Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Do you know how easy it would be to eat nine Double Stuff Oreos?

I do.

Note to self: Next time I'm in the cookie aisle, don't let Tukey choose his favorite!

Tell me your best cookie story.


Jess Riley said...

Two weeks ago I ate an antire row of Newman O's. These are the "organic Oreos." So they trick you into thinking, hey, these are GOOD for me! And the next thing you know you're crying because your waistband has cut off all feeling to your toes.

Doug Bagley said...

Hmm, wish I had a "best" cookie story but I don't. My brother and I once ate a whole bottle of, and I can't spell it correctly, those cherries they put on Sundaes. Does that count?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jess-this is exactly why I slam the door on the faces of those cute little girls selling Girlscout cookies.

Doug--I am ill just thinking about that. Yuck.

domestic_valerie said...

Perhaps not my best...but most recent: I got into "trouble" for polishing off a box of Little School Boy Dark Chocolate know, the shortbread cookies with the THICK layer of really nice chocolate on top? Yeah...those suckers were gone in two sittings. But...hubby dear can go through a dozen homebaked oatmeal cookies in a matter of hours. He claims that because they're smaller than store bought, it's not as bad. ;)

thisbearbites said...

I just finished off the last of the chocolate chip cookie dough. Does that count?
If I want cookies, they are always made from scratch. We buy the premade dough - just to eat - as dough.

her master said...

I usually keep a 26-count jar of Nonni's biscotti in a (tall) drawer at work. $10 at Sam's Club or Costco's. If I don't keep them "hidden" they tend to disappear :)

eatmisery said...

This is gross.

I had a dog who once ate a whole package of Double Stuff Oreos right off the kitchen counter. We were renting at the time and our place was small. That night, we were awakened by a horrible smell. Yep, you guessed crap. This is where it gets ugly.

The dog took a poop right by the front door and it was the size of a super king-sized burrito, all Oreos, of course, and hard as a rock with a little soft-serve on the top.

I don't know HOW it came out of her poor butt, but I do know that that was the last time she ever ate Oreos off the kitchen counter. They didn't kill her, but they sure made her butt much that she never did that again.

To this day, I'll never forget that smell. That's MY cookie story. Sorry if it grossed you out.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

These are GREAT stories; I would eat cookie dough raw every day of my life!

Eatmis--you win; That is gross. Fortunately, that did not happen to me!


Anonymous said...

Dammit I'm late! Ok heres my cookie story.
I absolutely LOVE those Keebler chocolate covered graham cracker cookies. Well as a present someone brought into the office four boxes of them. Yes, as I sat in between appt's I ate a whole box. I was an addict. Until the next day, which was a weekend. I had to come into the office and I brought our dog. So I was finishing up a project I had and left my office to use the restroom. When I returned the dog had ate 2 boxes and was in the midst of devouring the next. Of course she had yacked in it. It was all brown and nasty. Once the dog seen me he got all crazy and started running around my desk and stopped under it and lost it again. I know chocolate in that amount was bad for my little guy so off we went. I totally left the box on the floor.
This is where it gets gross.
On monday I did my rounds and came back to my office and a member of my staff said, "hey I found an open thing of cookies on your floor, It looks like they melted so I stuck them in the fridge" I immediately ran to the fridge. (a college of mine is a choco-FREAK and he often helps himself to stuff) Well I get into the break room and there he is, with 2 cookies left in the box and he is licking his fingers. I wanted to vomit! I said, "Did you eat those?" He responded, " I hope you don't mind, they tasted kinda funny but they hit the spot" Well me being the person I am just bursted out laughing and then I told him the whole story and even showed him the vomit mark that was left on my floor.
Lets just say he now detests chocolate....


Anonymous said...

I like these fake organic oreos called Country something (blue package, lots of "stuff", very chocolat-y.)
I've been too sick to eat for various reasons for the last four months of this pregnancy, but I'm making up for it with a package of thes about every two days.
I won't let the kids at them, because they just eat the filling out and I get so FRUSTRATED!

Kristi said...

Only nine? It's very easy to eat the whole box.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Well, at last count that night I was probably up to 15. Then I begged Ajers to eat the rest of them (like two left) so the temptation wouldn't be there anymore.