Thursday, February 01, 2007

So Much for That!

Yesterday, I was pretending I was Diva for a Day, going to the health club, doing a strength training class, then later, hitting the tanning spa for 20 minutes so I am not sticky-pale white in Mexico, and of course, it is necessary to have a pedicure before a beach vacation, as the toes will soon be nekkid for all to view.

And the color I chose is quite a popular OPI one: Oh To Be 25 Again.

Have you ever read all the colors on the OPI nail polishes? I think that would be my dream job--to sit in a room all day and look at colors and decide what would be a fun name for it. The names are so original and fun and funky! And they even now have a timely OPI Mexican Collection of colors. How fun.

And today continued a little like yesterday; I bopped around the house, and actually packed for all three kids and me completely today! And we don't leave till Saturday. I am on the ball! Then I went and got a waxy-waxerson, did the treadmill and then hit the tan bed for another quick 20-minute zap-o-matic.

Things were moving along pretty well. I figured out clothing choices for the trip, felt like I had done well enough on the diet, working out prior to this trip, and was happy to get all the packing mostly out of the way.

Then the bus came. And Diva got out. And her ears were cracking, and they hurt. I ignored it. I took them all to get beach-vacation haircuts, then as we got into the car, she started crying about her ears.

I took her to the pediatrician.

Ear infection.


Don't you just love it when you sense something is not quite right with your kid, and you make that split decision to call the doctor two days before you leave for Mexico, just to have her ears looked at, and YAY! It's an ear infection!

I knew it.

And now we've got the antibiotic here, and she's started it, and she'll be hopefully fine on the plane and we can all go enjoy a family vacation. And just in time because it's supposed to be a high of eight degrees here on Saturday.

Hasta La Vista! Baby.

Peace UP!

PS--Tomorrow marks the 17th (OMG!!!) anniversary of the day I met hubby.


Sugarmama said...

Woo-hoo! Hope you have a fabulous time! We've had friends living in Mexico for the last year and a half and somehow STILL haven't managed to make it down there for a visit. Mabye your post-vacation pics will really inspire me...

Frannie Farmer said...

You are a supermom! I probably would have ignored it until we got to Mexico and then be too freaked out to visit a dr.
Way to go, having all the packing done. Supermom for sure!

xxxx said...

POOR DIVA! But holy crap, you have it TOGETHER!

Definitely have to IM tomorrow before you leave ...

domestic_valerie said...

Good catch on the'll have a better time with a happy Diva!

You are an awesome-rockin' mom ready for Mexico. Woo-hoo!

I'm going to miss ya, though.

Stacy said...

For a very strange split second, your "Diva of the Day" confused me. I thought of your daughter, wondered why a little girl would need a spa day, then realized you were the diva in question. I should've known this as Little Diva must get her divaness from her mom. I really shouldn't read blogs too early in the morning.

Love the nail polish color name. Even though I personally would never want to be 25 again.

Hope Diva feels better and you have a great trip.

Andie said...

Every time I get my nails done, i think to myself... i wish I had the job as an OPI nail polish color namer.

my favorite: I'm not really a waitress. :)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Run the natural foods store and buy WALLY'S EAR OIL. Natural antobiotic and pain killer. Then make sure you give Diva some healthy probiotics to rebuild her good gut flora. Even a quality organic yogurt a day for the next few weeks = Stonyfield is easy to find in most stores. Lesson over.


B. said...

Since I AM 25, could I still wear that OPI color? Do they make one that is called Oh to be 6 again? Enjoy your vacation!