Thursday, November 02, 2006

Call Me The Do-Mes-Tick Goddess Extraordinaire.

Wow. I think if Hubby gave me notes like that more often, I could maybe turn into Martha Stewart or maybe Rachel Ray or someone who gives a shit about their home and cooking.

So, today, I was like a domestic goddess. I did laundry the whole way through. I mean everything! Like I washed it, and then dried it, and then folded, and PUT IT AWAY all the same day! And it was easy. Here's a hint to make it so easy. I separate the loads like all kid's stuff, and then a load of all mine and Hubby's stuff. Then a load of all whites. I hate whites, I hate the flipping socks. I hate socks.

So, laundry is still going, and it's almost all done.

This a.m. I went to the health club. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I joined the health club. I also quit drinking Diet Coke about two weeks ago, and do not miss it at all, nor did I get the headaches I was expecting. I tried some the other day, but really and truly, it was tooooo sweet for me! Weird. So, anyway, I'm going through a transformation of sorts: working out more, not drinking Diet Coke. Becoming domesticated like a horse or a cow.

Went to the health club, then Tukey and I headed to Sam's Club where I bought chicken, hamburger, beef, and then I came home and separated it all into individual freezer Ziplocs so I can make easy dinners at the drop of a hat. Some things you may not know about me. Touching raw meat really, really grosses me out. I remember once when I was in high school or early college, my mom asked me to mold hamburger into patties, and I was really disgusted, and ewwing and yucking all over the place. You know what she said? Well, she's probably going to kill me for saying this (but she's going on vacation tomorrow so maybe she won't read this too soon), she said to me, "If you're that grossed out touching raw meat, I don't know what you're going to do when you get intimate with a man."

Well, those weren't her exact words, she probably used the word... shhh... penis... and another thing when she said that was that I had to play dumb because here she is thinking I'm all innocent and stuff, and HELLOOOOOO, I had "already been there, done that," If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

So, the raw meat thing is not one of my favorite pastimes.

Then, I made about 12 sandwiches for the kids' lunches. I am sure I told you this before but I make peanut butter sandwiches for Diva's lunch, and lunchmeat sandwiches for Ajers and I freeze them so the night before, I just grab out the sandwiches, throw in a bag of chips and some other crap, and voila! Lunch is made!

Then I helped Diva make a boat for her class. It has to be a boat that floats and carries cargo. I cut out the bottom half of a milk gallon jug. She and Tukey spent the last hour in the bathroom soaking the floors and vanity, placing pennies and nickels into the 'boat' to see how many it would hold. I think they got to about 199. I was in here so I didn't see it all.

I was even able to sneak in some time for real paying work, where I am now creating quizzes for the website I work for and getting my byline. It's not actually a book deal or anything, but it's fun to do, and I get paid for it too. I also took a 20-minute cat nap in my most favorite spot in the world in my house, our living room couch. I swear I could lie there one full Saturday, with a couple of books within my reach and be a happy camper! The simple things. I am so simple it's hilarious. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

And now I am going to make hamburgers and curly Q french fries for dinner, and then I'm going to shower and get ready to go to my neighbor's Southern Comfort (oops, I mean Southern Living) party.

All in a day's work. Hope you all had a productive and enjoyable day too! And you know what? Thanks for reading Manic Mom too. I appreciate it, I appreciate you, I appreciate your comments!


Anonymous said...

All that laundry in one day? I am in awe...

As for the raw meat...? I get the heebee jeebee's from taking the skin off raw chicken. All that floating skin pulling and pinching this way and that. Eeew, it's cold.

Anywhoo...glad to be appreciated :-)

Anonymous said...

I read this before I made dinner... then cooked with chicken.

and thought about fleshy penis all through the preparation.


TTQ said...

Your hubs should leave you notes everyday!

violetvirus said...

ewwwww...d raw meat thing...I could totally relate to it...I hate touching dat, too...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Trish--you are so appreciated! And there's now just one load (OF SOCKS!) that needs to be folded, and a load of sheets.

Anonymous--you are hilarious and I wish you didn't leave an anon comment because I am totally cracking up right now at the thought of someone cooking chicken and thinking of a fleshy penis while doing so... nasty. but you would not believe my giggles right now. Thanks for the laugh! Next time, please out yourself cuz you're funny!

TTQ--Yes, he should leave me messages more often, but if I got too many, I might not appreciate so much!

Kim, haven't you ever prepared Italian sausage for dinner? You ARE Italian, aren't you!?!?!?

And yes, I'm home from the Southern Comfort party and have had a few glasses of lovely wine!

xxxx said...

SO FUNNY what your mom said!! HA HA HA.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ahhhh Swish, you're on but you're NOT on! I wanted to IM!!!!

xxxx said...

Awww ... I just got on-on, but you were gone! Good girl, off to bed and to satisfy Hubby's every fantasy before sunrise. HA ;)

Drewpy Drew said...

Yeah, all that stuff is good. Now get me a beer, the game is about to start.

Martini said...

Hey there.....

I'll blog this weekend. Really.
Very domestic blog today.....what a difference a note makes....:)

Email me sometime.....

Anonymous said...

hysterical. the whole thing. you domestic goddess you.

my screen saver says, "I love Kara" courtesy of my husband. you'd think i'd separate raw chicken every day... NOT.

what site are you doing quizzes for?

you make me smile.

Ben O. said...

I'll take a hamburger and some of those curly fries, please.

Ben O.

kim said...

I hesitated before hitting send b/c I knew the sausage references would not be far behind.

No, not Italian, but I am from Wisconsin and we love the sausage products here -- especially if there's cheese involved.

I get the sausage/penis similarities, but I'm still going with no, not the same prep work for those two items.

...Oh boy, I hope your mom skips this post and comment session.

AngelHawk said...

WOW! so positive- so refreshing and organized- and productive- Now I feel like a lazy ass- lol- great post! and you're welcome- hey can I link to you on my page in a blogroll?

Trish Ryan said...

Raw meat is gross. But I have to say that your Mom's segue into the birds & the bees discussion is perhaps the most unique I've ever heard. I'll take the existance of your three little ones as evidence that you learned to mold the hamburger patties :)

(changing the subject immediately...)

Congrats on your super-productive day!

The Dummy said...

Someone sure had a good day! I wonder what kind of man meat your mom saw to make that reference, lol.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Drew--would you like a light beer or regular, and would you like it in a frosty mug? I know how to give good head... hahaha, joke about the froth in case some of you pervs out there are thinking otherwise!

R Martini-- You owe ME an email! You're the one who's always disappearing on us fans!

Kara--What a cute screen saver. My Hub also does screen savers like, "Almost Vacation Time" or "Fall Has Fallen," or his favorite: "I Hope I Get Laid Tonight!"

Ben O.-- do you want a beer with that too, like bossy Drew up there?

Kim--sorry, I thought you were another Kim who is also hilarious, and she's Italian so I thought your comment was from her! And Wisconsin--did you come here through Jess Riley? If not, check her out, she's the greatest cheesehead author in the world! - she's on my sidebar.

RedDragon--would be honored for you to add me.

Trish, it is pretty hilarious that we have that meat thing in my family. Yucko for sure-O!

Dummy--Man Meat for surely! HOw's Mo like her meat?

BlondeBrony said...

Wow that was a productive day. Wish mine was like that.

Anonymous said...

Now can you jump on a plane and come to clean my house?? I'll pay you in Tim tams..... surely that would be worth it...