Friday, July 25, 2008

Well ...

I was gonna title this: This Makes Me Sick and Sad ... My neighbor's father just passed away and Diva was coming home from another neighbor's house this evening and she saw our neighbor's house getting TP'ed (the house that is in mourning over the death of their father and grandfather).

Diva ran in and said, "Mom! Someone is toilet-papering the Smith's house!" (Not their real name, of course.)

I ran out and yelled, "Hey guys, don't do that! They just had a death in the family!"

It just made me sad to think that they would all wake up tomorrow, and be sad about their loss, and then find out that some crappy kids went and did that to their yard.

So, Diva, Ajers, Tukey and I went over and cleaned it up. The jerkos even threw marshmallows all over the yard. I am sad for them.

On our way back home, Tukey said, "Mom, can I say P-E-N-I-S?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Cuz those guys who did that are PENISES!"

OK, if that's the extent of his bad-word vocabulary, then he can go nuts. Ha, I just made another penis joke.

In other GREAT-PRAISE GOD NEWS--Remember Ajer's dear friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April?

Two words:


He will still need six months of chemo, but AMEN and PRAISE THE LORD!

And there's still time to enter to win the "I-HAD-A-CRAPPY-MOMENT" Target $25 gift card. Just go here.

*If you've felt a calling to help other kids with cancer, check out my very good friend, Michelle's website: it's 4 the kids!


lilypotter said...

That's wonderful about Ajers- and funny, too, because I was just wondering how he was doing! Crazy how that happens sometimes, isn't it?

It was so nice of you to help out your neighbors. The timing couldn't have been worse for a, and it was great that your kids got to help, too. I'm sure they learned a lot of compassion from you today- you'd better watch out, you might actually start being a responsible mom! ;)

B. said...

So happy to hear the No Cancer news!!! Yes, praise God!

Sounds like your house should be the headquarters for the Neighborhood Watch. :) I didn't realize kids tp'd houses on nights other than Halloween!

Michelle said...

What's wrong w/kids?

Great Cancer free news

Bethany said...

Good for you guys. I myself was too afraid to TP people's houses growing up {or soap things, or untwist the salt shaker at the restaurant we were at} I'm so happy that you saved your neighbors from a horrible next morning. :) This is kinda like pay it forward... I think I'm gonna have to do something nice for someone today. THANKS.

MaBunny said...

That was so sweet of you to go and clean up that yard. I agree that would have been difficult for them to have woken up to that mess.
Really funny about Ajers:))

The Gang's Momma! said...

Fantastic news about Ajers friend. You must all be so relieved and happy!

And the tp? Ha - some kids did that to our pastor's car at the church picnic this year. But they got in trouble, not for the action, but for using the state park's men's room supply of tp.

Dumb kid pranks - it's likely that those kids in your neighborhood didn't even know what the family was going thru, but that's the essence of childhood - myopic, blissful ignorance of the world around them. Good for you for showing your kids to look beyond themselves in a compassionate way!!!!

Amanda said...

Great news that ajers' friend has the all-clear! That's the power of positive vibes for you

How could Betty confidential POSSIBLY be better than my best friend? Nothing is better than your best friend ever in the whole world.

If loo roll is all you have to worry about in your neighbourhood you're lucky - my niece's fiancé was just telling me about his primary school teacher aunt who has twice had to remove guns form the class - yes, proper guns form a primary school. I'm still in shock. Have I had a really sheltered life or have things got a little crazy?

Michelle said...

I'm hoping that's the extent of my wee ones' bad language, as well -- although Little Miss was exposed to some yesterday from THREE YEAR OLDS no less -- but I'm not counting on it. Kudos to your kids for noticing something bad happening AND doing something about it.

And YAY to the no cancer! What a relief for the family!

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few other words for the people who TP'ed your neighbors house... How annoying.

I am happy to hear your sons friend is cancer free. What a releif

My Two Army Brats said...

YAY about no cancer! My RFL is coming up in less than two weeks. The pressure is on to make this counties Relay awesome or we will look like the idiots who thought they could do it and didn't. But from where I'm sitting (at the top of the planning committee) and it's looking pretty darn good from here! Maybe our contribution will make hearing the words "cancer free" more common!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Wonderful news for the little boy and his family. Good for your kids for speaking about the TP'ing. Can you imagine, if you hadn't cleaned up the mess, every time that poor famil would go to pee or poop afterward, they'd think about their dead relative? Your kids saved them years of therapy and/or constipation... You know I'm teasing - right?

March2theSea said...

sounds like you have some good kids can move in to my neighborhood anytime!

Eileen said...

How foul that people would do that to your neighbors. Or anyone for that matter. yeesh

Unknown said...

wow. How wonderful that you all cleaned up the yard. That's what I call not only a true neighbor, but a friend as well.

Yea for the cancer-fee! You can't get any better news than that!

Jules said...

Yay for cancer free!

MereCat said...

I'm so glad you saved the day over at the Smith's house. You are making good kids grow into good people.