Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, you know I love Jen Lancaster, and she's got a new book out called Pretty in Plaid, and yeah, I about FREAKED when I saw that she gave me a mention in the acknowledgment page. WOW! Of course, this is THE closest I will get to having my name on a NYT Bestseller, but HEY, I can say my name is on a NYT Bestseller, so that's pretty cool!

Anyway,here's a little bit about Jen's newest memoir, and then, of course, I've got some exciting news on how you can win a PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPHED COPY of it!

Pretty in Plaid, Jen’s latest memoir, takes the reader through three decades of clothes and controversy. From early days of knee highs and Girl Scout attire, through her teen years pining for a pair of Jordache jeans and Gucci gear, to her love of Lacoste and a navy suit and crocodile shoes that rocked her into her career, this memoir conjures so much humor and nostalgia, every girl who ever wanted a pair of designer jeans will commiserate. While cracking up of course, because Jen is just that funny.

So, here's the deal. I am going to Jen's book signing on Thursday, May 28. If you want a signed personalized copy, leave me a comment stating EXACTLY what you would want JEN to write in your book if you were to win. When I go to the book signing, I'm going to have Jen pick the winner randomly, and I'll videotape it, and she'll sign the winner's book with exactly as what you have requested she writes! And I'll post the video via YouTube so you'll find out if you've won via video!

And if I'm feeling really nice, maybe I'll give away two!

And hey, if you wanna go to the event, here are the details:

80’s Party and Book Signing for Jen Lancaster’s PRETTY IN PLAID: A Life, A Witch, and a Wardrobe, or the Wonder Years Before the Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smart-Ass Phase

Thursday, May 28th at 7:30pm
Barnes & Noble
1441 West Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 871-3610


New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster will be in the Chicago to sign her newest book, Pretty in Plaid, in which she lays bare her wardrobe choices, both triumphant and scarring, with some very "key pieces" that have defined her life.

So, don't forget to leave a comment on how you want Jen Lancaster to sign your copy of Prety in Plaid and she will pick the winner and I'll videotape it and show it on YouTube!


jennhuts said...

When I win, I want my book signed: You won, you won! Happy reading Jenn! Your Fav Smart Ass, Jen Lancaster

Trish Ryan said...

If I win, I want my book signed:

To Trish the Dish:
Oh the 80s were so fine
And the best NYT bestselling memoir on argyle & fair isle is MINE!
Love and Other Indoor Sports,

JODI said...

To Jodi:
The girl who will not be remembered for her leg warmers and punk boots, but for her school yearbook picture at age 41 that showed a whole lot of cleavage.


(and yes the children of the school that employee probably have parents using a black Sharpie to color block my photo. I swear I thought that orange tank covered all of boobs...instead I look like I have my ass on chest. LOL)

Amanda said...

Well I'll not enter but sounds like a great night out!

Amanda said...

Oh go on then I'll enter - just get her to put

"Sorry you couldn't make it but I know the importance of a tattie lifter!"

Just checked my diary and I have an implement sale that day at which I'm REALLY hoping to get a tattie lifter - Ha!Ha! You get to go to book signings and I get to try bidding at the mart auction. Auctioneer-speak with a strong Scots accent? Just pray it's not the first lot, it's going to take some tuning in to!!

Denise said...

How about, "To Denise: the coolest book nerd around, you finally won something! Happy reading!" said...

I would love for Jen to write "From one Jen to another,thanks for being a fan from the start! said...

If I win, I want my book signed:

To Denny, thanks for making me the style icon I am today.

P.S. lest you think there's something weird about it, I'm a gal, not a guy (blame my parents for the confusing name)

Chrissy said...

HI! OOOH, I wish I was a bit closer to Chicago!

Please ask Jen to write: To Chrissy, who didn't stop believing and found medicinal humor in my writing. Hold on to the feeling, Jen

(I watched "Glee" four times on TIVO last week and cannot get the Journey soundtrack out of my head. Please tell Jen I rocked my interview after I met her at Blissdom--no pressure, just if you remember! :-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Chrissy--OMG, we watched Glee last week too and I loved it! The music in there was fabulous!!!! I love Journey!!

Anonymous said...

To: Shannon

From: Your Writing Hero JL

Jenn said...

To Jenn:
Another cool girl with the very best name!

Jen Lancaster

(Thanks for this neat giveaway! My email address is

Tawn said...

Great idea! I would love Jen to sign my book:

I know you think I'm so rad that I spelled your name right. I know you will enjoy my totally tubular book. It's awesomeness will make you laugh until you pee.

Izzy Charm said...

I'd love mine signed:


To a fellow smart ass, enjoy the book and share the smiles it brings you with others.

Jen Lancaster (queen of the smart asses)

Stella Harris said...

To Ella,
Your layoff was their loss.

Elaine said...

I would want my book signed, "You win, asshat! Happy reading, Jen Lancaster."

Sherry Morgan said...


Sorry it wasn't enough that I wrote an entire book for your reading pleasure. Of course you require a personal dedication.


jodifur said...

To Jodi:

Another girl who survived the 80s.



ash said...

When I win it would be fabulous if Jen would sign her favorite 80's song lyrics in my book!

How rockin' would that be? EXACTLY!

-ash said...

The closest Jen got to where I live was Houston, about a 4-hour drive, so I couldn't go, booooo!

I'd like the book signed: To Liz, don't stop believin!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

These are GREAT entries everyone! And remember, I will be meeting with Jen on Thursday for the drawing that night! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

To Kathy,

Here's your free book, Cheapskate. Thanks for your support!


Anne said...

Hopefully I'll win the book, and if so, I would love for Jen to sign my book: To Anne, the most calamitous person out there. Thankfully you find humor with yourself first! Jen Lancaster

Kate said...

To Kate, another former Girl Scout uniform sufferer:

Enjoy the book! Even in our greatest triumphs and humiliations, we're never alone!


Anonymous said...

From Aqua Net to Xanadu,
the 80's like totally made you, YOU!!!
Stay Sweet, Jen Lancaster

Patty mcmommy said...

"To Patty, We would totally be BFF's IRL, instead of you being a little stalkerish(strike a line through that word), er, twitter/Jennsylvania follower! Sorry I'm not in AZ this year, it's not you, it's me! -Jen Lancaster, Governer of Jennsylvania

Anonymous said...

If I win, please have Jen inscribe the book with the following:

Dear Lucky Ebay Winner:
I swear the following is my true, authentic signature. Thanks for bidding and happy reading!
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered:
Jen Lancaster

Michelle said...

To Michelle who is the only person I can think of who wouldn't be pretty in plaid.

And ummm weird but would you believe I couldn't open this post when it went up last week? And then it never showed up again?

I miss when I lived in the city and used to go to the Chopping Block back when it was on Webster, then hang out at that B&N before walking over to the theater to see a movie. Those were the days....

Genevieve said...

When I win, I would like Jen to write:

Hey Genevieve,

Nice work getting a free book AND having someone else get it signed for you. Could you be any lazier?

KIT and have a great summer,
Jen Lancaster

Gina said...

I would LOVE to win and have her write:

To Gina:
Geez, you couldn't even get off the couch to come see me in Chicago? Keep counting those WW points FAT ASS! See you next time around!
Your BFF! Jen

DebK said...

I LOVE Jen Lancaster and have read all three of her books, which I bought at the book store for the titles alone. I have raved about her to my friends and loaned the books to them.

I am currently on unemployment and have LOTS of time to read.

I would like for my autograph to say: "To Deb from one smart ass to another Jen"

Thanks, I hope I win

Anonymous said...

To BJ:
Here's your free book you broke,cheapskate stop pining after and fondling my books at Target.

Peace, Love, and Lacoste,
Jen Lancaster

Kristie said...

To Kristie:

All of the tan girls in high school who mocked your pale white skin now look like Naugahyde wallets while you still look 25.



Merryn said...

My book club's selection for July is your book!

"To Merryn from one smart ass to another, Jen Lancaster"

Carrie in TX said...

OK, WHEN I win...

I would like Jen to sign my book:

"For my BFF, Carrie!



Thanks MM! Love your Blog...

Anonymous said...

If I win which this would be the first thing I ever have won. I would like Jen to sign my book as follows.

To Alicia:

For the girl who laughs like a loon in a loon farm on the subway at 8 pm in the morning. Thanks for still reading my books although everyone on the subway thinks your insane.

Jen Lancaster

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Loving these comments! Now Alicia, I do have a question for you regarding your entry, which follows in bold:

To Alicia:

For the girl who laughs like a loon in a loon farm on the subway at 8 pm in the morning. Thanks for still reading my books although everyone on the subway thinks your insane.

Jen Lancaster

Do you really mean 8 PM in the morning? And do you want the 'your' be be 'you're' meaning YOU ARE INSANE??? Hee hee hee, cuz I certainly am! xo and a big wink!

Good luck to all the entrants. I think I might make Jen pick the best one AND A random one!

Kirsten said...

I'd love to win ... saw a little blurb about it in the Redbook that showed up in my mail yesterdsay!

Danelle said...

If I win, I want my book signed as follows:

Woohoo Danelle! You won! Congrats and besh wishes, Jen Lancaster.

Danelle said...

I guess I should revise that! NOT besh


Brayden and Bodie's Mama said...

To Kelly-
Too bad you live in freakin Louisiana because we could totally ROCK Chicago together! You are the best-friend-I've-never-met!!!
Love from your sister in sarcasm-

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kristen ... you must read the directions deary!

Do you want your book signed:

I'd love to win ... saw a little blurb about it in the Redbook that showed up in my mail yesterdsay!Leave ANOTHER comment with what you would want your book to be signed if Jen picks your name!

steffenson said...

Please sign my book:


Snarky IS the new snide!

xo, Jen Lancaster

(Side note: I went to Jen's Roseville, MN, signing last night. Here is my story of woe:

Kirsten said...

damn it for not reading directions ...

Kir (like beer)

Here is your free book
Please buy the next one I write
Thank you and enjoy!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Erica--I read your woeful story--man that WAS pretty sad!!!

Anonymous said...

If I win which this would be the first thing I ever have won. I would like Jen to sign my book as follows.

To Alicia:

For the girl who laughs like a loon in a loon farm on the subway at 8 am in the morning. Thanks for still reading my books although everyone on the subway thinks you're insane.

Jen Lancaster

I make that mistake all the time. I my weekly timesheet almost always has that I worked 15 to 20 hour days because I type 9 pm instead of 8pm. Thank you for allowing the correction.

P.S. This is why you should do a grammer check. lol.

B. said...

Even though you weren't alive when the 80's started, you still have permission to read my book. :)


Jill said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to Phoenix this time. Let's bring back the 80s.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, folks, Jillian's is the LAST entry because I have to print these out for Jen to draw a random one tonight! Thanks to all who entered and check back later (probably over the weekend cuz tomorrow is my anniversary!) to see who wins!