Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jury Duty

I have been called to Jury Duty for tomorrow (Wed.) and Hubby was formerly a police officer - yes, believe it or not - so he has been in and out of various court rooms and knows a fair amount about the law.

Me: "Honey, since I'm like juror 32, does that mean I'll be called pretty early on in the day?"

Hub: "Yeah, more than likely."

Me: "Will they ask me hard questions? Like what if they ask me if I'm a Republican or a Democrat, what do I say?"


Me, again: "Is there anything else I should know about going to Jury Duty."

Hub: "Nah, hon. You'll be fine. Just be yourself, they'll throw you out in no time."


Stay tuned for Jury Duty stories, and the announcement of the winner of the first of what will most likely become a Quarterly Manic Mom contest cuz it was so much fun!


xxxx said...

OR they'll make you jury foreperson! HA!

Good luck ... if all else fails, I'm pretty sure some heavy-duty flirting will get you tossed. Just pretend he's the blood guy! Or ... oh, yeah! The Office Max guy! Remember him?

Monnik said...

Or, you could wear a t-shirt that says An Eye for an Eye - Capital Punishment all the Way. That might get you kicked out of there soon enough!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I was out of there within 30 minutes gals! Didn't take long before they realized MM was not for the court, unless she's holding it as a queen!


Kirsten said...

Lucky you for getting out of it. Last year I did a 6 month stint (every 2 weeks all day Friday) as a grand juror. Interesting experience, I'm glad I had .. but I'm most glad that it gets me out of jury duty of any type for 10 years!

Becky said...

The Kill 'em all Let God sort 'em out tee shirt was a dead give away wasn't it. Got you out of there in no time.

JODI said...

Well I'm jealous...30 minutes!? I sat all day, all freaking day, 8 hours reading a book and watching New Orleans be taken down by a hurricane on a TV that wasn't worth the table it sat on. And hubby wasn't even a former cop but a cop--and they still kept me around. Guess since the only case for the day was a child molesting Catholic priest they figured eventually they'd want protestand ole' me...then finally they released me free. Amen! Jury duty selection sucks! I hope I never get a card in the mailing calling for my services again, the pay just doesn't justify the civic duty time requirement.

Frannie Farmer said...

I have been called twice, both times right after I had just given birth - worked out as a good excuse. But I am really curious about what they ask... do tell!