Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things and Stuff and Other Things

So, you're gonna hate me, but I've just been out Christmas shopping!

And I'm feeling so freakin' festive it's unbelievable! This is the way to do it folks; there are no lines, no grumpy customers, no tired retail staff, and NOT TOO MUCH XMAS MUZAK yet. Everyone was so nice and kind and joyous, you woulda thought Christmas was tomorrow! Tis the season; man, I am feeling it!

A very cool thing was that I had the 'old' iPod shuffle, which, in comparison to the New Ones, was a dinosaur and just way, way, way too big (sarcasm--the original shuffles were like the size of a pack of Extra Gum). So, I heard there was a new smaller version out, and I had paid for the two-year warranty thingamagig at Best Buy, so I took my old one back, and got the new version, which, folks, just happened to cost half as much as the first one, so, not only did I get the cool new iPod shuffle, I also got sixty-two bucks credit!

Yahooooo! Yes, I am a smart shopper.

Next up, I went out and bought my kids stuff. With.My.Own.Money.

Which made me feel really proud and happy. As a stay-at-home mom, it's hard sometimes to buy presents on the credit card that is paid for by your husband's hard-earned money each month, so I took my check from the web work I do, cashed it, and bought Christmas presents with cash. And next month, I'm going to do exactly the same.

Feeling good in the 'hood!

Anyway, going to be taking a short hiatus from Blogging, but wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving (can you believe it is in ONE WEEK!?), and also, wanted to leave you with this little conversation I had with Tukey tonight.

So, Tukey sleeps in his skivvies. He's cute that way. His little body is so cute, I could just squeeze the heck out of him. He's running around the house tonight in his Cars boxer-briefs, and he comes in here to my office with his hands hanging out in his pants.

Me: "What do ya got in those pants? Why do you have your hands in there?"

Tukey, looks thoughtful for a moment, leans in closer to me, hands still checking things out in there, and he says...

SIDENOTE: please, if you're drinking a beverage right now, please, for the sake of your keyboard, move it away from your lips.

So, Tukey leans in, looks at me all serious, and delivers the news:

... "There's items in there."


Anonymous said...

Baw-ha ha ha ha Items indeed.

The Dummy said...

Way to go, super shopper mom! I didn't know you could return something and exchange it just because you had a warranty at Best Buy. So that new one is like a box of matches!

Enjoy the turkey - and don't stay away too long from Blogger!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey Dummy--smaller than a box of matches, more like if you took a quarter and drew a square all around it.


And when I first read "box of matches" I was thinking you meant like "box of chocolates" as in, that new one is like getting your cake and eatin' it too, or the icing on the cake or some shit like that. Gee, can you tell where my mind is?

xxxx said...

Items ... ha ha ha ha.

YAY on the new iPod! Now you have to go work out with it!

TTQ said...

Just checking to see if you were still awake.

jagular said...

Items. That's just perfect. And I totally would have sprayed the keyboard had it not been for your warning.

BTW, my wife assures me that there is no "my money, your money". She has made it quite clear that it is OUR money.

Actually, she took it one step further. She said, Hey, you go to work and you make money. That's your job. I stay home and spend it. That's my job. Now I don't tell you how to do your job...

Sean Carter said...

Wow!! the new ipod sounds cool!! If you are looking out for some unique ideas for the Christmas , jus peep into my Holiday Blog....hope it helps you with some out of the box ideas this time!!!

Sugarmama said...

Ha! Items! That's so hysterical it makes me wish I had a boy!

Congratulations on having your stuff that together that you're already Xmas shopping. It IS much nicer when you can find a parking spot and all the clerks are still feeling cheerful, no? Makes me wanna go shopping today myself, though that would involve trying to figure out what I was going to actually be getting everyone.

Karen said...

Way too cute and very amusing.

I'm very jealous that you get money from web work. I haven't yet figured that out. Maybe someday.

Chrissy said...

LOL!! "Items". Wait 'til I tell the boys the new name!

Thanks for the BestBuy warranty heads-up. We have 2 Shuffles but I'm afraid they came from the Mac store. Bummer!!!!! I want the nifty teeny tiny version. :-)C