this really good movie, using my rainchecks from last week's theater debacle, but paying legitimately for everything else (except the diet 7-UPs and juice boxes I snuck in).
~Came home.
~Giving some thought on what I can feed the children, even though they won't be hungry because they just ate five pounds of popcorn and two pounds of Sour Patch watermelons.
~Blogged about my day.

So. Productive day? Absolutely NOT.

Good day? Absofreakinlutely!

What'd you guys do today, and what plans do you have for St. Patrick's Day?


domestic_valerie said...

I just want to know who belongs to the tattoo...

Today, because I'm not going out drinking like I USED to do for St. Pat's, I am having a nice quiet grown up dinner party. I've baked Irish bread, made a Guniness cake and whiskey cream, I have a rosemary butter basted chicken in the oven right now and we'll feast on Irish cheese and (more) butter. Yum. It's authentic Irish country cooking...without the corned beef and cabbage. ;)

Hmmm...I wish my day yesterday was as nice as yours.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

That tattoo would belong to moi. Believe it or not. Got it a year and a half ago, at the ripe old age of ... 35.

Anonymous said...

I love those days. I wish I was looking hot and skinny, and out at some bar drinking Guinness with my best girlfriends, singing Irish tunes and fighting off drunk Irish men, but I'm home, watching the World Series of Poker, listening to my boys wrestle upstairs and debating how long they can go before blood is drawn and I have to intervene. YAWN-ER!!!