Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello everyone! The anniversary is winding down and it's time to announce the winners of the Pretty in Plaid Contest.

I went with my friend K, last night, whose blog is RoadTripMommy (Check it out and say hey -- she's new at this bloggin' thing)! She and I met through Jen Lancaster kind of, so it's fitting that we would go to Jen's reading last night, along with another friend, L!

So, as promised, I had Jen pick two winners while I videotaped her. This was totally annoying on my part as there were 6,000 people there and I held up the line LOTS, but everyone was nice and no one wanted to kill me. Oh except for the guy who worked the Starbucks at B&N because I asked for a small diet coke, three cookies and a venti ice water.

"We can't give you a venti ice water but there are cups over there for ice."

"Well, how about if I buy the cup--can I have water then?"

"No, cuz we inventory the cups."

"OK, how about if I PAY for a venti diet coke and instead of putting diet coke in my venti cup, you go ahead and put ice water in that one, and you can give me a small diet coke instead."

Yeah, he pretty much hated me after that, but did it for me. I thanked him over and over again and mentioned really loudly that I NEVER GO TO THE OTHER BOOKSTORES BECAUSE THEY ARE SO NICE AT BARNES & NOBLES, and it was really nice of them to give me the big cup and isn't it great that ALL THESE PEOPLE are here buying books?

I wish I coulda read his mind because I know he was thinking, "I want to kill this bitch right now."

But, I got my water, didn't I?

ANYWAY, back to the matter at hand ... we went into the city, and K is an excellent aggressive defensive driver. I mean, she rocks the brake on that car and can merge with the best of them. Even so, traffic sucked. We got into the city around 5:40 and went straight up to the reading, where we snagged some chairs, which the place was already half-full. Then, we "pretended" to go book browsing and asked the girls behind us to watch our chairs. We slyly put our jackets there to secure our spots.

But guess what we did? Instead of book browsing, we went across the street to eat dinner and drink wine! Aren't we the little tricksters?! And here all those other people were stuck there for like almost TWO HOURS while we were out having a nice dinner.

Yes, I am not getting to the point of this post, which is this ... I had Jen randomly choose the winners of the two books.

Here are all the entries that came in for the contest:

Of course, how could it be MY FAULT that Jen chose two of the LONGEST entries, and said NEXT TIME there has to be a WORD COUNT LIMIT! Good news though, cuz that means THERE WILL BE A NEXT CONTEST!

So, Alicia and Trish, send me your addresses and I'VE GOT YOUR BOOKS! Bonus--I had THE ONE AND ONLY FLETCH sign them too. And, if you want, I can sign my name too, as I happen to be listed in the acknowledgments! Hahah!

And thanks Jen for being so gracious and classy as ever! On to the next memoir!


Michelle said...

Oh too funny... and I LOVE your dinner trick. I'll have to remember that one sometime. What are the fun new restaurants over there? I'm guessing Potbelly's just didn't do it for ya ;)

And I certainly hope you had this scheduled, as you should be out celebrating your anniversary right about now.

Trish Ryan said...

I won!!!!

That is way too cool, and of COURSE I want your signature on the book, too!

I am so excited--you just made my weekend :)

You and Jen both rock!!! thank you...

Kristin said...

Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it. I will be updating my blog tonight or tomorrow with the Jen event as well.

Hope all is well!

shopgirl said...

I'm soooooooooo jealous of your dinner trick!! When I went to see her - we were STUPID to eat dinner first and THEN go - uggh, we ended up sitting on the floor (although it WAS up front!)

Glad you had fun!

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