Friday, May 15, 2009

JoB LoSS iS NoT ouR LoSS!

Here is a list of things I have discovered that occurs when Mr. Manic loses his job:

In life, there are no guarantees.

I really like my husband as a person.

We are having some good family times.

Everyone is replaceable.

$1.99 generic cinnamon rolls are DEFINITELY not as good as Pillsbury cinnamon rolls that cost $3.19.

It’s fun to work out with my husband in the mornings. He’s a good motivator, plus it’s fun to have some male attention at the club!

It’s nice to have my husband in the bed with me when I wake up in the mornings.

It’s nice to have my husband get up before me and get the kids up in the mornings.

It’s nice to have my husband get up before me and make breakfast for the kids in the mornings.

It’s NOT nice that my husband likes the house cooler than I do.

I am missing my afternoon nap from 2:00 to 2:45 each day.

I will still sneak this nap in when he is gone though.

It’s nice to have my husband help fold the laundry and put it away.

Showering together is fun.

Laying around in bed at 1:30 p.m. together is fun.

Being together at dinnertime as a family is fun.

Having him there to watch the dreaded two-hour 10-year-old softball games that make my eyes bleed is more fun than having to watch the dreaded two-hour 10-year-old softball games by myself.

He got screwed by his company, but in the long run, this is so much better for our family.

He is kind of annoyingly cheerful in the mornings when the rest of the family is gearing up for the day.

“They” lost out by getting rid of him.

I already knew this one, but him being here, and him being the person who he is just solidifies it, confirms it to me … that I love him with every ounce of my being.


Kristin said...

Awwww! It is so wonderful that you two are so in love.

Michelle said...

I hope you shared this with him. And that you get your nap in soon. That's some great attitudes, and kudos to him for chipping in on so many levels!

morninglight mama said...

You guys are simply great.

MaBunny said...

Looks like you are getting into the right frame of mind Stephanie, although in the months ahead it may be difficult! Keep up the sense that all that really matters is that you still have your family! It is a very important thing!

msprimadonna67 said...

I love the positive silver-lining way of looking at your situation!

Shelley said...

You two are so lucky to have each other. I hope you know that.

Just A Girl In GA said...

High 5's to Mrs Manic, way to be positive. It sounds like your husband is a good person and has been an awesome provider to his family - you got the real deal there lady.

You all are going to have the best summer of your lives and hopefully Mr Manic can roll back to work around the time school starts back up.

Life with la familia said...

That's sweet, Steph! Way to take lemons and make lemonade! Smooches!

JODI said...

...and, don't forget severence pay plus unemployment is more money. So treat yourself to the $3.19 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls ;-)

Remember God is good.

Trish Ryan said...

Great perspective. You guys rock. And you're right--the window will open, and it will be a fabulous window.

And in the meantime, there's mid-day marital fun.

Ashley said...

Wow! I hope that someday I can have such a great and solid relationship as you and your husband seem to have! Great for you! Keep looking at all the positives and you might just find a tremendous blessing mixed in the middle of them!

Unknown said...

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. You two needed this time together to prehaps demonstrate to your adolecent children the importance of true love in a relationship. There is no substitute for a father in a child's life so maybe for whatever reason your family needed the pressence of your husband more then the security of a job.Take it form someone who has to scrimp and save just so I can stay home with my children. Cheap cinnimon rolls taste like heaven when you are all together enjoying them.

Suzy said...

I've totally stopped shopping and I really have enough crap already.
I think we've all realized this.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Good attitude!! :)

Amanda said...

Bet you're almost wishing he doesn't get a new is the best thing ever having your days with your hubby, even when they get in the way of your routine -- but don't tell hot-hubby I said that!

Unknown said...

What a very nice list Manic!!! And what a great, positive way to look at things.

Good for you!

Word verification? Fullatio

Say that REALLY fast!

3carnations said...

What a nice post. You guys are definitely using your lemons for lemonade. :-)

Karen MEG said...

I'm glad that you're taking advantage of this "break" that hubby has - indeed that's what it is, a bit of a breather, to get off that crazy ride and spend some family time before he starts work again.

Because he will, I'm sure he'll find something, and probably something better.

Until then, keep enjoying :).

shopgirl said...

What a great list - I have come to many of those conclusions during my "out of work stint." I'm just jealous that the only one(s) sharing my bed at 1:30 in the afternoon? My dogs. YOU WIN!