Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Was The Ascot




In case you didn't know, my boyfriend, Michael Johns, of American Idol, voted off. Partially my fault since I didn't call in to vote for him.

Shocked. Utterly. You should have seen me with my mouth gaping open. Stunned.

Mr. Manic said, "How are you holding up over there mama?"

Not good. Not good at all.

My poor, poor Michael.

Mr. Manic just asked if I was crying and told the kids to come comfort me telling them "her crush got voted off."

Season's over for me. Boycott.

OK, more...

Mr. Manic and I are in the office and I said, "Well, I guess I won't be watching anymore. It's OK though, it's just like if you were watching your favorite basketball team in the Final Four and they lose."

And Mr. Manic said, "Yeah, but I don't want to fuck my favorite team."


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Is an ascot ever a good thing?

I am so sorry for your loss, Manic. Know that there are many thoughts and prayers out there helping you through this tough time.

morninglight mama said...

I'm experiencing AI vicariously through you, Manic, as lovely husband is a few innings into a baseball game on the wii... man, oh man, I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend (who I would have loved to borrow, if only for a weekend a month...) is no longer a part of the big show. He will be missed... or at least his face will...

House of Jules said...

The good news is that now he has plenty of time for you to freak his balls off.
House of Jules

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Sue, thank you! LOL! I am mixed up in laughter and "I can't believe it" moments of hysteria--it's just too funny!

And get this everyone, The Gang's All Here was so great--she didn't even know I was blogging about this and she sent me an E-Card that said, "I'M SO SORRY" and then this:

Dear Manic Mommy,
I am so sorry that your boy-crush has been sent home. I am so sorry that we won’t get to see his beautiful Rock Star self on our TV screens every Tuesday and Wednesday anymore. I am so sorry for how crushed you must feel right now. Most of all, I am so sorry that David Cook will soon show himself to be the TRUE Rock Star and sweep the whole contest with his cute self. Sorry. I really am.

The Gang’s All Here!
; ) Hugs to you!

I'm telling you, it is all his stylist's fault. Whoever dressed him this Tuesday is the one who got him kicked off.

That gay ascot.

But, at least he'll have an album out before David Cook will, or David Archuletta, cuz that's who's gonna win now.

And at least he'll go on tour, and I'm gonna attack him when he comes to my town, you betcha! : )

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jules, I think he may need his Balls freaked off after that one. I could help him with that.

Morninglight... we'll always have the memories of that face. And unfortunately, that ascot as well.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Aaaaw shucks. Just trying to help a gal out of the 'I've been dumped' doldrums. Glad I made ya laugh.

And I about fell off my chair laughing and gasping when I read Mr. Manic's final words. OMIGOSH! You two must ROCK at a party :)

Cecily R said...

First thing I did when I read who was voted off on Yahoo was come to check out how you were taking had to be the damn ascot. And maybe the awful pants.

So sorry for your loss.

Mr. Manic is a stud.

JODI said...

Mr. Manic is a quick wit

AutoSysGene said...

Bwhahaha! I think I have a crush on Mr. Manic...he give good comebacks.

Sorry you guys lost...same thing happened on DWTS last year. I did boycott.

Anonymous said...

coming out of lurker dom to laugh my ass off at MR Manic!!

Oh and to tell you Arnotts biscuits have come out with new tim tams called tim tam crush!! They are soooooooo yummy!!! ;P

Cata63 said...

I cant believe this shit. I would like to boycott american idol but mark will not let me. I was so shocked and upset. i really believed that he could have won. i guess there is always shockers but now i am made cause jason castro and kristy lee cook made it farther than him. i feel your pain manic. .. i totally feel your pain. i will mourn with you and pray for our loss.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I'm just gonna beat any anon commenter to this:


It's a joke! Please don't send comments saying we should be praying for serious stuff.

This is a blog. We are joking and having fun.

Carry on.

I miss my Michael already. : (

Jules said...

I know how you feel. My husband and I were in shock too. How could people do this?

Jules said...

Oh, and deepest sympathies. I forgot that one.
Here I'll say it again..... so that you know I really mean it....... deepest, deepest, deepest sorrows and sympathies for you.

*blows soggy wet hugs your way*

Unknown said...

Mr. Manic cracks me up! What a perfect come back.

Honestly, I didn't watch. I know! I forgot!!!!!! HOW? I have no.freaking.clue.

Flibberty said...

I was CRUSHED as well. Actually, shocked and then crushed and then depressed. How in the hell can America keep the likes of KFC and the turnip head that is David Cook, but vote off Mr. Johns? Makes no sense to me.

Luckily your Mr. Manic understands your plite. My man just looks at me and rolls his eyes.

Monnik said...


I hope you find peace in this time of mourning, Manic.

Be well, my friend.

I almost never watch AI, but because my DD's track meet was rained out, I had a free night on my hands and got to see it. It's pretty bad that I thought of you when I heard the news... :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Flibberty--you that you had me at "turnip head."

I am enamored by your wit!!

Everyone, thanks for understanding my angst, but actually, it's my fault for not voting.

And I tried to donate money to America Gives Back. I think that's what happened. Everyone was so focused on donating and the giving back that we forgot to vote for our faves.


I was going to donate, and tried to call and if someone answered the phone I was going to say, "I am only going to give money if I can talk to Michael Johns to donate." And then when I got him on the phone I was going to profess my love for him and tell him to come to the blog.

Come to the blog Michael!!!

Mom said...

You save me so much TV time, I jsut come here to get the scoop from AI! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Idol, but certainly hear the discussions the next day and from my understanding there was a lot of shock about Michael John's being booted off, too bad. I'm sure he'll get some record deal though, so keep your head up :)

Shelley said...

Oh gosh! I just read on Yahoo!'s front page that your boyfriend was voted off. I cannot imagine your shock and sorrow, Manic. I had to rush right over and offer my condolences, and give you a great big e-hug. Let us all have a moment of silence, please.

B. said...

I was just as shocked! He was my husband's favorite and my favorite of the guys. I can't believe Kristy made it farther than Michael. However, I'm sure he'll make an album and sell millions, he's just that good, and good looking. ;)

ConnieH said...

I feel your pain. My husband and I both sat there with our mouths hanging open, just like Michael was himself when it sunk in that he was voted off.

Hmmm, maybe it is important to vote every week. He was by far my favorite. I also like Carley, but he was definitely my favorite. I had to go on itunes this morning and download all of his songs. I sang along with him all the way to work, mourning the fact that he won't be there next week.
What a shame!!

MaBunny said...

OUCH! not about Michael getting booted but your hubbys comment...
I'm not an American Idol follower but I am sorry for your loss.
My husband boycotted Sancing with the Satrs last season after Sabrina Bryan from the Cheetah Girls got booted. We are all back to watching it again this season though.
He isn't boycotting it this year but was highly upset when Julianne Houghs (sp?) star Adam Corolla got booted. Not because any of us like Adam Corolla, but he won't be able to drool over Julianne in her skimpy outfits, lol.

Manic,don't forget to do your funny wedding post on my contest!!!

Tanya said...

Its so sad, but now I bet some rock band will scoop him up.

If he's as awesome as you claim, I'm sure that you will hear from him again.

Sandra in NM* said...

I'm not a frequent commenter but I do read daily. I had to say something this time. I am terribly sorry for your loss, but like Jules said he has more time for you now! I am ROFL because of Mr. Manic's comeback. That was great!!!! Hang in there!
Hugs from ABQ

Tonya Staab said...

ha ha Mr Manic is a hoot. You gave me a good giggle this morning ... although I am very sorry for your loss ;)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Love Mr. Manic's sense of humor.

So sorry for your AI loss. ;o)

Maybe he'll get a record deal anyway (many of them do) and there will be more sightings for you to report on.

Mama Smurf said...

You're the first person I thought of when He got the boot. I thought...."ohhhh, Poorrr Manic!"

Anonymous said...

I too am deeply saddenedby the ousting of MJ- He was so dang HOT! He was really the only reason I was watching!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Drama Mama--

We have only ourselves to blame.

We should have called.

I have been walking around in a stupor all day. Wondering how my Michael is doing today.

TV Fan said...

I didn't even watch it cause I wasn't home! My friend texted me with the news. I was in SHOCK!!!

No one else has his cute accent... I'd still take him with the ascot!


Sarah said...

This show is totally fixed. I mean, seriously....EVERY. SINGLE. FLIPPIN'. SEASON. Something like this happens. I just can't believe Kristy Lee Cook is still there, after being in the bottom 3 week after week after week, to only end up safe with Michael Johns leaving? SERIOUSLY?!? Did they donate money, or brain cells?? (sigh) I thought for sure he would have been AT LEAST top 5 material. If not better. (And in the beginning, I pegged him as this year's winner)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...being voted off early did nothing but HELP Chris Daughtry. 'Tis for the best...truly. MJ is in a better place now. Don't be sad. ;)

Moll said...

I love MJ and am so sad he is gone.

Go check out ThisReadingisManic - I got your package!

Thank you so much!!!!

CelticBuffy said...

OMG! Mr. Manic's wit had me (almost) spitting my coffee at the monitor in laughter!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

My mom just sent me this email:

Steph, I was watching Jay Leno last night (which I never do). He was talking about your Michael Johns and how bad everyone feels about him being kicked off Idol. He brought him out and then a surprise guest! Gene Simmons from Kiss!!! They did a little making fun of Idol and singing together. My guess is that Your Michael will really be going far...and fast. He is cute, but not tall enuf for you. Love ya! Mean it!

Lola said...

Oh, I'm with you all the way, Manic. I cried for a few hours and had heart palpitations- seriously- I was so shocked. I agree, it must have been the ascot. It CERTAINLY wasn't the pants- did anyone notice how wonderfully they showcased his butt? I'm not watching Idol any more after this. Mr. Manic's comment is hilarious, though.

Anonymous said...

I was too shocked and appalled about the results. The only time I have been more shocked is when Daughtry was voted off prematurely in Season 5. While I am for David Cook all the way, I am a fan of Michael Johns and I must say that several contestants sucked worse on Tuesday night (and overall) including, Syesha ("fill in any diva here" wannabe), Brooke (who I could kill for murdering that James Taylor song) and Kristy Lee (completely plastic and lifeless, just like Barbie). I discovered your blog from and I *love* it. While Jenn is funny and I love her books, I am glad to find a fellow "slacker mom" to read. Now I must go before my five-year-old and two-year-old kill each other.

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

WOAH - f-bomb!!

Go Mr. Manic!!

morninglight mama said...

Hey Manic! Not sure what the protocol is for this bloggy-award-thing, but I've got a little present for you over at my blog. Care to accept? :)