Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reincarnation Anyone?

I wish I had something glamorous and exciting to share. I don't. I have been a bad blogger with not too much Manical craziness these days, but I guess that's good. That's good, right? I mean, it's summertime, and we're just getting through our days, doing summertime stuff.

Like take this scenario, if you will:

Emacy and I were at the pool last week and we weren't sure if storms were coming later. Mr. Manic, being the weather-dorkman that he is, ALWAYS knows what is coming through the area, so I'm on my lounge chair and I call him.

Me: Hi, you busy? (First dumb question--Of course he's busy--he is running a multi-million dollar company or something like that I think?)

Him: (being really kind and not at all annoyed with my dumb question)
No, what's up?

Me: Are you near a computer?
(Second dumb question--he's at the office, of course he's near a computer)

Him: (still being kind but I can tell there's a smidgen of annoyance in his voice)
Yes, of course.

Me: Can you check something for me?

Him: Sure.

Me: Can you go to and let me know if there's any storms coming in?
(third and final dumb question)

Him: (Sighing and checking, probably also thinking of the tens of hundreds important things he's got to get done)
No storms, looks like you're good.

Me: Thank you! I love you! Have a nice day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So yeah, that's a perfect example of how summer's been so far. And now this story has elevated into daily conversations and ripping on me, but come on! I was checking for the well-being of our children! Like if storms were heading into the area, I would have gathered up my children and taken them to safety!

But now, he and Emacy's husband were talking the other day saying they wished they were Hindu or at least practiced Hinduism because then they could believe in reincarnation.

And no, they don't want to come back in their next life as a cat or a stripper's pole.

Nope, they want to be reincarnated at a Seven Bridges Wife.


Who or what would you come back as?


Kate said...

Good question. I don't know, though. I'm having enough trouble with what I want to do and be in this life.

Summertime is a good time to just be outside and do fun things. Not much blogging here. I'm too busy reading and doing house projects.

Melisa Wells said...

I think I would like to be reincarnated as a Seven Bridges Wife. LOL

Alright, seriously? I am really happy with my life the way it is. The only thing I would change is our family income, so that I could write whenever I wanted to and not have to worry about my pesky salon job. But I guess, considering I'm quite happy the majority of the time outside of that money issue, I should just live in the moment and not think too much about reincarnation on my own behalf. :)

Great question though! I can't wait to read everyone else's answers!

Eileen said...

Oh your hubby is way more patient than mine would be.

I'm sticking with the life I got- I've got it all broken in the way I like

xxxx said...

I want to be a Seven Bridges wife too! HA!

Michelle said...

My husband's the same weather geek (ok, he's a huge weather geek, I won't classify your husband) and I use him the same way constantly (except my husband would know already without having to look it up). I never really realized how bad it was until Hurricane Katrina.

And umm I hate to ask what is a Seven Bridges Wife?

And I'd like to come back as a Hilton heiress. Only because I'd look so good in comparison and be able to do so much fun at the same time ;)

B. said...

I think I'd come back as a tree. Change with the seasons, provide homes for cute little animals and live a long life.

MaBunny said...

Hmmm, never really thought about it. Give me a little while and i"ll come up with something..:))
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Can I come back as Sawyer's t-shirt?

Stephanie J. Blake said...

These are the conversations I have with my husband.

DH: Hi. What are you doing?
ME: We're at the pool.
DH: Oh. Fun. I'll be home, soon.
ME: Cool. You can take over.
DH: I'd love to. What's for dinner?
ME: Whatever you make.
DH: (laughs) See you soon.
ME: Bring beer and Taco Bell.

I would come back as Jennifer Aniston.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Michelle--I am a Seven Bridges Wife ... LOL!!! That's where we live ... hahahahah!

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and I think maybe some men might want to come back as Brad Pitt's penis? hahahah...

Speaking of Brad ...

Colorado--I don't get why you say Jennifer Aniston because I know you love Brad Pitt--so what gives on that front?

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Um hello. My 2nd love is John Mayer.

Plus, Jennifer Aniston has a rocking body!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

John Mayer needs a hair cut.

Then he may call me.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh, and I guess you wouldn't want to be Angelina -- not with her post pregnancy body probably going all to shit now anyway!


Stephanie J. Blake said...

6 kids. No thanks. 3 is plenty!

Robin said...

John Mayer does not need a haircut! You take that back!

xxxx said...

John Mayer just got a haircut! He looks good!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Totally NEEDS a haircut! Show me an updated photo!

Last I saw he looked like he was stuck in the '80s!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Angelina!!! Who really cares about her twins? I was crushed when Brad left Jennifer! I like her beauty and wholesomeness!! Later...blogger friends(of my daughter)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh MOM! hahaha.

I am going to build you your own blog when you come visit! You will have a bunch of readers who love you already! 143

Amanda said...

I would come back as my dog. She gets to lay in the sun, gets to go interesting places, has lots of love showered upon her and gets good things to eat. Does she even know what stress is? I don't think so!

Amanda said...

PS Glad someone else asked what/who a seven bridges wife was, I was struggling and I'm so glad it wasn't something I was s'posed to know!

March2theSea said...

i want to come back as a shark..dunno why..always have wanted to be a shark. and no..not a pool shark..but an ocean swimming one.

Maureen Lipinski said...

Totally got the Seven Bridges reference!

I'd like to come back as my dog. He has a way less stressful life than I do. I always joke that "working like a dog" would be like a paid vacation!

I responded to your comment on my blog, but to reiterate, we'll have to "do" Printer's Row next year! I'll leave the Demon Spawn at home next time. Lesson learned.

xxxx said...

Manic's mom, I CARE DEEPLY! Ha ha ha.

lilypotter said...

I've always said I want to come back as a man. Just sit around relaxing... not worrying about housework... blissfully oblivious to the fact that the kids haven't been fed or bathed in days... and no pain of childbirth. Yep, that's the life for me!

Anonymous said...

I google "Seven Bridges Wife" thinking it was some new polygamist compound, but got nothing by your blog. So, I thought, that is really bizarre. Then I read through the comments and I get it.

John Mayer is great just the way he is--80's haircut and all. Yum!

I'd come back as Rachel McAdams pre-Ryan Gosling breakup.

Shelley said...

John Mayer can have his hair any way he wants, as far as I'm concerned. The longer the better, actually.

I would like to come back as Rob Thomas's wife. Or maybe his pants. Or Pioneer Woman.

Actually I wouldn't mind just being me all over again, but with a different life.

miri68 said...

I think either my dog or my hubby, no stress, no laundry, no cleaning, no worries about the house or kids, all with good food, lots of love, and a wonderful life!And I like Brad, but don't really care about the kid thing.....