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November 4, 2007

Minute With Manic
November 4, 2007

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So, Featured Blogger for November 4, 2007 is none other than The Gang’s All Here! Let’s get started, and I’m kinda on this food thing here, so I’m gonna ask some food-related questions.

Manic: First of all, what do you think about milk and spaghetti? Is that not the grossest thing E V E R? Like my sister will eat spaghetti for dinner AND drink a glass of milk with it. That to me is just so gross. To me, I just imagine a stomach full of white curdly milk and chunky red spaghetti sauce all mixing together with stomach acid. Nasty. What is a nasty food combination to you?

Gang: Yes, spaghetti with sauce and milk are truly nasty. But since I really don't love red sauce and rarely drink plain milk, it doesn't affect my life. But peanut butter on pancakes, smothered in maple syrup? Now THAT's gross. And coincidentally, it's also The Boss and The Gang's favorite Saturday morning treat, made better only by the addition of bananas to the pancake batter. Eeeew.

Manic: OK, yes that is kind of gross, but the milk and spaghetti thing is grosser. Incidentally, the one thing in the kitchen I’m really good at making (aside from reservations, of course!) is pancakes! I use cinnamon, vanilla extract and loads of chocolate chips in mine. I tried to sneak bananas in one time but Diva busted me on that. Favorite junk food of all time to eat?

Gang: Cheetos. Lots and lots of Cheetos.

Manic: OK, hold on here a minute, you’ve got like four kids, right? Do you let them eat Cheetos in your home? Like on the couch and stuff? I am a bit of a mean mom when it comes to the orange family of foods. I NEVER buy Cheetos for my kids, or Doritos or Cheese popcorn or puffs because that stuff just does not come out of furniture!

Gang: Well, I could eat them till the roof of my mouth turns raw from the crunch and salt. And I'm not a Cheetos snob - I'll eat baked, generic, whatever! I also love Combos, Bugles, Herr's Salt and Pepper chips, and popcorn. Now there's a perfect food: popcorn with real butter drizzled over it and lightly salted. MMMMMMMMM! Yes, I'm a salty, I confess. Carbs are my friends.

Manic: I used to be solely a salty, but now as I’m aging, I throw in the chocolate thing too. I used to hate chocolate. I’d always choose like Skittles or Sprees over a chocolate bar. But I love carbs too. ‘Cept they unfortunately don’t love me back. And the popcorn with real butter at the movies – my kids love that, but I try to deter them from getting the butter. It totally makes their tummies ache afterward!

Next question! You may have read some past entries where I have vomited in odd places, like a taxi perhaps, or a garbage can at the train station. Do you throw up often? I personally hate throwing up, but sometimes it’s a necessity. Have you ever been in a place where you needed to throw up but couldn’t?

Gang: I don't throw up often; in fact it's been about a year. I hate throwing up. I gag fairly easy, but I'd rather dry-heave my way out of it than actually throw up. I do NOT get that train of thought that says, "I know I'll feel better if I just throw up." Who really thinks that?!

Manic, raises hand timidly, “ME!”

Gang: And yes, I've been stuck, needing to hurl and not having a place to do it – just about every morning at work when I was pregnant with Shaggy.

Manic: Yeah, but that kind of puking is EXPECTED! I was talking about like the time I went on a cruise with my parents and I got really drunk. Then the next day we had to go on one of those tours of an island, and we were walking along a beach, and I had to puke. I could have puked and just tossed it all up in the ocean except a co-worker of my dad’s and his family was with us. That was one of the worst days in my life. You need to puke, and it’s coming out, and you have to force your body to make yourself re-swallow your vomit. Ooh, I’m making myself sick thinking about it.

Gang: Yeah, well, I didn't really feel too comfortable tossing my morning pastries into my circular file in front of my boss!

Manic: NOT THE FILE CABINET? OK, that IS gross! At least it was cuz you were pregnant and not drunk. You weren’t drunk, were you?

Gang: Next question, please.

Manic: What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever had to eat, and you can’t say that foi de gras duck innards thing. Because that’s just a given. Who likes THAT crap? And I use that word literally!

Gang: I think the worst thing I ever ate was bad seafood. Now that was some heaving and gagging to behold. But last month, The Gang was at an "all you can eat" Chinese buffet and Dr. Doolittle REALLY wanted to be brave enough to try sushi (not even the raw fish kind). He even got it as far as on his plate and to our table. But none of us could do it - just the thought and the image that the word conjures. Ugh.

Manic: Ooh, there are probably quite a few readers “booing” you right now. I think many people love sushi; however, sushi in A CHINESE RESTAURANT?? They do that? I am not one of those people who crave sushi. I mean, I like it, and have been to a sushi house before, but after like trying the fourth different kind of eel-roll-thingy, wrapped around some raw chunks of Nemo, I started to feel a little iffy in the stomach myself. Really, I do have to agree with you, eating raw fish is just nastified. Why can’t we cook it up a little, maybe fry it, stick it between two buns and call it a Filet-o-Fish. Do you make your kids eat stuff they don’t want to?

Gang: Yes!

Manic: Why?

Gang: What other revenge do we moms get in this life? Legally, that is?

Manic: I don’t know, that’s kind of cruel! Like that scene from Mommy Dearest where she makes her daughter eat that meat (Go to 1:39 on the video, or -5:00):

But then again, there are different levels of cruelty, like the fact that I don’t buy my kids Cheetos is pretty mean. But, I don’t really like my kids bawling their heads off at the dinner table, clamping their mouths shut while Mr. Manic tries to unlock their jaws to toss in a veggie. So, what’s the point of making them eat something they don’t want to?

Gang: My utter amusement! Seriously though, I do make them try new things and things they swear they hate. And occasionally I even make them finish them too. I like my kids to know that they should be willing and open to trying new things - and food is usually a pretty safe risk. Especially if it's on our table, and even more so if I made it. And I always remind them that they might just like it. You know what, sometimes they do!

Manic: Unless it’s sushi! Well, this has been fun; what do you think? Feel like puking yet?

Gang: Nope! I've got a giant loaf of banana bread baking in the oven right now and it's cinnamon-y goodness is completely obliterating any negative imagery that this interview has initiated. Plus, I'm still kinda cracking myself up about the revenge bit.

Manic: Mmmmm… sounds yummy! Hey Gang, thanks so much for playing Minute With Manic! BTW, I love cinnamon bread! Can you invite me over?


Anonymous said...

Spaghetti and Milk yuk!! My dad used to be the only one to drink milk in the house and every time he felt like it (rarely) he'd drink out of the carton and it would be all chunky... Now that's gross!!!

Great interview again!! I can't belive your blogging everyday!! Well done!!

onthegomom said...

My kids eat pancakes and waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup, as well. My 14yo son will not eat garlic or cheese bread with spaghetti but eats a piece of bread with peanut butter on it, WITH his spaghetti... gross.

blog author said...

ew, i think peanut butter and spaghetti tops milk and spaghetti. my grossest food combo is fruit loops and cheese. if you pick me, i'll tell you all about it in my minute with manic! :)))

how's THAT for a bribe?

AutoSysGene said...

"Raw chunks of Nemo"

Ok, that is freaking hysterical. I will never watch this movie again without thinking of this.

I had a chance to try sushi while we were in SanFran this year (not that they don't make sushi where I come from ;)) I told Joe "it tastes like raw salmon." "He was like yea..what did you expect?" So now I can say I've tried it and move on.

Spaghetti and milk, that's just wrong. I can't even imagine those two things together. That would be like eating pizza and drinking a Yohoo. Yuck!!

Michelle said...

I am so hungry now!

domestic_valerie said...

I can't decide whether to be sick from the puke stories or hungry thinking about sushi...I'll take hunger pangs over queasiness any day.

Worst puke story ever? I was selling morning pastries at the farmers market and hung over from working a wedding the night before (they tipped us with Champange).

One woman had to ask what each and every pastry was and as I was describing them in loving detail I was getting sicker and sicker...the only bathroom was two blocks away and I ended up puking into a garbage can behind SOMEONE ELSES STALL.

I used "morning sickness" as my excuse and turned the frowns from eveyone who saw me lose it to knowing smiles. Someday I will pay for that, karmaticly, I'm sure.

kay said...

i ♥ manic!!

Melisa Wells said...

I agree with Domestic Valerie: I didn't know whether to be sick or hungry during the entire interview...but of course it was hilarious as usual!

By the way, I LOVE "Mommie Dearest". Julie/Jules and I used to get in trouble because we would always flip it on whenever HBO played it, and we watched the "No more wire hangers!" scene over and over again. We could never figure out why we got in trouble for watching that repeatedly...maybe it was the laughing and re-enacting?

Andie said...

you crack me up manic. really.

love these minute interviews. the things you coem up with!

Melisa Wells said...

By the way, I tagged you for "6 Things about Me" at my Suburban Scrawl blog. You'll have to do that as "housekeeping" before your next interview...

xxxx said...

The whole milk and spaghetti thing made me want to puke. I really don't like milk. Cheese grosses me out sometimes, too. It depends. I think it's because when I was like in third grade I took a big bite of pizza at school and there was a chunk of uncooked CHEDDAR under the mozzarella! UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. I am gagging right now just thinking about it. I seriously might throw up. It was beyond disgusting.

As a general rule, I don't believe in making kids eat things they hate. I spent many, many hours of my childhood staring down a plate after everyone had left the table because my parents thought I would eventually cave and eat whatever was on there (sloppy joes were the worst ... the SMELL made me nauseous). I seriously would not care. I would sit there for 10 hours if I had to, and I always wore them down.

Drewpy Drew said...

OK, milk and besghetti totally rocks. And the milk helps you deal with the acid and garlic. Milk is best. Just don't think about where it comes from.

Kay - Have you no shame?

Manic - Can I be next?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

My dad eats garlic bread with peanut butter when he eats his spaghetti. I forgot to tell everyone when I was in second grade, we had spag for lunch at school. I got sick and puked it up in the office bathroom, and STRANDS of 'sketti came out my nose. I didn't eat sketti for a long long time!

Drew--Kay doesn't have any shame because she's already been picked as a Manic Minute! So she HEARTS me regardless!

Swish-- icould totally see you in a "I-won't-eat-my-food" stand-off with you coming away CHAMPION!!

Drewpy Drew said...

Whatever. Can I be next?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Can-I, Can-I, Huh-Huh?

Anonymous said...

I really love this idea. I sure hope I get a minute with Manic!

And I could so do milk with spaghetti. Because I love milk so much I could have it with just about everything.

Does a body good.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Manic...I thought you said you weren't wanting free ware....Free domino banana bread...FREE-LOADER...
Kidding..I'm so proud of you for doing this every day. It truly is the highlight of my day getting to read these crazy things you come up with. Ok, here's what I think is nastified together. Ranch Style beans and corn. My hubby and bro in law ate that together as a child....Still would if I'd let him. Hell he'd live at the Ranch Style Bean hdqtrs. in Ft. Worth Texas if I let him. I'd have to let him stay there for a long while so the "toots" could wear off. By the way, I puked more in the last year than my whole life. Unpleasant side effect from weight loss surgery...I'll have to tell ya bout' my whole experience w/that

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

OK - Here's gross for you...

Tell your jaw to clamp down...grab a trash can...

My husband and his family eat CHUNKY PEANUT BUTTER and BOLOGNA SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gurgle, gurgle, gag!!!

AutoSysGene said...

All I can say is yuck! That is seriously WRONG!!

Melisa Wells said...

Great. Now I'm going to have nightmares about chunky peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Thanks a lot!

What do you do when they eat that???? (or I should say Where do you go?)

The thought of the SMELL alone kills me.

Cecily R said...

I LOVE pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup! Does that make me gross? Yummmmmmm (clearly I don't care). Personally I think pancakes are HARD to make. I always burn the first few. Every. Time.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Bologna and peanut butter, chunky style = nasty!!

And Cec, the secret to not burning them--use vegetable oil on the pan/skillet, whatever instead of butter or Pam.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea--interviewing bloggers!

The grossest food combo that I know is french toast with mayo.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

CMommy!!!! So nice to see you here! Been awhile!!!

Yep, major grossness with that one!

Anonymous said...

Pick me Pick me.....

these food stories are hillarious@@@

blog author said...

my mom eats peanut butter and mayo. and i find that borderline blasphemous. peanut butter should only be eaten with jelly. or by itself. or on bananas.

AutoSysGene said...

So does that make it a PB&M sammich? I can't even begin to imagine that what would taste like...yuck!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Worst puke story.

Honeymoon in Cozumel. Snorkeling trip with mass of people. Huge Boat. Choppy water. Morning Sickness. Chunks Blown off the back.

Shark Food.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Colorada--pregnant on your honeymoon? Not even the old hangover excuse for the puking huh???


NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Ok people, milk goes with EVERYTHING! Nothing like the old moo juice to wash down anything.

Swishy- You too!? I spent hours at the kitchen table refusing to eat some of the bizarre things my family would eat. Cauliflower? Oh my god, little rabbit brains! Too gross. One time my Mom got so fed up she actually pushed brussle sprouts into my mouth. They were so horrible I swallowed them whole.

She sat back down feeling all momly since I ate something "good for me". I guess they did not sit right because about three minutes later I puked those three unchewed and whole brussel sprouts right back onto my plate right at the dinner table.

Mom FINALLY gave up.

Manic- That, that is not my best puke story though. One time I was about 12 or so and sick with the flu. I had left the lawn mower out and it was starting to rain so my Dad made me go put the lawn mower up. While I was pushing it into the garage the flu bug bit I turned to the side and ralphed right on the driveway. My stupid dog (who I really miss) ran up and started eating the puke. AH! That grossed me out so bad I turned to the other side and puked again. Harry (my dog) ran right around me and immediately went after that puddle. Ahhhh! I ran inside so I could puke again and Harry could not get to it!

Oh, to steal Terry Bradshaw's best joke, Do you know what we call Sushi in Texas? "Bait"

Speaking of weird sandwiches, did you know that Elvis Presley's favorite food was fried nanner, peanut butter and Demerol sandwiches. Oh baby, now that's good eating!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Rob, DUDE, You are TOOO FUNNY! Save it for your Manic Minute, you're already on the schedule!!! LOL!!!

Sushi = bait, and that demoral thing had me cracking up!!!

Jen Hill said...

"Carbs are my friends", absolutely!

I tagged you on the crazy 8's meme today. Do these meme's ever end?

Best! Jen

Tanya said...

Peanut butter and syrup on a pancake. That sounds so good, but only real maple syrup. The corn syrup stuff makes me sick.

My aunt was stubborn. She once spent a full summer day at the kitchen table because she would not eat eggs. My mom tells me she had a full day of playing came home when the street lights were on and there was her sister still at the table.

Who doesn't like scrambled eggs?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jen--thanks for tagging me but I can't do the meme's... this Minute With Manic Madness is taking so much time, but it's fun!!!

And Tanya, I DON'T LIKE SCRAMBLED EGGS!! Unless they're in a skillet dish with hashbrowns, bacon, cheese... then they're OK!

Jen Hill said...

I totally understand. These memes go a bit overboard, and I appreciate your telling me.

Best! Jen

Unknown said...

Pardon me while I run to the ladies room to lose my breakfast...

Yuck! I will never eat spaghetti and drink milk with it again!

I like waffles with peanut butter and honey, but I'm not a big syrup fan.

Robin said...

Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup sounds good, what is gross is pancakes topped with eggs, overeasy....covered with salt, pepper and maple syrup, the yolk running into the pancake, mixed with the syrup, EEEWWWWW!

That's "breakfast at my inlaws",
just coffee for me, thanks.

Anonymous said...

So the minute with Manic is Scheduled????

Does that mean we have no chance???

Off to my pack of tim tams....

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ramble--NOOOOO! Not scheduled! I have to have two or three 'scheduled' in advance, which just means I am picking people BEFORE the actual day of them being featured! And believe me, I am hoping you get chosen because I have a bunch of great Tim Tam questions for ya!!! : )

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

ROBIN!!! I need to have your email address IN THE EVENT YOU GET CHOSEN FOR A MINUTE!! What if I were to pick you right now, how would I get a hold of you???

Robin said...

This contest is SOOO HARD!

OK I changes my profile to show my email and here it is in case I messed up:

Hey does this get me another chance at winning?