Monday, January 07, 2008

Out For Blood


Yoo-Hooo? Knock-Knock!

Anybody out there?

Cuz those photos of you all donating blood aren’t exactly filling my In Box! Is it because you are all out there RIGHT this minute getting those veins popped? Come on! Please don’t be scared!

I was thinking of ways to make it even easier for you, and aside from me driving over to your house, picking you up, and taking you to the Blood Center, holding your hand, I’m not sure what else I can do? I can call you while you’re in the chair, sing you a little ditty while you’re getting your blood drawn, maybe something like this:

I promise you that it won’t hurt!

It’s just a teeny tiny little squirt!

The blood really won’t ooze!

You’ll save a life if you choose!

How would you like for me to sing that to you over the phone? I will! I swear I will! And you can bet there are more verses just brewin’ up inside of me. Don’t make me break out in Blood-Donatin’-Song-And-Dance. Cuz… You know I will.

And come on! After you send in your picture of you donating, I’ll call you, and we can talk about your experience and then I’ll blog about it and that way you’ll be able to tell everyone how simple it really was! It’ll be fun! We’ll chat! And if you live near me, maybe I’ll go with you when you give blood. Would you like that? Or would that maybe freak you out? I could wear the wig! You know, go incognito!

Thanks to all of you who have linked to this cause! You rock! And to those of you who have tagged onto this contest! For instance, Hope for the Hopeless is getting involved and is giving away TWO steak dinners if you donate! Well, she's not sending you the actual steak! She's giving away two $25 gift cards to either Outback or Lonestar. So you have two chances to win! One here, and one over at her site! So after you donate, send your picture to me and then to her, and not only will you win money here, you can also win a gift card toward dinner! And there are some other bloggers who have come forward with the intent of donating to the cash prize so come on, roll up those sleeves! Don’t be afraid!

And today I fielded my first call from a reporter! I didn’t tell you all this, but I wrote a press release with the heading:


I sent it to some of the papers in the hopes that I will get more people involved in the cause, because if I can load up a car with six kids and take them all with me to get my vein deflated, surely a few others can! The reporter said she really wants to write the story, and she was looking for a personal angle and it just so happens the paper is in the town where I went to high school, so hopefully THAT’S enough of a tie-in and she’ll call me back for the story. We’ll see.

I want to thank those of you who already donate on a regular basis. You already know how amazing it is that you do this, and how great it makes you feel, and how many lives you do save! And thank you to those of you who have tried to donate but are unable to.

I’ve thought about the fact that I’m giving away my own money for this and then I wondered if I’m maybe a little crazy. Aside from the fact that I already am regardless if I'm giving away money or not, I don’t think I'm crazy for doing it if people donate blood. Many people donate to charities or good causes all of the time.

This is my charity I want to contribute to, and it’s two-fold. I’m donating money, but I’m also hopefully going to get YOU involved in this, and hopefully you will feel so good afterward that you’ll continue donating on a regular basis and it’ll explode from there. You know, that Clairol hair commercial--telling two friends, and so on... So many people need your blood. I was thinking of it this way as well. If you had extra food, you’d share. You have extra blood available. You can share that too. What's a little blood amongst friends?

I don’t want my blog to become a Blood Donating Soap Box, so don’t worry, it won’t, but please consider it. I’ll make it fun. Send in a goofy picture of you donating blood. If you’re nervous about it, I seriously will call you and talk you through it. I’ll sing you the song. I’ll make up another verse to another song. Heck, don’t make me break out a youtube video cuz you know I will! How YOU doin'?

Start sending me those photos at, and for complete contest details, read the previous post HERE.


Today I started my “Sit-In-Chair-From-Noon-To-1:30-And-Write-Book-No.-2” Campaign, and let me tell you, honestly, I have been scared shitless and very anxious over this new quest. I have no idea why. I've already written one book. I love to write. I WANT to write. I NEED to write. But the thought of making me be responsible four days a week is really scary.

And I woke up this a.m. with a raging sinus headache because it is 62 degrees on January 7 in Chicago and overcast and the barometric pressure is way outta whack and so is my head, so I’m thinking, how am I gonna write with such a bad headache? But I pulled through, got Tukey on the bus at 11:40, and sat down to write at 11:57.

And I felt like a writer. And pulled up my WIP, which I am now calling a NOI (Novel-Of-Intent), which you can read the first teeny bit HERE, if you haven’t already. And I got a big ice water, shut my office doors, ignored the phone that rang three times, took one bathroom break and got reacquainted with my long-lost characters. I wrote a little, not a lot, but enough to find me liking what I was doing and not feeling so scared anymore, and thinking that I could probably get up and do the same thing tomorrow. So, that in itself was an accomplishment.

Next thing – The WW Update. OK, so I started back at WW on December 1. Mr. Manic said I was crazy to start back then. Who does that? Start back right in the most hellish time of desserts and eggnog, and Bailey’s Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Caramel flavors debut, and filet mignon, and cakes and cookie exchanges and caramel corn, and all that yummy stuff that only surfaces in the month of December. Who does this? I did.

And I managed through it, and still ate all of that yummy stuff, and never felt sad or deprived, never cried late at night in bed because I didn’t get to have a piece of French Silk Pie, and guess what?

Since December 1, I have lost 7.6 pounds. You can line up about 30 Quarter Pounders and look at that pile of beef and bun and then say, “That’s how much fat has dropped from Manic.”

Yep, that’s how I look at weight loss. Pretty whacky, but that’s the way I stay on track.

So, Blood, Writing, Watching my Weight. That’s what I’m focusing on right now.

In the meantime, I think there’s a needle out there with your name on it, and I’m waiting for those pictures! I want my In Box all clogged up with your blood-spilling veins and your smiling faces!

Peace UP!


AutoSysGene said...

LOL! Blood spilling and smiling faces. I'm hoping for lots of pictures in my email, too. Easy for me to say, I can't donate.

Congrats on the weightloss. 7.6 pounds over the holidays is nothing short of a miracle!!

Roger Miller said...

Hey congrats on the weight loss, I have a 'special flu' that I can send your way if you want to lose some extra weight. Of course, you may not like the way you shed the pounds, but I'm sure it is worth 2 or 3, easy!

As an added incentive for your blood-letters, I have some AMC gift certificates that will get someone into a show for free! Yes, free and it can be a new release even. Let me know. Of course, I'll still donate some cash to the cause as well, because I am insane, myself.

Keep at that part-time gig, you'll really start to love it, someday.

Anonymous said...

Ok Manic,
First of all, you can write some long posts (but not that that's a bad thing!) Second, after you sent me off to that Cookie Exchange post, I had to get myself an egg nog with Seagrams so I could finish reading. I am having so much fun here. Your cookies and table and present boxes looked great. I always forget about the hostess gift, too, and then I'm always reallly surprised when I host a non-birthday party and someone remembers the hostess gift.
And third of all... why are YOU on WW?? If that is a current pic of you on your blog, you're not fat... you're even, dare I say, thin?!
Well congratulations on the weight loss anyway (or should I say "loose", like all the people at Dawn's?) That's great.
Alright, enough from me for tonight. Have to go check out your book.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Karla, you are cracking me up!!! Drink your eggnog, then get up tomorrow morning and go donate some Seagram's infested blood!

Thanks for stopping by my friend!!!

ANd that profile pic is a couple years old, but I do not know how to change the profile pic cuz I've tried to do it and am afraid of terminating my whole blog in the process, so that's the photo that must stay! : )

Anonymous said...

ps Want to donate the blood - but am anemic. But came back here to tell you I'm hooked on your first chapter. Love your character development. I write "stories" (and with 4 kids, some of them include visuals like the beginning of your chapter), but I don't think I could write a book.
Will read more later.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thank you Karla, new best friend! You sure it's not the egg-nog and Seagram's talkin'? Hee hee!

L. Lemanski said...

What a fantastic idea for the blood donation. If I can get out of the house (little baby rules my life), I will.

I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE the book synopsis! Congrats on that.

Hey, and my posts can be fairly long as well--so, I break some of 'em up :)

BTW, I'm off to read the excerpts from your book.

Kate said...

You are so cool! I'm so impressed with your Holiday Season weightloss. You're incredible. I mean, I saw those cookie exchange pictures...

I have an evil plan to get my uber-healthy husband with the O+ blood to donate again. He quit because the blood bank people called him constantly and he got so sick of them calling even when he went as often as he could. I said he could give them MY phone number and that would be my contribution to the cause since they don't want my blood. I'll tell you when I'm successful.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Laskigal--thanks for stopping by, and if you ever need a baby break, giving blood is the perfect little mini-vacation!!

I checked out your blog--seems we have the same great taste in books! And you've got yourself a cutie-patootie! I'm sure you're enjoying him! Happy Five MOnths to your little guy!

Kate--you absolutely rock! Tell Hubby I thank him, AFTER you trick him with your evil ways to get him to donate!

Steve H said...

love the ingocnito photo!!

Moll said...

You really are a "manic" mom - how do you find time to do all this stuff? I can barely manage showering and working. I am really proud of you for sticking to your writing and your WW. I've lost 4 pounds since Dec 20 and I still can't believe it (but I owe a lot of that to the cold!).

Anonymous said...

No, new best friend, it wasn't the Seagrams talking! I'll have to wait till later to read more, though. Good luck with day 2 "on the job"!

kay said...

i'm so proud of you for loosing that much over the holidays!!! that really is amazing. way to go!

blood. i'm on it. looking for a drive this weekend.

writing. go for it!! i can't wait to read another of your books. i just love your characters. so very true to life!!

blood, blood, blood, blood, blood...

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great cause!

Love your butt-in-chair plan. Hope it works. Can't wait to read your new book.

Peace up!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

OK, so Rob, does this mean you're going to go donate blood now!?!!?

I have given a LOT of blood. I have a permanent little scar on my left arm from it. I always told them to poke the scar because it did not hurt anymore (not that it ever hurt enough to worry about)

But like you, I am no longer good enough for the Mistress Red Cross. She won't take my blood anymore. After all the love and all the laughs we had together over the years she just suddenly turned on me and now some other man is lying on my donation couch - It's so unfair!

I am O-pos, the most popular flavor of blood, so she will still call me often and tell me it’s OK now all is forgiven and to come over and lay down with her. Then she always rejects me after I get there. How cruel is that? To call me and tell me how much she wants me and then rejects me just before penetration!

Such cruel teasing! And I treated her so well all those years!


Tanya said...

You know, if you ever get tired of writing, the Red Cross could hire you as a spokesperson.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Can't I just donate my hair to Locks of Love instead? I'm planning on it, IF I sell my book this year. There's about 12 inches in my ponytail.

Good job on the pounds lost and on the butt-in-chair time.

Keep it up!

HappyBlogChick said...

7.6 pounds - whoo hooo! Congrats! Double congrats given the time of year you had the loss. (Oh no, is it wrong that saying 'double contrats' reminded me of 'double cheeseburgers'?)

My cough is almost gone AND my gym is having a blood drive next week. Soon, very soon, I'll turn myself over to the vampires. I've got my husband on board, too.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Rebecca--way to go on four pounds!!!

Karla--day two on the job and I haven't been fired yet!

Kay--find that drive... blood, blood, blood! ANd thanks for the compliment on the characters from my book.

Carrie--I hope you get to read a new book from me too! I hope I get some books PUBLISHED!!

Rob--can't she go for the other vein? Give the Mistress another chance? She's just being a tease!

Tanya--I really think I would love to be one of those Red Cross ladies, I would draw blood and take care of nice donors! Either that or be a labor and delivery nurse!!

Colorado--Hair is a nice donation too, but I want the blood too!

HappyBlogChick--too funny that DOUBLE CONGRATS reminded you of a double cheeseburger because guess what I had for lunch today... NO LIE... I had a DOUBLE HAMBURGER, ketchup only from McD's but NO FRIES, and I counted it as eight points!!!

Too funny!

Still... no photos yet... surely, someone has donated... yes?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I'm home alone with the kids for the week. Does a needle in the arm shooting heroin count? Kidding. Really. Off to chase a bloodmobile.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kim, sending some Clorox and cough syrup your way --- and some spoons... don't you need spoons for the make-your-own-crack-at-home kit?

Good luck this week!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Manic! The Friday appointments are all booked at my Bloodmobile place. ARGH! I'm trying to see where else I can go. Really. I'll get back to you.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

YIKES!!! I can't believe they can't sneak you in!!!!!!!!!! What a loadacrappola!!! And I know you got good blood!

Anonymous said...

Well, as I posted in your last thread- I just donated on Dec 23 so I can't go in again until February. But if you keep the contest open until then I will gladly send you a picture! And as a bonus it will be a picture of me giving my donation that puts me at 20 gallons!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Lisa--I am considering keeping it open till Valentine's Day since very many people did just donate and can't until Feb. again...


Anonymous said...

Would a picture of me taking my iron pill cheer you up? :oD

HappyBlogChick said...

Oh, yeah, I could send one of me taking my thyroid meds.

This could become a "give blood or take drugs" drive!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I too have to take thyroid med daily. In fact, this a.m. Diva asked me why I take pills every day. I told her:

"This one is for my thyroid.

This one is so I'm not crabby.

This one is so I don't have to lie in the dark room with a pillow over my head and pray for death.

Isn't it nice that they're all currently working?"

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

You are so awesome and I will definitely give blood.

And awesome news on the weightloss and working on the NOI!