Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2, 2007

So, here’s the second Minute With Manic coming up, but first, some housekeeping stuff. I’m always going to do the housekeeping stuff before the Featured Blogger, kind of like how David Letterman or Jay Leno does that quick monologue in the beginning of the show.

We have a winner of the Meeting Melisa contest, and in order to pick the winner the most fair way, we enlisted the help of Melisa’s sister, Julie of House of Jules, who chose randomly based on answers from the entrants. And the winner is Laura, who did not leave an email or a Blogger address in her comment, so Laura, the owner of Lola, please email me at so I can give you details on how to receive your autographed copy of Remembering Ruby!

And everyone, please remember, if you or someone you’ve loved has experienced the loss of a cute widdull puppy doggy, keep Remembering Ruby in mind for yourself or your friends and family.

And now, Day Two, November 2, 2007--
Minute With Manic!

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In another turn of irony, one of my children chose CubMommy as the next featured Blogger. Some history: I know CubMommy in real life. Yes, it’s another one of those blind-blogger dates! Wow, do I luck out or what in finding and meeting great people on line. Here is a photo of CubMommy, Manic Mommy, and The Swishy, and interestingly, we were at the very same Bar Louie where I just met Melisa this previous week! Wow, I've met some cool Bloggers... CubMommy, Swishy, Melisa… let’s see anyone else? Shoot, if I’ve forgotten you, it musta been a sucky blogger date, but sorry! For some reason I am thinking I’m missing someone!

Anyway, CubMommy and I met a couple summers ago at a safe environment: the park. Our kids played together, then we went to have lunch and got along really well! She was a transplant from the city, and new to the area. We then had the opportunity later that summer to meet up with Swishy. So, CubMommy, Swishy, and Manic Mommy took the town by storm! I don’t see CubMommy regularly; she’s busy with her Cubs, I’m busy with my Demons, but it’s always nice to touch base with her, and I had a few things to ask her:

Manic: Hey CubMommy! So, with the luck of the draw, this is the random question you get to start off this Minute With Manic: If you could be a man for one day, what would you do? Who would you do? Why would you do the things you've chosen to do, and would you drink beer and then fall asleep right after sex?

How do I know you would probably have sex on that day? I don't, I'm just guessing. I know for me, if I were a man, I'd want to have sex so I can know what an orgasm during sex feels like! Bwahahahaha!

CubMommy: Let me see, what would I do if I were a man for a day? I think I would walk in my husband’s shoes and see what he has to deal with everyday at his job.

Manic: I know if I walked in Mr. Manic’s shoes, my feet would stink, and I’d probably had a really great burrito somewhere for lunch. Oh, and then I might take a dump in the office bathroom without worrying who would come in! How do men do THAT?

CubMommy: As I was saying, I would see what goes on in his head when he looks at our children or at me.

Manic Mommy: Ooh! I like that idea! That’s really good…

CubMommy: Then I could be empathetic when I turn him down for the umteenth time for sex.

Manic Mommy: Bwahahahaah! That is GREAT! Yeah, I wonder what it’s like to feel the rejection a man must feel! We women do get a lot of headaches! And when we don’t have a headache, at least we get a week off for our periods!

CubMommy: We have a new baby, plus two energetic boys. I am tired.

Manic Mommy: Well, if you were a man, and you weren’t tired, who would you do? Oh, and if you weren’t in a loving and monogamous relationship with Cubdaddy!? Wait, if you loved Cubdaddy and were a man... well, that just doesn't make much sense!

CubMommy: Who would I do? As in "get it on with?" Well, it would probably be Angelina Jolie because you know she is a freak in the bed or Jessica Biel because she has a hot body.

Manic Mommy: Why do you think I know she’s a freak in bed? I don’t personally, but I bet she is! I wonder what kind of music Brad puts on when he’s gonna get it on with Angie?

Maybe this?

OK, well, let’s see, if you could be an animal for one day... WAIT! I know technically all men are pigs -- they're all animals, but this is a completely different question... so anyway, an animal for a day... what kind, why, and what would you want to do? And you can't say a bird so you can fly, or a fish so you can swim because those are just givens; other than that, any animal is fair game! (Get it, game, as in animals?)

CubMommy: I would probably be a lion or tiger.

Manic Mommy noting to herself: Hmmm, interesting, CubMommy wants to be a lion… I get it!

CubMommy: They are great predators, they do want they want, all other animals are afraid of them. They are total opposite of my personality. I am a Leo and I am so far from what the definition of a Leo is. I am not outgoing or a take-charge kind of person.

Manic Mommy: But you know, you are a NICE PERSON! I like you! You know that, don’t you? You are a very sincere and kind person!

CubMommy: I know, but I don't like the center of attention. This is weird for me right now. I would like to feel bad-ass and have everybody know you can't mess with me. I am sure there is some psychology behind this and it means I am messed up.

Manic Mommy: You are NOT messed up! You are a strong warrior, a mother of three, caring for your young, making sure they are safe… why yes, you are a LIONESS! Roar CubMommy, ROAR!

CubMommy: ROAR!

Manic Mommy: That’s what I like to hear! By the way, what makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs, aside from when the kids are screaming? Because, I know we're both mothers to two boys and one girl, so there are many times during a single day where they're all screaming and I just want to join in for fun. So, what makes you want to scream?

CubMommy: Britney Spears makes me want to scream. That girl just doesn't get it. We don't want to see her cootchie. Stop going out to clubs every night and take care of you kids. Also, I want to scream at people in cars, lines, aisles etc. who think the world evolves round them. Move out of the way!

Manic Mommy: That’s what I’m talking about! You said it girlfriend! When's the last time you screamed like a nutcase, and what was the reasoning behind your outburst?

CubMommy: Actually this happened last night and it did not involve the kids. Thank goodness the kids were not with me! I was coming home from the gym and in an area where construction on the road is taking place and goes to one lane a woman in her expensive SUV comes flying up behind me, passes me at the point of the merge and I have to slam on my brakes because I would have hit her. I screamed and honked and said every curse word in the book.

Manic Mommy: Like damn, shit and fuck? Or like asswipe, shithead and bitch?

CubMommy: Funny thing is I had to follow her most of the way home so I hope she thought I was following her and think I would get her. I hope these answers don't freak you out. What do you think?

Manic Mommy: CubMommy, there is little that could freak me out! Thanks so much for taking time to be on Minute With Manic!


kay said...

that video was hysterical!! my kids came running into the room to see what i was laughing at.

great questions! and equally great answers cubmommy!! can't wait to check out your blog.

tell your kids to pick #1!!!

KATE said...

Love the video! Love your questions. Where do you come up with this stuff? & I love Cubmommy! I would have said some of those same things. Except doing Angelina Jolie, she freaks me right out!!

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Oh don't even get me started on all the selfish drivers I would like to take out with a magnum each day. Just today I gave the finger to one crazy woman who was leaning on her horn and bitching at me cause I was trying to make a left turn. What the fuck is that about? And I haven't given anyone the finger in years but boy did she deserve it! Was cool to learn more about another blogger like this!

House of Jules said...

Doesn't everyone have sex to that song?


Jules (Melisa's sister!)
House of Jules

AutoSysGene said...

Thanks for a laugh after a hard day!!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Hmmmmm. Cubmommy seems to have good taste in women. Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Go on Manic, scream with your kids - it really freaks them out! I've done it and it's the quickest way to regain quiet in the house.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Manic, I'm sorry but this interviewing stuff has got to stop! You ladies are just making this world a less pleasant place for men! Yesterday, Heather is ripping on sports bra's with danskin and today cubmommy is ripping on Brittany's coochie. Uh, men LIKE sports bras, danskin and coochie! So please, PLEASE stop messing it up for the rest of us!

What's next? Are you guys gonna start ripping on beer tomorrow?


AutoSysGene said...

Rob, your a rooster in a hen house...your just going to have to adapt... ;)

cubmommy said...

Thanks Manic for interviewing me! I felt like a dork. That video was so funny. I so remember that song back in the day.

Rob, Hey I like beer and seriously do you really want to see Britney's tired coochie. Maybe a few years ago that was fine but now? Even my Hubby thinks she is nasty.

Cecily R said...

Holy cow I'm nervous to even comment because I am afraid of being interviewed and asked revealing questions! What if you pull a Barbara Walters and make me cry or something?

Melisa Wells said...

When I saw the photo I was like, "HEY! That looks like Bar Louie!"

Is that where you take all of your blind dates, Manic?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Melisa, only the GOOD ones! LOL!!! I wonder if it was even the SAME booth!

Just so you all know, I am doing random winners from the time the last person gets chosen to the most recent post--that's how I'm choosing them, so you basically have a shot if you post two days. Makes sense? This is very hard, let me tell you! But fun! Hope you're enjoying! My family's going to kill me over this!!!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

This blog has to win the Blog-oscars. You are hilarious MM. And I do not know HOW Angelina snagged BRAD! Jennifer Aniston seems like such a betty, while Angelina is so goth.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Cubmommy- Ah shoot, I was just having some fun. Yeah, I can live without seeing that particular coochie. As a friend of mine says it's probably like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Drewpy Drew said...

Pick me! Pick Me!

Melisa Wells said...




AutoSysGene said...

I second that, Melisa!!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Defend her coochie and I'm in trouble, rip on her coochie and I'm in trouble.

Whew! Tough crowd! :)

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Rob, when I read your "hotdog in a hallway" I spewed tea all over my laptop monitor...So, who should I send the repair bill to?

Good job Manic--Day 2 and still going strong.

I did set quite a precedent, didn't I? (wink)

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it..(isn't that a country song)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Rob--bwhahahahahaahah! Hotdog down a hallway!

Mr. Manic is sitting here and he just said, "What's cracking you up?"

I said, "Having sex with Britney is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!"


Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

OK....I am NOW addicted!
This is great!
I am having such a fun time with this!

You crack me up!!!!

I just emailed your link to a friend who I think you MUST be related guys are exactly a like!!!

Anonymous said...

way too funny!! I luv your interviewing... and spit my Tim tams all over the screen reading this one.....


Anonymous said...

YEAH! The girl can do it! Two days on the trot and no sign of letting up. Keep this going and you can publish it as "How to Blog with Manic Mummy" or "Manic does Paxman" (you might not get that last reference - Brit pop culture)

Anonymous said...

Your interviews are hilarious!! Great idea. I was so excited this morning when I checked in & saw that I had won the book :) I can hardly wait to tell my daughter. Must wait until she wakes up tho because, as I am sure you know, never wake a tweenager up before you have to! (She will claim the book as hers since she 'got' the dog...but we will all cherish it! (Thanks Melissa & Manic)

Shelley said...

Loving the Minute with Manic. I love discovering more blogs to stalk..I mean, read. And thanks for the 80's flashback! It was the 80s, wasn't it? I remember the synthesizer music and robot dancing at some high school...or college...or new mommyhood.