Friday, November 09, 2007

November 9, 2007

Minute With Manic

Blogger Name: Manic Mommy
Blogger URL/link: Duh. Here.
Blogging since: December 2004, coming up on three years.
337 posts from my first Blog; 510 posts from Manic’s Blog

Manic: Well, this evening, we have a very special guest interviewee, and I’d like to introduce you all to Manic Mom.

Manic: Hey there. I still cannot believe I was randomly chosen for a Minute With Manic. It’s great to be here.

Manic: You don’t sound so great, what’s up?

Manic: Well, I think I have to quit this daily Blogging thing…

Well, it’s just that… I may have over-extended myself with this feature-a-blogger-daily thing.

Manic: How do you mean? It’s great! People are excited, they love your interviews. You’ve never gotten so many comments from such nice people in all of the three years you’ve been blogging! You’ve posted 847 times in almost three years! What’s that come out to per year?

Manic: I don’t you. You know I suck at math.

Manic: So do I!

Manic: You know, I really thought I could do it, but it’s like, it’s just too hard! I’m neglecting my family big time. I mean BIG TIME! I should be focusing on my freelance work more. I haven’t touched my novel (or my husband!) in like a month practically. And don’t get me started on the laundry.

Manic: Oh come on, everyone has laundry to do. That’s a lame excuse.

Manic: I know. I feel really bad about the whole thing, like I’m letting people down.

Manic: Yeah, you kinda are, but when you think about it, family comes first, and you have to prioritize.

Manic: Prioritize! I know! I suck at that. I try to take on more things than I can handle, and it just comes back to smack me in the face.

When I thought up this fun idea to do an interview every day for the month of November, I was thinking I’d do three quick and easy questions, but then I really get invested in it, and it’s fun to learn about everyone and… can I have a Kleenex please?

Manic: Oh, Manic, don’t cry. I understand, and I am pretty sure the people out there will understand too.

Manic: I hope so. But I don’t want to quit, and I’ve promised four or five other Bloggers who have already been selected that they will have their Minute With Manic. I’d love to do two or even three a week, but … well, I could make them all feel really sorry for me and start talking about the migraines and all that, and my doctor’s appointment yesterday, but I don’t need to go there.

Manic: Migraines. Man, I get them terrible too! What do you take for them?

Manic: Maxolt. But my doctor’s going to put me on that daily drug for migraines now. I’ll be fine. I just hope I don’t get shunned in the Blogger community, cuz I do love to Blog. I’m just now realizing my limitations. I don’t know if it makes me brave or a quitter, but I’m admitting that I just cannot do it every single day.

Manic: Well, what do you plan to do?

Manic: I think I might try to do Monday’s Minute With Manic. That way I can give the featured Blogger the attention she or he deserves, and really put more energy into it. But for the rest of November, I am going to fulfill my promise to those who already have their Manic Minute questions, and for those of you (DREW!)! who would like to be a future feature, you can leave me an email at Put MINUTE WITH MANIC in the subject line, please. I’ll put them on a list, and in the meantime, I’ll start a document with fun questions that I’ll have on file already, so it won’t be as stressful to come up with questions and do the interview.

Manic: That sounds fair. I’m sure everyone will understand.

Manic: I really hope so. I’ve seriously been a wreck about this, and I know I shouldn’t be, but I think Bloggers are all in this little community and we look to one another on a daily basis. I love checking out everyone’s Blogs and learning what everyone’s been up to. And I would really feel a loss if I didn’t have the camaraderie I’ve gained through being a Blogger.

Manic: OMG. I feel the exact same way! We must be kindred spirits!

Manic: Or twins separated at birth!

Manic: So, Manic, now what’s on board that you’re dissin’ all of us?

Manic: Hey, don’t say that! You’ll make me cry!

Manic: Gawd. Can you not take a joke? Do you not know my sense of humor? How LONG have you been reading Manic Mommy? Get a clue!

Manic: Sorry. I’m just kinda emotional right now.

Manic: PMSing?

Manic: Yeah.

Manic: Hey! Me too! So, as I was saying, what’s the plan now?

Manic: Well, I’m actually heading over to the neighbor’s for a much-needed bottle glass of wine. And then the Manic Family is getting away for a short while this weekend. I’m going to regroup and have some quality family time, and hopefully be back Sunday or Monday, refreshed and ready to continue Blogging, with Minute With Manic still around, but just not daily. I want to live to see my children have children, and that was seriously going to be the death of me.

Manic: Well, take it easy, then. Don’t get too crazy over the weekend, but hey, if you do, I know you’ll have some crazy stories to share!

Manic: Don’t worry, Manic. I’ll be good.

Manic: Good girl, and now, what’s that little catch-phrase of yours?

Manic: "Are you not entertained?"

Manic: No, not that one, although that is pretty funny!

Manic: Oh, you mean…

Peace UP!


House of Jules said...

Aww, Manic... no worries! Just take care of yourself.

House of Jules

JODI said...

No one is going to shun Manic Mom, everyone loves the Manic.

As far as laundry goes...until your hubby says he is wearing his dirtiest-cleanest pair of undies your family can suck it up a little while longer. That is what I have been telling my family this week...or is it this month.

I imagine you will just have to wait till some obscure Monday in some obscure month in the year 2008 to ask me all about my sister and the wedding she was in with Brad Pitt. I even book marked a few YouTubes to go along with the story.

Until then...may your head ache subside. Oh ya, King Ralph has cluster headaches (a form of seasonally timed migraines) and he has found as soon as one comes on he jumps on the tread mill. He read it on a migraine website and said it works. I always know he woke with a headache in the middle of the night by the sound of treadmill churning.

Be Well.

Anonymous said...

Manic ...
Peace up, don't manic about it.

manic two

Anonymous said...

Honey we would love you even if you posted once a month!(dont get any ideas)go on enjoy your weekend do you!!!

Anonymous said...


It's okay Manic You need a tim tam a rita (Yep crushe tim tams, ice tequila and other yummy stuff) Ohhh soo good... I'll send you a pack of tim tams now just to cheer up........


Melisa Wells said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! This blog is awesome no matter if you're doing a Minute with Manic, writing an open letter to your neighbor, blogging about Blogger Blind Dates, or WHATEVER. Take care of yourself and everything else will follow. We'll all still be here, checking out whatever nuggets you toss out there, whenever you get a chance to do it!

Peace UP...(and out!!)

onthegomom said...

ahhh Manic, we still wuv you!

Hugs and take care!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ahhhh, you guys are so nice! You would not believe how much better I feel!!!

THANKS!!! From the bottom of my blog-heart!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Girl, nobody thinks you're a failure. I've enjoyed what you've written so far and will continue to read even if you only do "monday's w/Manic" worries...Family is the most important thing AND your health. Peace UP, it's all good!

Steve H said...

that was a riot!

kay said...

i think the once a week thing is a great idea!! less stress on you and less on me to make sure i read your blog daily! :)

revive yourself my friend!!

i ♥ manic!

B. said...

I think you and Manic would be best friends. It's, uh, too bad that you're the same person! You are too funny.

blog author said...

in the immortal words of Vivian and Kit (from Pretty Woman) "Take care of you"....

not that i'm calling you a hooker or anything :)

Stephanie J. Blake said...

We love you MM!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

You have lfie-long fans Mama!! You rock! We would ALL be very selfish if we expected you to trudge through the "Minutes" for OUR entertainment and not caring abut your health or your family!

You HAVE to know that you are sooooooo freakin' funny that you don't NEED interviews to make us laugh!

Just be you and we will be happy!

Peace up sista! Have a GREAT weekend!

Shelley said...

I think Manic Monday Minutes or Monday Minutes with Manic or Minute with Manic on Monday (damn, that third time the word "minute" just didn't look right and I couldn't spell it) would be great! We love ya Manic, have a great weekend with your family!

I have the same problem as King Ralph, Jodi, as I get those cluster headaches whenever I think about jumping on the treadmill. Ok, so that's totally different, but it sounded good.

Monnik said...

You're funny... I, for one, was finding it hard to keep up with your minute with manic posts daily anyway! So you're doing me a favor and making me feel like less of a 'blog groupie' failure.

Anonymous said...

Do what is best for you, everyone will understand! Now, start working on that novel/biography. You were born to be a famous author.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have been enjoying the Minute with Manic, however, I find that your daily rants and raves entertain me much more. I don't want your readers to think that I don't care about them, but, I have to say, they are not as funny and actually seem pretty boring. I know, I know, I'm a bitch, right? I just really enjoy the funny things that go on in the Manic household!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the Minutes with Manice, but I was seriously wondering how you were able to do it.

There will be no shunning! We want happy and healthy Manic!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

TAG - You're it!!


Go girl!!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!! Now I can stop feeling guilty because you were making such an effort and I didn't manage to read every day. Sorry.

Short comment due to fibreglass cast on my right wrist. I'm bored with it already and I only got it Friday. Never mind the tooth ache pain in it will take my mind off it!

Looking forward to next instalment of 40 weeks - now THAT would cheer me up....

Michelle said...

Your family is definitely more important :)

JRE Writes said...

This is my favorite one yet! :)
Good for you.

Tanya said...

Only you would interview yourself. I do like your blog and will continue to read even if you don't post everyday. In fact not posting every day makes me feel better about not posting as often as I should either.


Unknown said...

We will still be faithful readers, no matter how often you write!