Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kissing Frogs and Finding the One


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Memoir of Finding Faith, Hope, and Happily Ever After by Trish Ryan.

My first kiss, a diary entry:

December 29, 1982

Chris and Andy came over at 8:30 pm. We hung around talked and stuff. Stacy and Leslie kept whispering to Chris and trying to get us alone. We walked outside with Chris and Andrew at midnight – “The magical hour" ha ha, and said Goodbye. Then Stacy and Les went towards the house but snuck behind the cars. Me and Chris told them to go in the house. Then he turned towards me and put his hands on my hips. He told me that Stacy and Leslie told him to kiss me. Then he turned his head and came closer and we were almost kissing and I burst out laughing. We finally kissed then Stacy and Leslie came out and started spying. So Chris said, “You want to make them mad?” We walked over to the hedge and he kissed me. I really can’t remember that much. But then he asked if I would write. I said of course, “Yes.” Then I kissed him and said “good-bye.” We kissed at least 3 times. I’m kinda glad Stacy and Leslie told him to kiss me. His lips were soft. Ha, ha. Love, Steph

December 30, 1982

Chris left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had to wait like four more years, when I was a junior in high school, until I snagged another kiss, and this time it was with a guy named Carter. He was blond and tall, and WOW, he actually looked at me. That was enough for me! I was wearing black stirrup pants and a red sweatshirt that loomed below the butt. It had a gun-totin’ cowboy decal on the front with some slang phrase on it, like Shoot ‘Em Up or something like that.

I was at one of my first drinking parties, and was probably into my second or third Sun Country original Wine Cooler, or Bartles & James, and so that means I was highly intoxicated. Carter and I had somehow found ourselves in the back office of the house; we were on the floor, bodies next to one another, faces as close as can be. He had braces, and was chewing gum.

Big Red.

We swapped spit and gum that night. It was the first time I had ever let another boy’s tongue feel its way inside of my mouth. And later that night, I found out he had a girlfriend and that blew my chances of ever having Carter for a boyfriend of my own.

I was crushed.

Fast-forward four years and waaaaaaaaaaaay too many toads and thick stinky tongues that should have never been allowed into my mouth.

Then I met Mr. Manic junior year in college. Our first kiss happened the night we met, among other things. We met in a bar called Molly’s. You can read about that here.

We first kissed in a bar called Amnesia, but I forget the details. Get it, Amnesia, can’t remember the details. Ha. But isn’t that what happens when you fall in love? There are so many great moments, but the details are hard to recall. When you’re in love, there are great details that just keep coming and they outshine the next so the previous ones start to fade. I do remember though, I was dying for him to kiss me, and I was so glad when he finally did, right there at the entryway of the bar, and again, on the dance floor at Amnesia. And now that I have him available to me any time I want, I should remember this, and kiss him as often as I want. That’s what it means to me to finding the one. He Loves Me, He Loves Me … He Loves Me!

So, Trish Ryan’s debut novel, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Memoir of Finding Faith, Hope, and Happily Ever After is a book about just that! And you can win it here on Manic Mommy.

Here’s a quick blurb:

Trish Ryan was the quintessential successful thirtysomething woman -- she had a career as an attorney, a nice car, and a succession of men clamoring for her affection. But despite all her accomplishments, the things by which she defined her life continually left her disappointed, especially when it came to dating. Like the heroines of chick-lit novels and Sex and the City, she couldn't escape her bad luck with men: men who cheated, who left her, who made her a lesser version of herself. After years of trying everything out there to make love work -- new age philosophy, feminist empowerment, myriad self-help programs -- she finally, hesitantly, decided to give God a try.This is Ryan's story of how her search for the right guy turned into the search for the right God, and (spoiler alert!) how she ended up with the happily-ever-after ending.

To win an autographed copy of Trish’s book, leave a comment about your first kiss, or an awkward kiss, or the most memorable kiss, or a sloppy kiss, or the nuttiest kiss you’ve ever had. I’m making Trish choose the winner of this one!


B. said...

I'll go with first kiss. It was with a boy I was "dating" in 8th grade. We walked to the local elementary school's playground and sat under the slide. After a long while of awkward silence he said, "I want to kiss you." I said, "Ok, is this going to be one of those kisses that I need to take my retainer out for?" He replied, "No, you can leave it in." How much of a dork was I?!?!? He then gave me a very sweet kiss on the lips.

The Gang's Momma! said...

My first ever kiss was a few months shy of my 16th birthday, with my first real boyfriend during my sophomore year. It was simple, sweet and just the right first kiss for me. I was so scared and he was completely nervous, which made me less scared. He was the sweetest first boyfriend any girl could ask for!

DeeMarie said...

My first kiss was also the most awkward!! I was on a blind date with the cousin of my friend's boyfriend (don't tell my parents-I was 3 years younger than the age at which I was supposed to date!). We had an ok time. I was then staying at my friend's. I reached down to pick up my bag and when I turned to him to say "Goodbye", I only got the "Goo---" out. And then I just sat there, eyes wide open, wondering if his tongue was going to fall out, it was moving so fast! Needless to say, I think he was pretty new at it too... But at least it was memorable!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ooh, these are fun to read! Keep 'em coming!!!

The Tutugirl said...

My first kiss was with my first boyfriend, in ninth grade. We had been dating for four months, and I was petrified that if I kissed him, I would be bad and he would dump me right away. So, instead we held hands and talked a lot. I finally decided to go for it when we were on the bus driving down to Disney World for our choir trip. Snuggled up together in the back of the bus watching Meet the Parents (of all things), I finally told him I wanted to kiss him. I think we must have spent the next hour making out! Whenever I remember that kiss, I laugh at myself for making him wait so long.

MaBunny said...

Oh this should be fun. My fist kiss wasn't that interesting, so I'll go with kissing my now hubby.
We had only been dating about a week. We went to a Tim McGraw concert at a local country dance spot. It wasn't too long after he started making it big. Chris ( my then boyfriend now hubby)looked sooo good . Really tightwranglers , hat and all. We had a reserved table area for the four of us ( we had gone with another couple). The music was pumping,we were dancing in our little area,and we kept dancing and kissing. He was drinking peppermint schnapps, and he tasted soo good, I couldn't stop kissing him. We hadn't done anything else yet, but that night sure could have led elsewhere , but the kissing was very memorable. Thedancefloor wasn't the only thingthat was hot that night, lol. The good thing is now, when we hear a Tim McGraw song that we heard that night, it doens't have to stop at kissing:))

Texasholly said...

Oh, the first kiss...so sweet. It was a little before my 16th birthday and HE was just the cutest thing ever. We were both camp counselors and walking back from the campfire meeting in the dark holding hands and....yep, heaven.

Additional information: I have no idea where our campers were...yes, the ones we were SUPERVISING. I also found out several days later that he was ALSO seeing 2 other girls at the same time (which that summer became 2 of my closest friedns EVER after we all dumped him). Oh, and his name was Charles. He was pretty cute and a good kisser.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh I am so mad it gave me THE ERROR message and now I have to type it ALL again... sigh...in the 7th grade this friend of mine wanted to learn how to work a bra and I wanted to know how to kiss(with tongue eeew) so we agreed to meet after school and trade knowledge...he became profecient at one hand unclasping of a bra and I learned how to kiss and not get cut on braces LOL. we stayed friends through out school then lost touch... Brent I hope you have had a great life out there in the big bad world!

Michelle said...

My first kiss was when I was in second grade. I was living in Belgium at the time, so attending an international school (cuz I didn't exactly land there fluent in French!). Most of the students were Brits, including the boy I had a crush on, Andrew.

I forget his last name now, but he was already a player in second grade, as he had me, Katie Wall and the two other Katies (I forget their last names) hanging all over him as his girlfriends.

When we had music time, he used to sit in his desk, and I'd sit on the floor at his feet and play with the bottom of his shoe, which oddly enough had screws in the rubber -- copper ones. When we were at recess one day, Billy came over to tell me that Andrew was going to let me kiss him.

All this is crystal clear. We had a two level playground, with a stone wall separating some of the equipment on the higher level from where I had been playing on the lower level. Andrew was on the monkey bars, and I quickly scrambled up the wall and trudged through the pea rock to get to where he was dangling upsidedown, swinging like a bat/monkey creature.

I had to bend over because even at 6 years old, I was tall enough to be looking at his stomach and not his face. As he swung towards me again, I had my first peck on the lips. He swung away, and that was it. We were both done, but I remember feeling like I was walking through a dream for days afterward.

Sadly, he didn't return to school the next year, although I'm pretty sure sometime that spring, he'd chosen Katie Wall to be his forever girlfriend and shut me and the two other Katies out.

Shelley said...

Hmmm, most of the ones I can think of I'm not sure I want to post on a family-friendly blog. :)

Back in the third grade, the cutest boy in my class was Brett Watkins. He told my friend and me that he was going to take one of us on a "date." Yeah, we were 8 years old!

Well, imagine my excitement when he chose me. His mom took us to the ice skating rink. I had never ice-skated before in my life (Arizona kid). I remember him whizzing around the rink, totally ignoring poor little me, who was hanging onto the side wall for dear life. I went in and sat down on one of the benches, and he came over and sat next to me and gave me a little peck on the lips. Then he went to get us a drink.

I was 8 YEARS OLD people...what was my mother thinking???

My first real, passionate, with tongue kiss? Honestly, I do not remember. It must have been great, right?

Unknown said...

My first kiss with The Man was to date the best kiss I've ever experienced. Maybe that's why I'm hooked on him. ;) I was 18 and dating his friend. (I know, how horrible were we?) We were lounging about at his place and I fell asleep. I opened my eyes and his face was about 2 inches from mine. The next thing I knew he was kissing me and it was just heavenly. The kind of kiss that makes your legs turn into jelly. I guess he wanted to make sure I never forgot him. It worked!

Anonymous said...

My first kiss was unforgetable or was it... :) I remember a boy in Junior High. Roger... hmmm. I had such a crush and he finally started talking to me and one time after school in the hallway we were talking and he leaned in and gave me a kiss. I however, didn't know what was going on at first so I leaned back so the kiss was really soft and sweet...but barely there.

Cheryl said...

I'll go with an ackward kiss! My boyfriend (now husband) and I were in university. He had liked me for a while but I kept saying he was just a friend of mine. Finally we decided to give a relationship a shot.

We were at school early for Frosh Week activities. Adam (My DH) had lost his voice from yelling so much. He was also coming down with a cold. I said "I'm going to kiss you now" and he said "NO! I'm sick!" I leaned in for the kiss and all he said was "wow." I was the first girl he had ever kissed and he was so nervous!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have my first kiss until college, yes, college! But it was well worth the wait. He was a senior, I was a freshman, he was a big-time, snazzy, pre-med, frat guy, I was a no name, no major, sorority hopeful a couple hundred miles from home. I went with friends a "round the world" party featuring drinks from you guess it, around the world. I got tipsy for the first time thanks to margaritas in the Mexico room and found myself curled up next to Brian. We kissed, I laughed, he stopped, I told him it was my first time, he laughed too. Brian was a gentleman in the Southern tradition (I was in NC after all) we kissed some more and dated for a short period after "the kiss." It was the magical beginning of adulthood that I had always hoped for. Now I teach college myself and wonder about the exciting firsts my students are experiencing. Brian, I hear through friends, is flourishing as a doctor in Florida. Yes, I've kissed many frogs, but that first time at least wasn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

My first "kiss, kiss" was in the 6th grade. I know a little too early, but anyway it was with this boy named Cameron. We had indoor recess that day because it was raining outside. We sat in the back of the classroom by the cubbies and bag hooks. We were underneath the cubbies and we actually counted, 1, 2, 3 GO! Unfortunately, neither one of us were very skilled in this department and it was a disaster. Later in the day I was very embarrassed because other kids were snickering about it. I went to the bathroom, came out, and told the teacher I had thrown up and needed to go home. Now this was nothing but a complete lie to get out of school for the rest of the day, but it worked. Until the next day when everyone was talking about how Cameron was such a bad kisser he made me throw up. He broke up with me after that.

Unknown said...

My first kiss was so totally completely sloppy and gross, and when I think it about it now, I wonder what the hell I was thinking!

Beth lived by the high school.
There was a carnival there and we hung out by these two guys, who I THINK were named Charlie and Darrel. Darrel had black hair, kinda long. Beth and I were in 8th grade, and I don't think the "carny guys" were very old either. They gave us free rides! We agreed to meet them one night behind the high school, and there is where I had my first kiss. I was nervous. I was scared. Looking back now, I saw this stringy dark hair coming at me and his mouth was open. I felt like he was going to suck my lips and my tongue down his throat and I had saliva all over my face! I remember not liking and wondering why ANY one would want to do that.

I didn't realize till years later that I must have been kissing a camel, and not a real person (not really, but I imagine that's what kissing a camel would have been like). Thank God my husband is the best kisser EVER!!!!!!!

Andie said...

um, awkward kiss is the winner for this category- and Manic, I know you'll appreciate it.

I was in college- went out with my friends to meet up with the guy we'll call my "boyfriend" - he was a guy I was dating and we pretty much spent time exclusively together- but anyway-

So we went out and had a good ole time at the bar and stuff- I had quite a few Rolling Rocks, Hot Damn Shots and then I had a shot of apple pucker. He asked me if I wanted to head down to the campus lake (where people would go, to, well, you know- make out, do it, whatever) and I was like, um, ok. LOL I was drunk, so I didn't care.
So we head out there, we're talking , and he leans into me to kiss me, and right when he leans into me, I lean over an puke. Of course, he cracked up and then said, "are you ok?" And I started to cry. Because I was embarrassed, drunk and felt horrible about puking in front of a guy that I totally had the hots for (at the time, i mean, now, I look at pictures of him, and think to myself "seriously?" ) Talk about awkward. We never really talked about it again, and he must have liked me anyway, because we wound up dating for a year and a half in college despite my incident. LOL Of course, our relationship was FULL of INCIDENTS- including one that I entered into Karyn's contest 2 years ago- of course, I didn't make it, but yeah... anyway... That's my awkward kiss.

Have a great day, Manic!

And TRISH! that book looks so adorable!

Andie said...

and when I say in my post - awkward wins- I mean, out of all of my kisses in life with the best story- the awkward one. The first kiss wasn't really memorable but the awkward one sure is! LOL

Melisa Wells said...

My most-awkward kiss was last night, at a committee meeting that was held at someone's home. I knelt down to pet the host's beagles, and one of them forcibly French kissed me.

Mommy Confidential said...

My first kiss is still referred to as the Oreo Cookie Experience. His Name was Jaime, he had braces and had eaten a boatload of oreos prior to laying one on me behind the scoreboard after a home football game. Ahh. Young love.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

My first kiss was part of Truth or Dare!

Moll said...
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Moll said...

Truth or Dare was like an after school sport for me. Everyday on the way home from school, I sat in the back of the school bus with a bunch of other fifth graders just aching to grow up and be teenagers. It was inevitable that one of these days we would graduate from pecking on the check to pecking on the lips to using tongue. Me? I couldn't wait.

Finally I got my dare to french kiss Keith Williams. I didn't care that he was at least a foot shorter than me. I just wanted to be initiated into teenage hood by sucking face in the back of a bus.

My heart was racing and I thought I might pass out from the excitement....I leaned in...he leaned in...our lips touched...and our tongues darted furtively into each other's bubble gum flavored mouthes.

"Eeeeeeew! Sick!" I yelled and proceeded to spit and gag the rest of the way home.

Mom said...

On my wedding day I was all about not embarrassing myself or my soon to be husband, we talked about not shoving cake in each others faces, I made sure that someone checked he shoes for the typical Help me! prank. I thought I had all bases covered. Little did I know my new husband would plant a kiss on me in front of the holy father who had married us, while dipping me at the alter, with full tongue too! I was 15 shades of red when we surfaced and to this day I get red thinking about it. However those who know me and my controlling ways still think it was the best part of the wedding.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I got my first kiss from a boy when I was probably around eight years old. My Grandma never remarried after divorcing my grandpa, but she had a "boyfriend" of many, many years named Ronnie. One year, I got to go with Grandma and Ronnie to the EAA fly-in in Oshkosh. One of Ronnie's nephews went with us. We were the same age and were introduced as "cousins". We laughed at that, knowing we weren't really related and became immediate friends. Somehow, while riding in the backseat giggling that day, we decided it was OK for us to kiss because we were "cousins". We made a big show of doing it over and over again for the shock value. (They were just pecks on the lips, really.) "Its OK. We're cousins," we'd say. I don't think I ever saw him again.

Martini said...

I've had sooo many first kisses....where should I begin?


Martini said...

I treat each kiss as if it were my first as well as my last.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Martini--where should you start--

worst or first, and it doesn't necessarily have to be the same one! LOL

Joanne Rendell said...

I kissed my -now- husband for the first time at an academic conference. believe me when i say, academic conferences are not the place where much snogging goes on (snog=kiss in brit speak!). i also got pregnant at an academic conference...but that's a whole other story.

Cata63 said...

I think that i will go with awkward kiss. I met this guy at a bar right after i turned 21. He asked me to go see Saving Private Ryan and get something to eat. Well when that day came to go on the date he called and asked if we could just go to the movie which was fine by me. So at the movie he said that he didnt feel well and needed to go to the bathroom and he would be right back. That was during the previews and about 1 hour into the movie he finally came back to our seat. I asked him if he was ok and also asked if he wanted to know what he missed. He then told me that he was sitting in the back watching the whole movie and didnt miss a thing. Weird huh??? Anyway, on the way home he asked me if he was gonna get a kiss and like a idiot i said yes. .. so he pulled over and tried to kiss me. . .it was so sloppy i think that i has slobber rolling down my chin. After that kiss he then dropped me off at home and barely stopped in front of my housee to let me out. Needless to say i never saw or talked to him again.

chloe said...

I think I beat everyone in the age category. I was 27. Yes, 27. No necessarily for lack of desire, but lack of desire and opportunity. By the time I was 23 I thought, "Well, I've waited this long. It might as well be worth it." And I waited some more.

So, I waited and I dated. Finally, I met this nice guy (online...but really, he was nice). I was in AZ and he was in Canada. We decided to meet halfway, in Spokane.

We met and had dinner and then returned to the hotel (where we had separate beds...this is PG, even with the details) and we kissed. It was simple and perfect and upon parting lips, S. told me that he would never have known that I hadn't done that before.

Whether that was true, I don't know, but it was a great line.

We continued to kiss (a lot) over the 20 hours we spent together, but nothing more than that. It was absolutely perfect.

And a monster was born...those stories may not be appropriate for a family friendly blog. ;-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...



Share the monster! Share the monster!!!!

chloe said...

Time to share the monster...First of all, let me just say that I am a pretty "good" girl as it goes. But...

Apparently God knew what he was doing to keep my lips free of kissing for so many years.

I turned into a makeout whore. Especially once I discovered how fun it was with tongue. (Yes, 20 hours of kissing with no tongue...I had rules. It's very embarrassing, but he was so sweet.) We made out all over Spokane. I couldn't get enough. Think about it. 27 years without kissing. 27 years!

Anyway, after S., there was a series of S.'s (two with the same name). The first one was a NCMO (as the acronym goes here in Utah), a non-committal make out. Like casual sex...for the unsexed. I took such pleasure in the fact that I knew this guy was loving making out with me (I have skills...or so I've been told and of course, I believe every guy who's ever told me that), and I a) was not impressed with his abilities at all and b) felt like "the guy". I walked away from S.2 without any regrets...except for the hickey I had to hide under a scarf.

S.3 was a great make out, but he wanted a commitment, and I did not. I mean, I liked him, and it started out as dating, but then I kept it going because I wasn't ready to let go of the physical part. On the night of our final make out (I knew that's what it was...he did not) I "filled my canteen" because, hey, you never know how long the drought is going to be, and ended up with a horrible rug burn on my elbow...and a fabulous passion rash around my mouth. The good news? I was working as an esthetician, so I just gave the rest of my face a light chemical peel and no one was the wiser.

And the final of the four? The ex-fiance. Let's just say I learned how to make people completely and totally uncomfortable...I took PDA to new levels. Airports (it was long distance), movie theaters, parks...and the list goes on. Sadly, he was the last, and while I do not miss him (I ended it and it was a great decision) I do miss making out with him.

But it is S. that will always hold a special place in my memory.

How's that?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


The term "Passion Rash" is completely, completely CRACKING ME UP!

I have NEVER heard of that one!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I was going to write about my first kiss, but I read b.'s post and loved it! "Should I take my retainer out?" Perfect, just perfect!

Amanda said...

First ever kiss? Martin Dukes, under the Cats Head in the playground at school age 4 1/2. We were friends right through infants school. Maybe it was a glasses thing - we both had them and he just looked amazing to me. That and he was the only boy who was as tall as me and who could climb as high, run as fast...I was a bit of a tom boy and I loved him. Wonder where he is now? I'm off to Friends Reunited...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

How 'bout last night on American Idol when Simon's first crush/kiss called into the show and made him blush and he said, "Is this really Tara Miller? She was my first crush!" And then he asked her, "Are you still cute?"

He should write in to Manic Mom!

Anonymous said...

My first/best kiss?
After 20+ years of marriage, I discovered my husband was having an affair with a 25 year old. (Bear with me)

I didn't leave. I turned (back) to God and through much prayer and petition, our marriage has been transformed.

So my first/best kiss? At our vow renewal when we left behind a life of less-than-stellar marital fidelity (both of us) and put Christ as the center of our relationship.

First because it is the first in this new life.
Best because we didn't throw away all those years because of spiritual attack and weakness.

House of Jules said...

I'ts not the first, or best, or worst... let's just call it the first kissing experience THAT COUNTED. I wrote all about it HERE. Luckily my readers were just as into it as I was, and the comments were extremely entertaining...

House of Jules

. said...

I’ve been stalking your blog for a while. But I couldn’t resist all the kissing stories, so here’s mine…

My sister got married and I asked my now husband to be my guest to the wedding. We had been hanging out with a bunch of friends for a while, but we weren’t dating yet. It was a morning wedding, so after the reception there was a good amount of time left that day so we (wedding party and our dates) went to Chicago for a fun evening. I don’t really remember what we did but we ended up at Buckingham fountain and took a few pictures of our group in front of it. We were mostly couples so we took pictures of each couple and my hubby (to be) and I took ours too. Right before the camera snapped he kissed me on my cheek! It surprised and embarrassed (just a little) and with out thinking I swung my arm across my body and whacked him in the stomach with my purse! (Picture a poor defenseless girl trying to protect herself from a mugger!) I have no idea why I hit him, we weren’t dating yet so I think I was embarrassed our first kiss was in front of everyone and maybe I was in denial of my feelings a bit? He is 4 years older you know… that is a lot older when you are only 18! The best part is we have pictures of all of this, my mouth wide open gasping at what he did (you know the innocent kiss on the cheek!) the purse in mid swing, and then pictures of me looking shocked smacking him in the gut with my purse, then the after smack picture of us looking at each other like what just happened! (This all took place in like 30 seconds). There is also a picture of us laughing at all of this and then after we regained our composure we have a nice picture of us posing in front of the fountain. A year and a half later we went back to the fateful fountain and he proposed in the same spot as our first (kind of) kiss!

Laski said...

My first REAL kiss was a memorable one . . .

At 14 I had a huge crush on a guy I'll call the Italian Stallion (or IS for short). He was tall, dark, muscular, and so dang charming. I was a nerd. A nobody. A dork. He and I could only exist as an US in my dreams (and what dreams they were).

After admiring him from afar, I finally had the chance to talk to him. I know he took pity on me. Who wouldn't? I was pitiful. We worked together for two years. I never let on how I felt (but you'd have to be blind not to see it!). I found all sorts of ways to talk to him, to get close to him . . . anything just to be in IS's presence. I turned into a non-creepy stalker.

I scored tickets to a Richard Marx (yes, he was cool back then) concert. I nearly begged him to go with me. He did. The kiss. Nope. Not even close. I think he actually PETTED me. On the head . . . and said goodnight. Ugh!

Prom. I asked him to prom. He must've sensed my desperation because he said YES. YES!!! It was like a fairy tale . . . every day leading up to THE day. The weeks leading up to prom had me floating on clouds . . .

After a rather uneventful night, I still held out hope for my perfect first REAL kiss.

He, in an old t-shirt and ratty shorts (he had changed), and me in my princess dress . . . sitting in a Chevette. Hot. I know.

He leaned in. My dreams were about to come true. Nearly FIVE years of pining for him, dreaming of him . . . it was all going to become a reality. I closed my eyes and gently pursed my Bonnie Bell lacquered lips. He . . . shoved his lips on mine and began to suck the life out of me. I heaved, I shoved, I screeched. WHAT?!? He laughed. That was it? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I jumped out of the car after mumbling a sorry "thanks" and headed for the front door. I looked back as he sped away in a cloud of Chevette fumes. I brushed my teeth (several times), pushed my dress under my bed, got under my covers and never dreamed of IS ever again . . .

My Two Army Brats said...

How about the last kiss? My first kiss was when I was 13 and it was sweet and my lips tingled for days I swear yada yada yada! LOL


My last kiss was March 24th. It was 7am and my hubby was being stolen from me by the Army. (I'm still bitter). We had laid in bed awake the night before talking and cuddling and doing those things that come naturally to grown up, married and in love people. I didn't sleep worth a darn!

He woke up and got around for his trip and then couldn't figure out our navigation system (he had to drive for 18 hours)and got pissy so I went out to help him.

After I programmed it for him I sat with him in his old raggedy car saying goodbye. It's hard to let go when you know that nine weeks will pass between now and the time you kiss again.

One last kiss has to last for days, months and even over a year in our life so it has to be good!

I'd rather wait for my prince charming to come home after the 15 months in Iraq that are coming way to soon than to kiss a bunch of toads looking for greener grass!!

blog author said...

not my first kiss, but my best one:

i worked and went to school with a HOT boy named Jeff. popular, football play, big brown doe eyes. i totally wanted to date him, but he had a serious girlfriend of 3 years. when they broke up i was estatic.

we started hanging out a little, but just as friends. one night we went out, and when he took me home, we were about 15 minutes before my curfew, so we sat in the car talking. my necklace clasp had turned to the front so he said "you get to make a wish" and turned the clasp to the back (remember making wishes on your necklace clasp?). and of course i wished that he'd kiss me, but he didnt.

so, he walked me to the door, gave me a kiss ON THE FOREHEAD (what are you, my dad?), and started walking back to his car. i mumbled, "that's not what i wished for." he stopped, turned and said "what did you say?" i said "nothing." he said "no, WHAT did you say" and i told him. Then the world went into slow motion mode as he walked towards me, put my face in both his hands, and gave me the most amazing kiss ever.

sigh..... i still get goosebumps. :)

robin said...

Not my first kiss, but I was taught to kiss properly by two twin brothers, Jeff and Mike, in a rowboat on a creek behind their parents house. Oh my, I wonder what they are doing nowadays?

Lena said...

Okay I have a story that I would never tell to anyone in real life- it is just way too embarrassing so if any of you know me- don't ever mention it! I'm going with a painful kiss story. lol. I was away at my first summer of college and in a field kissing my first college guy. We had been dating for a month of so and I was an exprienced kisser but he did something I had never before experienced. He sucked on my tongue just for a second. I was like "what was that?" Well, he did it again, and I heard a pop and tasted blood. Ouch! Okay Mr Vacuum Cleaner! He sucked too hard and that little membrane on the other side of my tongue TORE! Yes. It hurt BAD! The next mrorning it was worse and I couldn't really talk because, well, you have to use your tongue for that. So I had to explain to my dear friends what happened. Ugh. That was the worst kiss EVER!!

KT said...

my first kiss...it was when i was 14 years old, with a guy two years older than me. we weren't going out yet, and I was just happy that he was actually looking at me. how naive, right? :) all I remember is that we were watching some movie about killer clowns when suddenly he kisses me...and much to my suprise, he suddenly has his tongue in my mouth...what??? hahaha let's just say it took me by suprise, and really ruined my ideal first kiss.

AlaneM said...

I gotta tell you about my best kiss.
It was just last night when my hubby said "Happy 10th anneversary honey" and then laid one on me even better than the one I got 10 years ago!
Whew, I'm tired today gals!!

Anonymous said...

my fist kiss happened in the darkness of my basement... We were both 13 and he looked just like Joe McIntyre from NKOTB...I had never tongue kissed before and got scared... I accidentally licked his nostril...Then got so embarrased I ran upstairs to the bathroom and puked...
He saw himself out, I guess he was just as embarrased as I was... We never kissed again!!!