Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wrestling With My Consciousness

Okay, so it's a day off of school here, and really gloomy weather (but hey! I'm not complaining OR depressed; instead, I worked out, showered, made kids an awesome breakfast, but that is beside the point of this post).

We were going to go see a movie, so I think, "Why not see two?"

Do you think it's synonymous with 'stealing' if you pay for one movie and watch it, but then decide to go see another one after the first movie is over?

(Note to my dear friend S: Do Not Answer This One because I know you are probably mad that I'm doing this--but I didn't do it at your theater! LOL)
Oh, and I just remembered a dream I had last night where we were in Daytona, drunk, of course, and you lost your purse but I found it for you!)

Okay, back to the movie thing-- it was a premeditated thing to do because I figured out the times of Curious George and then Aquamarine and figured we could do them both. Heck, school is out, it's yuck weather, how to entertain the kids? Why not teach them to be delinquent stealers of movies?

Anyway, I just want to know if you think I'm a bad person for doing this and if it's possible for me to go to hell for this? Is it a sin? Did I do something illegal, dishonest? But come on! Five bucks for a bucket of popcorn, $3.75 for a soda with a ton of ice...THREE DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLED WATER? If that's not dishonest, I don't know what is!

Anyway, moral of the story is, we did watch Curious George, and then we did (for lack of a better word) sneak (but not stealthily, we actually just walked on in) into Aquamarine. And it was a good movie, we were all enjoying it, laughing at the shenanigans of the characters on the screen, wondering what was going to happen, who was the cute guy Ray going to kiss--the homely tomboyish girl or the fishgirl?... and then, and then it happened.

The film reel literally melted itself onto the screen and everything went blank halfway through the movie.

I betcha that wouldn't have happened had I not been dishonest.

But you betcha I did take the rainchecks that were offered to me since the movie died.

And you know what? If I didn't have a parent/teacher conference at 5:30 tonight, I woulda taken my crew right across the hall to see the 4:00 p.m. viewing of Eight Below.

So, am I going to burn in hell for this? I'm looking to you all for salvation, including Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2, who I am enjoying your thoughts immensely--(can we give you some 'fake' names in order to keep you two straight so we all know which one of you are commenting? Like, if you're both girls--can you name yourselves Thelma and Louise or Laverne and Shirley so you don't get mixed up?)

Anyway, friends, redeem me or persecute... I'm all yours.


kim said...

One bad karma apple ruined it for the whole barrel of movie goers.

You melted that movie, is that not answer enough?

What about sneaking in your own snack and drinks to aviod paying the devil for his candy? Is that wrong upon wrong or is that considered one for the good team?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Derphangus--you're right. My evil ways made others suffer. I'm damned to hell for sure.

And you know, I DO bring in my own stuff too--I make my Smart Pop 94 percent FF popcorn at home, then buy the good stuff at the theater, but MIX the healthy stuff with the bad stuff so not to eat ALL the bad stuff. I did buy sodas, but I also brought two cans of Diet Pepsi for when we ran out of those drinks!

I melted the movie. I suck.

BTW, I've been very curious at to what Derphangus means?

Chrissy said...

Yup, you did it, it's all your fault.....LOL

I bring a diaper bag (no baby in sight) full of snacks to the movies. Surely, this couldn't be the reason for the high prices?? Smart Pop from home, 'cause, HEY!, who wants to go broke AND gain weight just for a little entertainment??!

kim said...

A name coined by my stepson, it means something akin to dork (the correct spelling according to Frankie is -- drphangus).

If you are an idiot you are a "drphil" (sounds like der-full). Notice that is actually a name of a certain someone.

When I accidently deleted my first blog "homeless thoughts" -- I threw the second one up and that was the name that came to mind as I hastily filled in the blogger blanks. It's kind of an ode to my stepson.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! This is Anon #1 and hey I'll be Pat! Your dying inside trying to figure out my sex huh?

J/K I'm female and hey I'll take Laverne! lmao

Lets see, as a law abiding citizen I guess I would have to say 'bad girl' course I am winking here.

I once went and seen a movie and the film burned 3 times in the same night. Yep they kept changin it and since I was on a date and my only night off you bet your ass we stayed. Was it bad Karma? Maybe. I went with a guy who I was having, (clearing throat) premarital sex with...LOL (I'm really not a prude)

All joking aside I am a regular movie goer (sp) and we always spend at least 40 bucks on junk that we could probably easily pay a fourth of that if we brought it in. So we're doin' our portions. A "sneak" into another theater once in a while, when you've got time to kill, is not gonna send you out smoldering. Hey and your kids might think your cool! Or this also might be the first incident in a life of crime but who's counting! j/k totally!
Course having sex in the theater while pretending to watch said movie might.
Dammit I'm goin' to hell!

Ok this might be true since word verification just gave me the following:
I need to pray.

cubmommy said...

I probably would have done it. The cost of movies are out of control. That is why I don't normally go to the theater and just wait for DVD. Also there aren't too many good movies out there anyway.

Sugarmama said...

Don't you hate instant karma?

And let me just say that I'd be totally fine with purchasing snacks at the movie theater if they weren't so damn expensive. Oh, and also if they wouldn't use nasty-ass artificially flavored yellow oil instead of butter on the popcorn. I bring in my snacks everytime. And I've taught my daughter not to say anything about them when we go to the movies. My point being, you're probably asking the wrong girl if you want a real answer about your morality or lack thereof.

I've always heard that theaters make money on concessions and not on movie tickets, so make of THAT what you will.

her master said...

Sneaking into another movie after one finishes makes for a fun date. As for the snack prices, my gf and I usually avoid that by eating before we go to the movies. Then I'll buy her a diet coke, which I'll take a few sips of. That's the only time I'll drink that stuff. Yech! :)

Anonymous said...

Um, honestly?
They'll stop making movies if no one pays to see them. Sure, just one you isn't going to make any difference, but...
well, I know you wouldn't use that rational for taking just one candy bar--and you probably wouldn't be too thrilled to hear it from the mouths of your kids...
So go ahead, stomp on me--I'm annoyingly moral in this one respect.
I do bring my own snacks, though. I don't see that as the same thing. So I guess I'm annoyingly hypocritical, too!

city dweller said...

Hmmm. It could be considered stealing but I think you and the theatre are even with the highway robbery that they're doing with their concession prices! Is it wrong to bring your own food into the theatre? cuz i do that all the time! (and i have to sneak it in)

BabyonBored said...

Most movies are so bad these days, they should pay us to go see them.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would do that with your children! That is really teaching them bad morals. So is it ok to take something at the grocery store or a book at Barnes and Noble because you think it is too expensive? It is stealing and you are teaching them it is ok. You aren't forced to buy the snacks so don't if you think it is too expensive. You have a lot of unmoral people reading your blog!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

anonymous 4:31... I'm guessing you are neither the original anonymous #1 or the anonymous #2. Your post and the way you write 'feel' familiar to me.

Unfortunately, (or maybe FORTUNATELY) you are my guilty conscious, the part of my brain that was telling me it was wrong of me to do, and I just needed someone out there to tell me it was wrong.

However, all of this did get me thinking about movies in general and I think it would be a GREAT marketing plan for theaters to offer a one-time fee of say, like $12 for a movie pass for the whole day, where they could see as many movies as they wanted to attend in one day. I don't mean make it a daily event at the theater, but maybe once a month offer it to patrons. I think many people would pay $10-$15 even for a chance to go to the movies and see two or three shows in one day. Especially on rainy days!

Anonymous, (or anyone else reading this) are you a completely moral person, doing everything by the book? If you make a purchase and realize the store didn't charge you enough, do you go back and tell them they made a mistake, or do you think because they made a mistake, then it's their fault and you came out a winner?

Or if you leave the grocery store with a case of soda under the cart and realize you forgot to pay for it, do you go back into the store to pay for the items?

I could go on and on about morality and things that make people a moral person or not: cheating, lying, stealing, being unkind, saying mean things about other people... In effect, I think everyone goes through some moral wrestling/doubts at some point in their lives.

I realize sneaking into a movie was wrong, and I feel guilty for it, but I didn't make a big deal out of it in front of my kids and they are none the wiser to the situation. However, I'll bet the majority of people out there have snuck into a movie, or snuck food into a movie theater. This is an interesting thought: there are signs at the theater clearly stating, "NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE" so there's a definite RULE stated for people to read that they are NOT supposed to do this. I've never seen a sign at the movie theater that says, "NO VIEWING OF OTHER MOVIES THAN THE ONE YOU CAME TO SEE."

Anyway, this could be a whole 'nother post and debate, but bottom line, I know I did something a little dishonest.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you did anything wrong, tho be it, I would not have had the courage to do so. I love reading your blog, It makes my world seem not so alone.... Altho, I am a single mommie of one............ you can reach me if need or want at
Peace to you and yours