Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Moment Shared ... With Tukey

Me, as Tukey walks by in the kitchen:
"Hey Pal, hug?"

We hug, then there's a big pause, while we're still hugging. I'm thinking to myself, "Oh, this is so sweet."

"Okaaaaay ... I was just about to put this booger away."

"Ah Hah! OK!"

"And ... I have another booger ..."

He picks ... and then after having success:
"There we go!"

~ ~ ~ ~

I'll leave you with this for a Happy and Safe Fourth of July: May all your little loved ones be kind enough to toss their boogers in the trash can like Tukey! Safe travels, safe fun, safe family times this holiday weekend!


Michelle said...

Hey, at least he's honest with you, right? But he could have told you before the hug, I suppose!

MaBunny said...

LOL! I know a mother whos daughter still eats her boogers.. GAG! The mother told me this and luckily I've never seen the girl do this or I would run screaming!
Have a great 4th!

Melisa Wells said...

Bwahahaha! So cute!
Happy 4th!

lilypotter said...

Boys! How is it that they all end up so... boy-like?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

You put your boogers away? What? In a special booger cabinet? LOL! Happy belated 4th. We just moved across town. I'm fried!


Anonymous said...

Eeewwww! Although, I found one on the bathroom wall yesterday, at LilBro height!

Hey, YOU are on Jen Lancaster's Links list! OMG!! I'm reading her newest book (having not read the others--where have I been?) and I cannot stop laughing!
So, yea, you're even more famous than I already thought you were :-) hugs, Chrissy

My Two Army Brats said...

I can certainly appreciate this story. I remember when Tate was little and came running across the room and said "here mommy" and I looked in my hand to see that he gave me a booger. How sweet these gross little boys are!

Amanda said...

Happy 4th July Manic! Sorry, been off line for a bit but thought of you on the day.

Current favourite video is Lady and the tramp 2 - do you really do all that picnic and parade stuff? (Comes under things you ponder when bored brainless!!)

Amanda said...

Does he not just do a bit of "instant recycling"?

I'll never forge my nephew and the tongue coming out to clean up!!

Trish Ryan said...

Clearly, you're doing much right if your children will both hug you and toss their nose matter in the trash can!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I guess I should mention here that Ajers used to eat his, which I thought was completely disgusting, until I realized at least he wasn't sticking 'em on the walls and in the carpet.

Diva, though, I don't think I've ever seen her pick her nose! That's my girl!