Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Pregnant Man, and Much Much More!

So, this guy’s pregnant, but he’s really a girl inside, because he was born a girl, and he’s got all his girly parts, but he lopped off his ta-ta’s so sure, (Speaking of ta-ta’s run over to Snarkalicious really quick—you’ll ALL thank me!)

So, this girl was born a guy and had her ta-ta’s removed, so they’re not there anymore, but the indoor plumbing’s still active, so why not just house a fetus? Why not get on Oprah and have People tell your story? Why not be the first “man” to have a baby?

Did you all see this show?

First, before I talk about this, can you all do me one quick favor? Oops, one OTHER quick favor cuz if you already went to Snarkalicious, that was the first favor, but I promise you these are all for great causes! Anyway, If you are a mom, or about to become a mom, would you please go over to one of my new favorite hangouts, BettyConfidential and take this really quick survey. It’s very quick. I promise. Have I lied to you lately?

Did He Want You Pregnant Sooner Than You Were Ready To Be Pregnant?

Here's the survey, right here:

My answer to that question was a big old FAT YES! Mr. Manic wanted to knock me up so far into yesterday before I was ready it wasn’t even funny. But I wasn’t ready. So I would just fake my orgasm, tell him I loved him, roll over, and go to sleep. Hah, just kidding. A woman doesn’t need an orgasm to get pregnant! But, a man needs to have one to impregnate a woman. Well, usually, unless a teeny bit of semen seeps out, but those would have to be really strong swimmers.

Anyway, did you take the survey? Thank YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So, did your spouse, partner, significant “otre” pressure you into having a baby when you weren’t quite ready?

And what is UP with that girl/guy who is pregnant on Oprah? I did agree when he/she said it is every human’s biological right to reproduce. I get that. I do. Really. But I had a hard time accepting that he wants to be a man but also have a baby. That’s definitely having your cake and eating it too. Talk about Hannah Montana “Best of Both Worlds.” Huh? Did I just say that? Let me remind you I just had a week and a half of the flu bug raging through the house and now we are on Spring Break. The TV’s been on a lot.

I am trying to understand this gu’all. That’s what I’m going to call him/her now. A guall. Like a guy/girl. He lopped off his boobs. Took testosterone to make his clitoris grow into a teeny-weeny weenie, so he could have sex with his wife, who consequently has had a hysterectomy. And now they are having a baby together. Whacked out.

Was I watching Oprah or Jerry?

I have a headache.

I don’t feel like discussing that subject any longer so I would like to hear from you, the VIEWERS, in the comments please.

And, hey, maybe he was trying to let us women know we are not alone, to get a real feel for how it is for us when we go through pregnancy. Like this guy did!

You can read all about how Darren, sweet man that he is, wore the male version of the pregnancy belly for a mere 24-hours (sorry Darren for saying mere, while I respect you to PIECES for your gallantness--double-parenthesis as I ask myself if ‘gallantness’ is a real word but see there is no squiggly line underneath--you can ask any woman who has made it through the whole nine months of pregnancy and while I am certain you are WAAAAAY better and more sympathetic/empathetic than 99.9999999999999999999¾ percent of the whole male population when it comes to understanding pregnancy, I will not worship a man as being completely understanding of pregnancy, ever, not even the so-called man giving birth from the Oprah show, cuz that guy-girl, in my book, is not a man, until a man can completely go through every facet of Pregnancy Joy and Utter Bliss.

I’m just sorry you underprivileged species will never get to experience the one trueness of what it is like to be the bearer of all good and whole. Man, do I sound snark-i-bitchy or what?!

But, for those of you who want to read Darren’s fun and right-on-target with the uncomfortableness factor of being pregnant, his online 24-hour diary can be read HERE.

Thanks for taking the survey you guys! Thanks for humoring me with your thoughts on this gu’all who is pregnant and having a baby.


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Stay TUNED, Stay Manic! I will if you will!

And if you see Michael Johns, tell him I'll let him carry my baby for me!

Peace UP!


House of Jules said...

I missed the show (which I'm bummed about because I really wanted to see it!) but I think if people want to have children, they'll do just about anything in their power to make it happen. If the argument is biology, I have more than one set of married friends who have gone the way of IVF treatments, adoption or surrogacy, so what's the difference... other than for all other intents & purposes, we're talking about a transgendered person who still has the ability to use his body to have a child!

I have a transgendered male (in all the same physical ways that you described the man on Oprah) friend, who I've known since he was a female. He's in a long-term, committed relationship with a woman. When this news story broke last week, I talked to him about this to get that point of view. He said that if they wanted kids and his girlfriend couldn't have them, he would be open to trying the same kind of thing since the ground has now been broken.

I think this decision the pregnant man and his wife made as a couple just-so-happened to translate into something of a societal tipping point as far as it being the ultimate argument for the 'right to choose' what we can do with our own bodies.

If nothing else, it has gotten people thinking about gender, and has opened up the 'floor' for discussions like your blog post!

House of Jules

Melisa Wells said...

Wow, I can't be as long-winded as my well-versed sister on this subject, but I have to say just a couple of short things. Number one, I'm happy for this couple that they are having a baby since that's what they want to do.

Number two, I realize that this is new territory because of the transgender issue, so it was bound to be a huge media deal.

Number three, I guess I just think that although it is a big deal for this particular couple (and for any transgender people out there) because new ground has been broken, this person does still have the female organs so it's not like it's a male (with only male organs) is having a baby; as in, "First man to have a baby! Woo hoo!"

But I get the media circus, and, again, I am happy for this couple.

Okay, I guess I CAN be long-winded. Who am I kidding?

Mama Smurf said...

No comment on the guall...

But I really LOVE those, a lot! Can't wait to hear about the long do I have to wait? I'm an instant gratification kinda gal..I may end up just purchasing one.

Mommy Confidential said...

I couldn't finish watching..but what I did see was a little fishy. I mean, I don't have penis envy in any way, shape or form, but I would like to be the one getting slapped on the back while my wife is pushing a live 700 pound whale out of her. Hello? Down here? I did all the work, threw up and now he's getting the congrats? UMM, more morphine, please?
Honestly, I'm a little creeped out, is this guall so disassociative that he doesn't know he's still half woman? The part where they showed his Miss Hawii picture was ssooooo wierd.
Love the for a cleavage shot...R

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jules--great thoughts! This is the kind of discussion I was hoping for!

Melisa--LONG WINDED? Uh, HELLOOOO? I DID read your Lime Cove dissertation my friend. I think you need to work for them in PR! Great photos by the way! You could have created their marketing piece! LOL!

thopgood--April 14--to celebrate my b-day! That's the t-shirt giveaway!

December said...

I heard about this show, but I did not watch. Oprah bugs the piss out of me. I think she has more commercials then actual story content.

(fyi - I love your meme6 - I too am unafraid of public bathrooms! I do hover sometimes, depending.)

Unknown said...

Yea, that guall is one strange person! I wonder if he'll try to breastfeed,or let his wife take those pills that allow you to breastfeed, and you know, WHY did his wife marry and guall anyway? So very strange, but hey, I'm sure there are people who think I'm strange, but yet, I'm not strange enough for Jerry. Good or bad, I don't know.

Woo Hoo! Contests! I love them. And the "person who shall not be named who doesn't like contests"...well, that gives the rest of us a better chance to win, right?

Oh! I almost forgot. I too the survey, and none of my four kids were preasured on me. In fact, the youngest was all my doing. Yea, I had three, but still my clock was yelling and screaming at me and I just HAD to have another one! Heck, if Chris would do it, (well, he'll do the sex part, but he did get snipped) I would have ANOTHER baby. There is just nothing better in this world.

Moll said...

I have not pooped one out yet, nor am I ready.

We ran into some friends of ours who just had a baby the other day. I felt like such a cliche childless person. After oohing at the baby, they asked what we have been up to, "Umm...going out to dinner, getting drunk, planning a trip to Mexico."

Oh, and winning blog contests!!!

Sarah said...

Okay, I JUST heard about this man baby thing on the radio this morning, so I have not wrapped my head around this yet.

BUT - I wanted to come on over and thank you for the pimp job! :) Bless your heart -- and your b-day is 3 days after mine! Holla!!!


Amanda said...

Well that's filled in the gaps for me - all we heard was a man-gets-pregnant story and thought April fools day was early.

It all sounds like something out of a psych ward to me. I mean, how screwed up do you have to be to be in that position and then go on national tv to tell everyone about it? Madness, utter madness and I'm referring to the publicity not their choices of parenthood.

momma monkey said...

what melissa said, i echo...i mean, it's not like this guall is really true man....he just lives like a man/chopped off his boobs and took some male hormone stuff...but he's all women on the, he's still a it does not count for first man to be preggers in my book.

Tanya said...

I think its odd and I feel a bit sorry for the baby. My "daddy" gave birth to me? I just see a lot of hard times in the future for that child.

Which also makes me question can a "man" who is a girl on the inside marry a "woman" whose a girl on the inside? I thought that wasn't legal.

Roger Miller said...

Why on God's green earth would any male want to have a baby themselves? It just doesn't compute...

Oh, he is actually a she with a he outside and a she inside...

Still doesn't make any sense.

I assume, since I don't really have time for that (but I do for this apparently), that the girlfriend/wife of the she/he could not have children.

Now just imagine going to the Doctor with that...

"Um, hi I would like to be impregnated."

"You're a dude."

"Well, only on the outside. On the inside I am ALL woman!"

"Interesting... *thinking of the outrage/joy/tabloid/OPRAH factor* ... Sure, what the heck!"

"Thanks Doc. If this works, I'll get you on OPRAH!"

"Oh no need for that. **YES!!!** I'm just here to help."

Okay, I CAN be longwinded, and you know what? I like myself that way. :)

Nice Boob Shots, by the way, maybe I'll have to share mine. But I'm shy. :)

Michelle said...

I think I just discovered why I don't watch Oprah ;)

So ummm, who's the dad of this emotionally challenged guall who I hope has thought through the impacts this would have on said child (or children) being born. (And I say emotionally challenged simply because there are some things that should be private and kept to yourself for the greater good for a number of reasons.)

I wonder if the guall's work offers maternity leave for men or if legally they're stuck with paternity leave or lack thereof....

Rebecca, you do realize that the day you do "poop" out a baby, you'll be the center of the media circus, right? ;)

Trish Ryan said...

I can rarely come up with a coherent comment here b/c I'm laughing so hard at one or another of your lines...

"Mr. Manic wanted to knock me so far up into yesterday..."??? That's funny stuff. I'm picturing you hiding behind the sofa, Mr. Manic trying to lure you out with Appletinis. We can see who won that contest :)

Happy Weekend!

Martini said...

So everyone knows.....this is Freaky Jerry Springer Halloween Show subject matter.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I think I would be worried about all the testosterone this guall has been taking over the years. Wouldn't that be too much unnatural hormone for a fetus? I just don't like it when pregnant women mess around with their chemistry during pregnancy in any way - whether it be smoking, drinking, drugs or etc.

Anyway, you're just lucky I even come around here... what with all those disgusting contests you keep holding.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, the boobathon, I'm SO DOING THAT. Gotta get hub's to take my pic. I knew these things would be good for something one day, other than breast feeding. Re: Oprah's guest I like to call his/her kinds SHIMS. Get it she/him.


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Ha, as with Heather, we call she/hims "shims" too! All I can say is that is going to be one messed up kid. Talk about a media circus surrounding the kid when it is pushed through a penis? That would be something wouldn't it? Yes,I know it won't come through the penis, it will come from the stork, either way....circus!

Anonymous said...

Yes Manic, I still want the book, as long as it hasn't been "flagged"! haha And as for the Oprah episode, I coincidentally watched that yesterday while in the delivery room with my sister waiting for her to give birth......that put a whole different spin on things! (And by the way, it's a girl!!)

Shelley (SPepper22)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Shelley--congrats auntie! And I finished the book last night and it's fresh as a daisy and it's a really, reallly great book! Hoping to get to the PO today to mail it!

Karen MEG said...

I'm so out of it, I'd never even heard of this story!!! Mind you, I gave up on Oprah years ago, ever since she started getting a bit cult-ish. I have friends who swear by her, but I'm not a believer.

That being said, I would be most concerned about the baby too. A VERY non-traditional set up. It may take a whole lotta 'splainin' or therapy for the kiddie when he/she grows up.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I'm definitely not an Oprah cult member, never watch the show, but wouldn't turn down free tix, that's for sure!

Remember when the first 'test-tube' baby was born? How did the nation react to that? Did everyone think a freak baby was being born? Can this be considered the same?

I wonder?

Holly Kennedy said...

I missed this show, but still find it difficult to wrap my head around the entire story.

P.S. Patricia Wood suggested I let you know that I'll be in Chicago on Monday, April 7th doing a reading/signing for my new novel, The Silver Compass.

It's being held at 12:30 noon at Borders located at 150 N. State Street. If you can make it, I'd love to meet yah in person. Bring your friends/kids/family. It'll be great fun :)

Take care!

KATE said...

I missed the show, but saw the People article. I don't get it! I just don't get it...

JODI said...

I think the neoghbor summed it up best by calling the situation "sexually dyslexic".

I am of the opinion that this couple could have remained unknown to the world...think about it, how many in this world have skeltons that the media would die to take a bite at but remain quiet? So my thinking is one of two things; either they want to be role models for other transgender couples or they are looking to cash in on this twisted tale of procreation.

Time will certainly tell more of the story.

JODI said...

ignore all my typos. i am pooped from a day of prom prep and awaiting the return of the crowd for a fire, s'mores and minus any kumbaya-- but, most certainly lots of prom gossip, laughter and photo snapping.

who needs a pregnant man when you have teenagers to add drama ;-)

Laski said...

First, I'm totally up for live blogging on Idol night!

Secondly, I can't help but say that guy/girl pregnancy disturbs me. Go for it, reproduce away. BUT, what about that little baby? What will his parentage mean for him as he grows older. As progressive and open-minded as we would like to believe we are--are we read for THIS?

Manic--when is your b-day??? Mine was today (but we don't need to talk about it . . .).

Amanda said...

I was just reading those last few comments and it occured to me - what are they going to put on the birth certificate? Who's going to be "mother"? Will "father" be unknown?

And yes I do belive they're in it for the money. So far as I can make out they are prostituting themselves for the titilation of a tv audience, most of whom I suspect view it as car crash telly. Is this the only way Oprah can keep her audience?

Amanda said...

I was just reading those last few comments and it occured to me - what are they going to put on the birth certificate? Who's going to be "mother"? Will "father" be unknown?

And yes I do belive they're in it for the money. So far as I can make out they are prostituting themselves for the titilation of a tv audience, most of whom I suspect view it as car crash telly. Is this the only way Oprah can keep her audience?

xxxx said...

OK, so I totally saw that episode of Oprah when they replayed it late at night. All I have to say is that I had NO IDEA that was how it all worked. I'm sure you know what I am getting at. NO IDEA!

Swistle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swistle said...

I admit I STARED AND STARED at the "pregnant man" photos in People magazine. But then I was like, "Wait. It LOOKS amazing and new, but it's actually the same old thing."

[Whoops--posted it before I was done typing.]

He's a man MENTALLY, and he'll be the father of the baby---but his physical femaleness makes him a pregnant woman, and that's nothing new.

I kind of see why it's a big deal, but I mostly don't. After the biological creation part of the child is over, the child is going to grow up with a married father and mother. That doesn't seem like it's going to be so hard for the child to deal with.