Sunday, May 03, 2009


Well, my Diva is 10! And I pulled off an exceptional time for her and her two friends. I am not a big believer in holding an "invite-everyone-in-your-class-and-get-all-kinds-of-crap" birthday parties. Instead, I like to keep their celebrations intimate and memorable. Hopefully, she'll remember her tenth birthday. I sure will!

We started off going to a hotel where I had already decorated and filled with balloons and junk food.



Then we went shopping to, where else ... Claire's! And then to Build-A-Bear.

The perfect little girl shops! Then we went to dinner at the hotel, and they all ordered BEER (root beer) and I had a glass of wine. They sang Happy Birhtday and gave her chocolate ... of course, her favorite food of all time!

Afterward, we went swimming, hot-tubbing and we even hung out in the sauna.


Back in the room, they begged me to give them massages, so I pretended to be a masseuse while they drank root beer from wine glasses and tried to be glamorous.


Then, we watched Twilight, which I hadn't planned on watching until I read the book, but it was AMAZING! I can now see what all the hype is about! Edward!!!

The next morning, when Diva officially turned 10, we celebrated with room service ...


... and then I let them swim some more, and later we went to Target. It was exhausting handling three cute 'tweens, but a lot of fun. Later that night, we had pizza and a cake with family and her friends, and I fell asleep cuddling and spooning my little girl.


I cannot believe she has graced by life for a decade. I just hope when she's 13 or 14 or even 16, she will still think I am fun and want to spend her birthday celebrations with me!


Cuz I love my precious little birthday girl!


Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I admit, I am profoundly envious... Autism means Elmo every birthday, regardless of the year. It's sometimes hard to bear.

What a great mom you are and a neat kid is your Diva.

Can't wait to see you later this month.

My Two Army Brats said...

How fun! Damn me for having boys! I wanna have slumber parties too!

eatmisery said...

Happy Birthday, Diva!

Melisa Wells said...

How fun! Definitely memorable too! I also took friends to swim at a hotel for my 10th b-day...but my dad was the Assistant Manager so it was a "normal" thing for me to do and at the time I didn't realize how cool it was. :)

Happy B-day Diva!

Amanda said...

OMG! Manic and K-Stag hangin' out - that has to be good for some tales! LOL!!!

Happy birthday Diva - looks like you had a great time, but how will mum top it next year??

And now, having weaned Scrumpy more or less off Teletubbies I feel a gloat coming on Miss Stagliano! Ha! (Had to get that one in before the green mist of jealousy descended)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Amanda, we dropped Teletubbies YEARS ago. HA! Well, PBS did, and our DVDs were all scratched....

Yes, I get to have lunch with Manic while I'm at an Autism conference. Can't wait!!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Happy B'day Diva. My LadyBug is turning 10. We're doing just one friend, dinner out and Build a Bear. Then home for a sleep over. No hotels or spas, but I'm thrilled that she opted for the more intimate, one friend option. I gave her a choice of a big party or this. I'm looking forward to the girly time!

Unknown said...

What a great mom you are! I would have never thought of doing something like that. What a great idea. Maybe when my daughter turns 16 I'll take her and some of her close friends to Opryland Hotel. They would LOVE that!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Diva!

Looks like a great time was had by everyone. I'm sure Diva and her friends will remember what a cool mom you were for planning this party for them.

March2theSea said...

right on! Looks like it was an amazing party!

morninglight mama said...

How fantastic- a fun girl party! Happy bday to Diva!!

(and how funny that my word verification is 'forti!')

Michelle said...

Oh I love the just two friends birthday idea. We're so not there yet, but ... once we're past kindergarten, we're heading down that route. Very cool party, and I hope she still wants to hang out with you in a few year -- just don't show her the part about "perfect little girls stores" and you'll be fine!