Thursday, November 30, 2006

Manic Mom Has Found Her Niche

Remember a couple weeks ago I attended a friend's 40th dinner party and had the opportunity to meet a gorgeous man who was a dead ringer for Patrick Dempsey?

Well, this is one of those amazing Internet stories. A MM reader (shout-out Kami!) contacted me because she had been searching for a Dempsey look-a-like.


She needed a look-a-like to work a trade show in the persona of Dempsey for a pharmaceutical company who has something to do with the props of Grey's Anatomy.

Well, I put Kami in touch with gorgeous look-a-like and now he's going to Florida in March, all expenses paid PLUS will be making TWO GRAND for his weekend appearance as a Patrick Dempsey look-a-like!

And all because of my little blog! Will wonders never cease!

So, if you look like someone famous, email me and I can get you a big-time job! LOL!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other Manic news, Hubby this a.m. mentioned to me, "Did you see a strand of lights is out?"

"YES! I! KNOW! And if you read my blog, you'll know I offered you a public apology about you not wanting to do the lights, and that I've now converted to Judeaism!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally, did you know I started the New Year earlier this year, as in like Monday? I started with my every-Monday-is-diet-day Monday diet, and have actually written down what I've eaten, kept track of points (although Ms. Diva's outrageous and completely unacceptable majorly-the-worst-tantrum-in-her-entire-life last night caused me to shove two peppermint patties into my mouth in order to immediately calm my nerves, and yes, it did work)...

I've 'hit' the gym (stupid term!) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and will be going today. Been power walking and doing fitness yoga, and the 15-minute Ab Lab (which I can't even last 15-minutes folks, but the instructor assures us to go at our own pace, so I usually lie there on my back with my arms splayed open, eyes closed in a pretended state of shivasana).

But, I'm trying. Cuz, and yes, mom, you don't want to read this, but I.Am.Fat. Again.
Sorry. I had my day. It's somebody else's turn. But I'm aware of this, and am watching what I eat and exercising. Damn. I hate that my mom reads this. (143) And no, that number is NOT my weight--I wish it was!

Flu shots for all three kids and me yesterday. In preparation of the season.

And a winter storm advisory is on its way. Looking forward to about the first inch of snow. After that, notsomuch.

Have a great day. If you opt not to, then have a Manic day! And if you're really feeling the love, share a little Manic with someone you think might enjoy some Manic humor; I'd love to get some more readers!

Thanks for reading, and especially thanks for commenting--it's like the fuel for my gas tank!

Peace Out!


Kari Lee Townsend said...

You always bring a smile to my face. And I hear you. I am fat too!!! So need to start the diet, but I just have too many need a quick fix days myself lately. And with hubby gone so much lately, all the decorating has fallen on me. At least I took down the halloween stuff just yesterday, bought my xmas cards, got out the ouside decorations, but just set them out there. Still have to stake them in the ground and plug them in. That's todays agenda since we are getting the storm by the weekend too. Yet today is supposed to be 68. That's just insane.

TC said...

Just came across your blog last week.

I hear ya on the diet thing, I'm supposed to be following WW but I've fallen off the wagon ever since Thanksgiving.


xxxx said...

YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! The rest of the people don't know because they don't know you in real life, BUT I DO! STOP LYING TO EVERYONE!

But good for you for going and working out and eating well. Although I think I know the real reason you like going to the gym now ... HA!

Trish Ryan said...

You're the connector person Malcom Gladwell writes about in "The Tipping Point"! You, my friend are a deep value to the continuation of society (but then again, we knew that!)

If anyone needs a stand in for some brunette, "what was her name again/wasn't she in that know the one I can't remember..." actress, I'm your girl. I will dutifully accept a paid vacation to some tropical local to serve my adoring public :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

SWISHY!!!! I can't believe you just wrote that!!!! That was OUR secret!!! And one other person but I don't know who it was!!!!!

TC--thanks for stopping by--always nice to see a new blog friend! I went to WW this a.m.--am up SIX POUNDS from Sept 15--the last time I went and weighed in. Tragic.

ANd I am 21 pounds ABOVE my goal, which I had attained a few years ago.

Kari--Enjoy the 68, because the storm, it is a-comin'!

Drewpy Drew said...

Do you get a cut of that 2 grand?

And if you need a stand in for my mom, I'm really starting to look like her.

Frannie Farmer said...

Peppermint patties work for me every time. I know that the brood KNOWS I am havin' a bad day when they bring me peppermint patties or Junior Mints!I will absolutely spread the word about your blog - although I am not sure that my large following of ... ummm ... two, will help much - but hey I'm game! :)
As far as a stand it ... well, if you need someone on the short and not quite dumpy - but absolutely not FIT ... not perty but not too fugly ... I might be your gal.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Drew, I may get a buck or two, not sure though.

Frannie--always make me laugh! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You better be getting a "booking fee" for booking the look a like! At least %15, but you should ask for %20. So you are looking for an agent to take you on and now you've become a "talent agent" in the process!

I AM FAT - YOU ARE NOT! I, too, this week, Monday, have been watching my carbs and sugars this week and walking on the treadmill. I am HEAVIER than before /after 2 kids! Don't know what happened. Heard that anti-depresants can cause weight gain, so, there in lies the dilema - be sane and happy and fat, or depressed, cranky, and still overweight, but maybe not AS FAT! I leave for Florida on the 26th, so I have to SEE MOM!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Sister--you had me laughing too! I am more freaked out about a 'look' mom will give me than the fact that I've gained some.

Can't we blame it on the hypothyroidism???


Anonymous said...

I've heard tim tams are good for losing weight!! LMAO !!!

And by the looks of your pictures if you are fat well then the rest of us have absolutely no chance at all!!

And if your looking for an aussie that can put on a good yank accent then I'm the one for you... Arent aussies hot right now in hollywood???

violetvirus said...

MM, I understand how you feel when they say dat you are NOT fat..while you are actually feeling FAT..I have d same problem...People think I'm in sane calling myself fat..coz they dunno how hard it is to get into my jeans now!!! and I'm sticking with Karyn's "not buying fat clothes" theory, it's becoming stressful nowadays to think what to wear when I go out...seriously, wat do you wear when you go out --when you can't fit into your jeans and you refuse to buy new ones coz you want to get back to your usual size and you know nuts about dressing up and all you've always been doing is pair your jeans and t-shirts all your life--?!?

Anonymous said...

You know, I'v ealways imagined Patrick Dempsey playing Carl in the film version of Super Mom. He's fast becoming my new George Clooney (whom I still love, but really, so does everybody in the freakin' world and I hate to be just one of the crowd).