Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just Posted on Weight Watchers

Okay, so three years ago, I submitted my Weight Watcher's story to their online e-newsletter. It was posted then. Just now, I'm reading through my inbox of emails, and I still get the weekly WW e-newsletter, and since I've been munching on those Milky Ways, I figure I should see what's new in the world of WW, maybe get some new eating tips and workout strategies, and I click the link.

Bwahhhhhwhahahhaahahahh... guess who's picture is staring right out at me from the screen?

Uh, me.

I started cracking up! They're rerunning my profile! However, I am not going to post the page link because then you'll know "WEIGH" too much information about me, but here is the copy that accompanied the before and after photos:

After her third baby was born, Stephanie turned to Weight Watchers for help getting rid of the extra pounds. More than 45 pounds later*, she's thrilled to be a happier, more energetic mom.

During my third and final pregnancy, I gained double the weight I had gained with my first and second. Weight Watchers meetings had helped me lose weight between my second and third pregnancies, so after I gave birth to my third child, I joined Weight Watchers meetings again. I told myself that this was it.

I knew that this time I'd just have to stick with it, so I did. I never felt deprived; I enjoyed a nice meal out almost every week. Of course, I learned my limitations and didn't overindulge. Instead, I just savored every bite. I also experimented with foods I wouldn't normally eat and learned to choose more vegetables and salads. It really wasn't that hard because I knew the POINTS® Weight-Loss System well, and I really wanted to do it this time.

Exercise Trick: 20 a Day
I didn't start exercising immediately; I knew I had to focus on those food changes first. But after about six months I began walking every day. For me, 20 minutes a day does the trick, and I don't get bored with it because doing something for 20 minutes is not a chore. I compare my workout with brushing my teeth. It's something I must do — every day. My teeth suffer if I don't brush them, and my body suffers if I don't work out.

I met my weight goal after 63 weeks*. Now that I'm a Lifetime Member, I still attend meetings and weigh in every week — sticking to a schedule helps keep me focused.

New, Improved Energy
The most significant change in my life is that I have so much more confidence. I am a better mother and wife, and a happier person. I have more energy, I jump around a lot, I dance with my kids. I smile all the time, and I have more fun!

Another obvious change is my wardrobe. Before, I wore black clothes or solid-colored plain shirts pretty much exclusively, and nothing was ever tucked in and belted. Now I wear colorful clothes with fun and funky designs.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary with a vacation to the Bahamas. I was almost as excited to shop for clothes for the trip as I was to take the actual vacation. What a treat it was to buy cute sundresses and a bathing suit that I could wear without a cover-up!

Take It From Stephanie:

Even if you find yourself in a slump, stick with it.

Don't skip a week of meetings because you know you did poorly. That's when you need to go.

Find different things to eat so you don't get bored.

Exercise when you're ready. I started exercising when I knew
I had to jump-start my weight loss.

My favorite snack? Sixteen Junior Mints for a POINTS value of 3.
I keep them in the freezer.

* * * * *

If only I could get back into that mindset that I was in back then. Well, I have gotten up at 6 a.m. three days in a row to powerwalk, so that's a start. Too bad I have a lunch date later...


xxxx said...

I want the link!!!!

Whatever, dude. You got up at SIX AM to walk THREE DAYS IN A ROW! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

MM, I am tech savy (when I want to be)- found the link (although I could have just called my sis since she works for WW). You are way to pretty to be wearing such "old" clothes. Congrats on the weight loss now go indulge in a new wardrobe!

Chaotic Mom said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I think Weight Watchers is the only way to go. Well, the best way, anyhow.

I have over 70 pounds to loose. Smarter eating choices and lots of walking are helping me. Thank YOU for your story and inspiration! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the walking for 3 days in a row. I know personally what a victory that is when you have kids. Keep it up!

Now I'm going to serach WW because you have said something is out there and refused to post it. This is like throwing down the gauntlet for me. I'm off to crack the code and find what you didn't want us to see :-)

cubmommy said...

I found the page on WW. Congrats on the weight loss. Of course I have seen you in person and I think you look great!

Crazy Dan said...

Aimless ranter sent me over. I am just wondering where that 45 pounds you lost went... we all think if you looked at your ass you would find it. Just kidding!!! Love ya mean it!

Martini said...

To clarify....I didn't send Crazy Dan over.

He's a nut!

BTW..what a great testimonial. I found the link.

Although I haven't seen a recent look like you've changed from three years ago.

Great job.

Anonymous said...

It's a sign!!! ;-) Not really...but a little funny that they would post your profile again without checking in to make sure it was all still true! Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.

Drewpy Drew said...

I found the link. Way to go.

What's up with "Results not typical"?

We all know that you're so not typical.

Keep it up. It's all about attitude. :)

Andie said...

Oh. My. God. I get that email every week and I read it today and was like, wow. she's in the same boat that I am. Same height, etc. Totally didn't realize it was you, until you mentioned it! LOL

How funny.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Swish-you got it.

Jody-which pic did you think were the old clothes? However, looking down right now, I see I am wearing a white t-shirt (like a previous post said I do), and a pair of swim shorts. Not too glam.

Chaotic-WW is the best way. No deprivation at all.

Michelle-I'll send you the link if you email me. Thanks for the congrats on the walking. You guys are all helping me to stay focused on the exercise, even though I overdid it at lunch today. Hell, somebody had to help Tukey finish his cinnamon bun from Panera.

Cub--You're the best. I was thinking of you the other day. Did school start? I gotta get over to your den, cyber and real, one of these days!

Crazy Dan--the kids and I had a discussion about my fat ass just this a.m. And when you typed, Love ya mean it, I was like, is Crazy Dan in our family? We say that ALL the time, relatives even just write LYMI! Really!

R-Mar-you spy. Changed from three years ago? How so? More cushion probably. Oh, and highlights to attract attention away from my assky.

Tasra--the folks at WW contacted me at the beginning of the summer and reran the story in June, checking in with me on the weight factor, and to make sure I was still attending, or within reason of my goal weight. I just didn't think they'd run it again so soon. Guess they're not having a significant number of Success Stories these days. Cracks me up to think I'm one of 'em.

B. said...

I found the link too! You're famous!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

So much for being anonymous.

Just promise me guys, you won't tell anyone who I am.

Anonymous said...

MM, your thin pic on WW makes you look so much older than you are. Besides I thought when you submit those pics your thin one (at least for the ladies) should be showing off the luscious new you. Your pic on your blog - from what I can tell - is better - although t-shirt and swim bottom in Chicago - isn't it winter there yet????? LOL

Anonymous said...

oh wow your famous i found the link!

Way to go!!!! you give others like me hope!!


Anonymous said...

Found the link too!! So much for keeping it all to yourself, huh??! You look FAB!!! You ARE a "Success Story"; you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I found it too. Lets just say you look hot. Congrats on your success!

pog mo thoin said...

That is so cool!

NapaGirl said...

Hilarious I thought these kind of things only happened to me! As long as your happy that is al that matters!

cubmommy said...

School starts on Sept 6th. He will be going Mon, Wed and Fri in the mornings. Looking into one or two days going longer with an extra class. I can not wait for him to start. He is getting excited.

Anonymous said...

aren't we all just a bunch of stalkers!? I found you too :P I'm debating about the whole WW again. I can't afford to, but I can't afford NOT to either... I did it before, when I was like 16, and it was successful at first, but I would just twist it all around, and I'd eat crap and then nothing else for the rest of the day, how I'm a bit older I know more about food and healthy options and choices, so I might not do that, plus I cook for myself now too, makes it easier to plan. I have a free coupon to join, maybe next week after I finish my bagel job, those cream cheeses are killing me at the mo! I'm not so keen on the whole WW "philosophy" overall, but I need that regular weigh in to keep me on track...