Thursday, August 03, 2006

Challenges & Scale Fun

He doesn't know it yet, but I've just challenged R Martini to blog every day for a week. Think he can do it? And, it has to be interesting, thought-provoking stuff, you know, like the kind of crap you read here on MM! And let's see, I challenge him to get at least five comments from five readers each day, and the comments cannot be from Martini or Manic, and the same reader commenting on the same post does not count either.

Up for the challenge buddy?

In other exciting Manic Mom's World News, I got a scale.

I didn't open it for a couple days, then Mom (the real Mom, my real Mom, not Manic Mom) asked me where it was. I told her, she got it out, we both looked at each other, then back down at the scale.

Then, we went for it.

We each got nekkid in the kitchen to weigh ourselves.

Erase gross mental picture in your head, because I have.

Apparently, I bought a very friendly scale because both Mom and I were pleased with the nekkid-kitchen weigh-ins. But... we were doubtful. However, I had remembered Ajers was weighed last Friday for football so I yelled down to the basement:

"Ajers! Get up here!"

He thought he was in trouble.

"Get on this scale. How much did you weigh when you went to football on Friday?"

"92" BTW, Ajers is EIGHT. He's a house. He's an eight-year-old in like a thirteen-year-old's bod.

The scale was right on for his weight.

We weighed Lovey the maniacal dog (Yes, she's still here, and no, she stopped sleeping between my legs, but you know what? I kind of miss her there).

Mom said she knows Lovely is nineteen pounds.

Lovey weighed EXACTLY nineteen pounds.

We weighed Tukey; we weighed Diva. We made my Dad get on the scale in his skivvy-whitey-tighties, and believe me, if you think nekkid-kitchen weigh-ins are gross, check out Dad in his whitey-tighties (just kiddin' Daddy, you know you are the Fox according to my friends!). We made Hubby's best friend, Joey Bear come upstairs and get on the scale. When Hubby got home, I made him come up to the bedroom with me. At first he was very excited. Then I told him to take off his pants. He was still very excited. Then I told him to get on the scale. Not very excited.

Tonight, my mom-in-law, sis-in-law, and E the main man, my new little nephew adopted from Russia arrived. (No, they didn't arrive from Russia idiots... from Ohio and Kankakee, respectively.)

Mom and I glanced at each other. Fresh meat.

"B," my mother said to my sis-in-law, after gooing and ahhing and oohing over Ethan. "How much does Ethan weigh?"

"Twenty-six pounds."

Mom and I look at each other, and yell, "GET HIM UP ON THE SCALE!" We all know little kid's weights do not fluctuate like the water-weight-carrying-PMSing weights of a woman. We raced Ethan up to the scale. I also had Tukey there in case Ethan got scared of us and our enthusiasm. We had Tukey demonstrate the proper etiquette for scale-weigh-ins.

"Okay, Ethan, do like Tukey. Get on the scale."

Drumroll please....


I LOVE MY NEW SCALE! I seriously was expecting a seven-to-10 pound gain from what it said. I love it. I love it. I am not afraid of it.

Mom and I were extremely pleased that the new improved magical scale was a NICE one! So much so that after we all weighed in, we celebrated by going to get ice cream!

Me? A double scooper in a waffle cone--Peppermint stick on the bottom, and Fudgy Pudding on top.

I'm out.


xxxx said...

I ALWAYS think my scale is lying! I'm weighing myself when I come visit!

Crap, I better start dieting :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone force themselves to pee before jumping on the scale or am I the only one who is convinced several ounces of urine are the problem.

Big D said...

NO way is aimless ranter going to post 5 days in a row. He just now broke his 6 month blogging hiatus.

Drewpy Drew said...

People hate me because I lost 5 pounds last week. Guys with Crohn's can't get a break. I keep telling people "Hey, I'm sick here!" but nobody listens. Sigh. You just can't win.

Steve H said...

92 pounds at age 8? i think my Philadelphia Eagles could use him!!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to not weigh myself every single day.

So far I've got it down to four days a week.

It's insane, but it's me.

TTQ said...

Did you take off all your jewelry too? My Dr weighs me onch a month, his scale always is 6lbs more than my scale says. You have to do it with shoes on for gods sake and clothes!
I think Target must have some deal with scales because that's where I got mine too. I'll have to test mom's new scale, somehow she jumped 10 lbs lighter and we are usually neck and neck. I like to remind her that I have a very nice healthy set of boobs where she is flat and I have an ass not a pancake for sitting on. That should even us out!

Martini said...

I love a challenge....
You are on....

BTW....friend of mine has a scale that measure your Body Fat percentage...pretty cool.

You have to be barefoot and you have to place moisture on the metal plates you stand on...never seen anything like it.

Sweet dreams....:)

cubmommy said...

What is the name of this magic scale and where do I buy one?

Good Luck r martini!

B. said...

I've avoided my scale for awhile now, but had to face the facts when I had a dr. appt. on Wed. Those scales at the docs don't lie--I wish they did. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Swish--will you do it nekkid?

Eileen--I always pee, try not to eat or drink anything before, and if I can poop, it's a bonus weigh-in day!

Big D--he's up for the challenge, and it sounds like he's proposed to me!

Drew--that's rude that people hate you and your sick, but don't take it personally, all women hate men who lose weight without trying!

Hotwire--did you not know that the Eagles were also MY team from the years 1998 to 2005? I lived in Bucks County my friend!

Buffy--I'm just as insane as you are. I think it's the only way to keep track of the weight. If I don't weigh in, I start to ignore it.

TTQ--My mom's nice set of boobs are fake!

R Martini--Did you PROPOSE to me over at your site.

Cubmommy--It's a TAYLOR scale, Lithium, and got it where else, OUR Target. $19.99

B--Last time I went to the doc, I had the coolest weigh-in girl. SHe knocked off like 4 pounds because she said I had clothes and shoes on. I LOVE that chick!

Andie said...

i hate the old fashioned traditional scales with the little slider thingie.

those suck. LOL

that's awesome that yours gave you a good reading!

etre-soi said...

thank you very much for passing by my blog and plus leaving me such a lovely comment. Thanks :)

Martini said...

I don't believe the proposal was on my was sent privately.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh, I love intimate proposals, but don't you think we should tell everyone?

Martini said...

Maybe we should do a simultaneous blog? This would be idea number 2 or 3....getting closer to 7!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey, I LOVE doing things simultaneously!!! Get your filthy, dirty mind out of the gutter. Mine was there first.

Martini said...

We're a perfect match!

Martini said...

I believe day one is in bag.....
I've reached the goal.....I'm thinking about tomorrow.