Friday, June 20, 2008

Deserted Island

So I was at the pool today talking with Diva and my friend, who what shall I nickname her on the blog? Hmmm... She is the one I tell everyone that she is my emaciated friend who conned me into joining Weight Watchers. Maybe I'll just refer to her as Emacy for short? She's not really emaciated, that's such an anorexic term. But she definitely didn't need to go to WW. She just KNEW I needed to go.

So the three of us are talking about the whole deserted island thing and I asked the question if you were stuck on the island, what three things would you wish you had, and you can't say any food or beverage or a person.

Cuz Mr. Manic and I already played this once, and he is so taking Ajers and not me on his deserted island cuz he said Ajers would work harder than I would. Jerko. But he's right.

Anyway, Emacy said pen and paper.

"That's so expected," I tell her. So cliche! "You have to say something else." Only because THAT was going to be MY answer. Ha. But really, everyone wants pen and paper to jot down how bored and hungry they are on the island, right?

Then she said she would want a flicker thing to make fire.

"Why does everyone think they NEED fire on an island?" I ask.

"It gets cold at night," she said.

And Diva adds, "And to scare away the bad animals."

I still don't get the big fire draw.

Then we decide we would want toilet paper cuz we wouldn't want leaves.

"But wait! We don't want toilet paper; we want toilet WIPES!"

We all agree with that.

"But what if we were just gonna be there for like five days, and we already had food and shelter and comforts, but we could bring three things with us for like entertainment, then what would you bring?"

And what would you want to do on that island?

And would it be a vacation or more of a hassle for you?

Would you enjoy this five-day reprieve?

I would! I would bring books. And my iPod. And a big old beach towel.

"Sunscreen!" Emacy said.

Yeah, that would be good too, and some good cooling cream to slather on after a day lounging in the glorious warm sand with the hot sun beating down on our skin.

Wait, is there a cabana boy on this deserted island, cuz I'm getting kinda thirsty too.

So, what's on your five-day island?


Anonymous said...

Just me!

AutoSysGene said...

Complete silence, Dr. Hottie...lots of sun and no plans for anything....nirvana!! ;)

Texasholly said...

Luxury hotel
Fine dining restaurant
oh, and maybe a good book

Travis Erwin said...

I think Captain Jack Sparrow had it right. I could entertain myself and dance around a huge bonfire singing pirate songs as long as a I had a large supply of rum.

And Kiera Knightly as a companion wouldn't hurt either.

Autumn said...

oh I would LOVE that!! So...

A good long book
soft cushy beach towel
my ipod

Trish Ryan said... conversation! It occurs to me that if we changed the beginning of our road trip conversation to "I'm on a deserted island and I avocado, and a banana..." that would pretty much have everything covered. Of course, you'd need permission to bring 26 things, but still...

Michelle said...

Ahhhh... five days on a deserted island. Now THAT'S a vacation!

I'm bringing earplugs (just kidding). How about: books, something comfy to sit/lay on, and my snorkel mask. Gotta go hang out with the fishies!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

OK, I am loving HRH's idea of bringing a luxury hotel! What a great thought! But the most important thing none of you said was "Chocolate"! Can't live without it (me personally that is). And yes, I would definitely bring the pile of books (most that you have suggested Manic) that I plan on reading this summer.

Amanda said...

More important is what I WOULDN'T have - the kids!! LOL!!

Four in Costa Rica said...

Assuming that "a shower" is included with "food and shelter and comforts," I have to admit my list is probably the same as yours: giant beach towel, books, iPod. Boring answer, but true!

I might consider turning in the iPod for a laptop if the shelter had Internet access. :)


Tonya Staab said...

Okay I'm so with hrh, I NEED a luxury hotel, cocktails (okay put a stick of fruit in each so I can eat too) and really looooong book to read.

Mama Smurf said...

ipod, laptop, book....Nothing would make me happier than to spend 5 days deserted on an island.

carrie said...

I can't even imagine . . .


Stephanie J. Blake said...

Dark Chocolate Chex Mix
A Case of cold Bud Light
Brad Pitt
A comfy bed
A toothbrush

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Would DEFINITELY be a vacation!
1) good book
2) sunscreen
3) HUGE vat of what southerners call "sweet tea"

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

loving these ideas ... but Colorado--THREE things, so looks like you'll have to skip the chocolate chex mix and Brad. Sorry!

Janelle... said...

It would totally be a vacation with (assuming I have all the creature comforts already available)...

...A digital camera with a huge memory card
...A Series of Books (I read fast so one wouldn't cut it)
...A laptop with internet access

Stephanie J. Blake said...

I never said I was good at following the directions. I read 5 things. I'm greedy that way.

Anonymous said...

A big jar of vasoline.

CaraBee said...

Sorry, I can't get past the idea of five glorious days on a desert island! Yummy.

Assuming the basic creature comforts are taken care of: Books, an unlimited supply of mojitos and music.

Anonymous said...

I want what Sarah wants...!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Greta--WHY VASOLINE??? Ewwwww?