Tuesday, November 14, 2006

3:33 A.M.

Anyone besides Karyn and me up at this ungodly hour (for me anyway, Karyn is a night owl so she's been up)?

Anyway, it was 3:33 a.m. and I just woke up for some reason, with lots of things about nothing on my mind. Like the stuff I have to do today, which isn't all that important... yoga, oil change, Tukey conference, but I just couldn't sleep and that is so unlike me. I llooooooooove my sleepy time. I crave it. I do not know why I'm awake, unless the caffeine from my two McDonald's iced teas hit me hard.

I've stopped, cold turkey, drinking diet Coke. Don't miss it at all. Not that much. It's been almost a month I think. I can't say if I feel better or not, I can't say it's making me lose weight, but I am just glad to know I can say I'm going to stop something and then do it and not feel ... however you're supposed to feel when you give up an addiction, no matter how miniscule.

Along with giving up diet Coke for a while, I have also started thinking about my New Year's resolutions, which I do around this time every year. I should check the archives to see what I failed to do the past two prior New Year's. Next month, I will have been blogging for two years continuously. It's exhausting. Hey, I think this may be tiring me out! Great! I'm even boring myself!

So, resolutions. I went to Target today (where I did get my nonfactpeppermintmochaonlythreepumpsmochabutwithwhiptoo -- three pumps vs. four is the way to go. If this is your drink, try it. Trust me. Better.

I decided I needed one of those microdermabrasion thingies they sell because I am tired of scrutinizing my 37-year-old face and searching for little areas to excavate. So, I got the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Kit, and tried it tonight. It felt good. I have to use it for 5 days, massaging away the dead cells, making the canvas (aka My face) smooth and clear, and then take a week off. We'll see what happens. If nothing else, the face massager might be put to use elsewhere. I wondered that. How many people buy microdermabrasion kits only to end up using the thingamagig as a vibrator? Don't worry, I wouldn't really do that with it. I already have something for that.

Onto a different body part: my scaled and cracked feet. So, I decided I was working on my face, I should also start caring for my feet, which I wish I would have taken a before and after photo of how my heels looked before I used THIS AMAZING PRODUCT on my heels. They are singing a beautiful song right now even, and I used the cream like seven hours ago. You can get it at Target for ten bucks. (If sales go up, I'd like a cut please, Miracle Foot!) So far, the products have not disappointed!

Here's another thing. Do you check your receipts when you get home from the grocery store or Target? You should. I hate when I come home and I look at it (because I used to never, and so many times shit happens, sometimes in your favor though, so you just take those as teeny gifts!)... but yesterday's receipt, I was like, "What the hell is CADDY?" I didn't buy any CADDY thing, and THERE'S TWO OF THEM ON THE RECEIPT! And something else called an SS TRAY!?!?!? WTF. I did not buy any trays or caddies. So I call up the store and give them the numbers of the items and the woman is like, "It's a SpongeBob caddy, like a container, it looks like."

"The only SpongeBob thing I bought was SpongeBob Cheeze-It crackers!" (WHich as a sidenote, I would never eat, and here's something you probably didn't know about Manic... she hates Goldfish, even the colored ones -- see I'm not selective or racist--I hate them all!!)

OK, am sure I'm forgetting something on this wayward post... Oh, one more thing, go by Karyn's and tell her something physically stupid you've done to yourself (can't be like "I got a tattoo" either, cuz we all have 'em!), or to someone you know and/or love and/or didn't know but had the urge to do them harm for whatever reason.

And lastly, Karyn told me that Dustin wrote I HEART MANIC MOMMY on her blog, and that made me smile. Like when you're in junior high and a friend says, "Ooh, I heard that so-and-so thinks you're nice," (or cute, or fun, or manic, or whacky, whatever)... it's just nice to be validated, especially by a cute bachelor! Tee hee hee...

Oh, that wasn't lastly, this is lastly:... OK, nevermind, that is all because stupid Blogger won't let me post the picture to go along with the story I wanted to tell about my first boyfriend and my Catholic upbringing, so it'll have to wait for another 3:33 a.m. post.

So... GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! What have YOU done today!?


Kari Lee Townsend said...

Hope your baby is feeling better.

And I'll have to try that foot cream since I leave for Florida on Friday. My feet are a mess. And I won't even talk about my 38 year old face!!! Sheesh. Thanks for the tips.

violetvirus said...


yup..i'm up..coz it's only 12AM over here in SG...hee :P

Oh..btw, I LOVE Spongebob!!!

Trish Ryan said...

That foot cream sounds spectacular. I'm off to Target ASAP. You'll love the microdermabrasion. You'll feel 33 again :)

xxxx said...

I was up at 3:33!!! Not online, though. But I was online until like 2!

I've always wanted to try that micro thing but I didn't know if it really, really worked. The magazines say it does. You'll have to tell me.


And P.S. you're a dirty bird. ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I heart manic mommy too...

Dustin said...

it's nice to see my msg's get delivered in a timely matter


Anonymous said...

I was up it was only 8pm ish australian time you could have im 'd me... we could have had virtual tim tams and coffee...

So does this mean you need a huge granny nap in the middle of the afternoon now that you were up all hours???

violetvirus said...

I nominated you and Karyn for Best Individual Blog over at weblogawards.org...hehe :P

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

thanks Violet!

cubmommy said...

The foot cream sounds nice. I might try it especially with the exta weight I will be carrying around. Need to be nice to the feet.

Andie said...

I actually was up at 3:33 this morning as well.

Thanks to the tornado sirens blaring in my ears keeping me up!

and I heart manic mommy too!

TTQ said...

I have the dermabrasion thingy too, my husband swore it made a difference. I'm usually up at that time too, you can IM me too.