Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GoiNG SuGaR-FRee

In my last post I was talking about change. One of the things I am working on to change in my life has been the amount of sugar I eat.

On November 1, the day after Halloween, I took all the Pay Days, Twix bars, 100 Grands, Baby Ruths, Take Fives (there were only a few of those suckers), and a couple other key candies and I ate them all. There were probably close to 18 or so. I took them because Diva doesn't like those kinds and throughout the day I ate all the types of candies I wanted. Each and every single one of them. And you betcha, I enjoyed them all.

We also had cupcakes. There were six of them. I had two the day before. I was planning on eating one on this night, which was a Sunday night. I finished off all the chocolate candy bars (none of them were full-sized - everyone was pretty stingy this year if you ask me!) And you know what, I just realized I already told you all of this shit on November 1, about how I ate all this crap already, and how I ate those two luscious cupcakes, and how I tossed the four remaining cupcakes. Man, it sooo sucks getting old. So, what's the point of this blog post?

Oh yeah.

I haven't had a dessert or a sugar treat since that night.

Not one.

And there have been plenty around here.

There is all the kids' candy still left over. There was a slice of birthday cake at lunch one afternoon. There were cookies at a luncheon the other day. There were cookies at a lunch today. We have ice cream in the house. We have snacky shit all over the place. There's junk everywhere. And I have said no. For 10 days I have not had chocolate or cake or ice cream or cookies or cupcakes or snack cakes or crappy sweety sugary donutty junky crappy stuff at all.

Have I missed it? Have I gone to bed like a crazed woman?


The second night I woke up with my mouth feeling like it was filled with a vanilla cream filled cake, and then the other night I woke up dreaming I was mid-way through a suicide Slurpee and was ordering cilantro-lemon sorbet but other than that, I haven't even wanted anything sweet. I have had TWO sugar-free pieces of chocolate since I stopped eating sweets, and I also bought sugar-free chocolate pudding in case I get a case of the crave attacks but so far it's been sooooo easy.

And another thing. Since I stopped the sugar bombs, I have not craved or wanted Diet Coke for almost a week now either. Before, I would have on average 3-5 Diet Cokes a day. Not one since last Thursday. That's pretty freaking amazing.

I don't know if I've lost any weight. I don't have a scale at home. My jeans fit better this morning. I feel a bit more comfortable putting on my clothes. I am not really feeling starving. I'm choosing better alternatives when I feel like I need to have a snack - a bowl of cereal (non-sugary), nuts, whole grain bread, an apple. I do know there is sugar in apples, and there are sugars in other types of foods. I am aware that I can't completely give up sugar because it is in many foods, but I'm being cautious. Like I wanted a PB&J the other day but when I noticed sugar was the second ingredient in both items, I chose something else to eat. And I know I can get natural PB and jelly, and maybe I will, but I'm taking this slow to see how my body reacts to it, and see how I feel later on down the road.

Seriously, if I can pass up the peppermint mocha lattes (it's pretty easy, if I want a coffee, I can just get a skinny cafe vanilla latte), and a seasonal cookie, really ANYONE can give up sugar. And I'm interested in seeing how this goes. I'm just looking at it as an experiment, not as a DIET. I'm just testing the sugarless waters to see where it takes me. So far, I'm swimming steady and not sinking!


Monnik said...

Great job! Keep up the good work! I honestly don't think I could do it. You rock.

Barb said...

I need to give up sugar but OMG ~ it's hard. I applaud your effort. I know I feel better when I'm off sugar. Maybe I'll try once again. Thanks for the "shove."

Just Sayin... said...

First of all, you're my hero.

To put yourself through this torture so I do not have to is, well, awesome!

I"ve done the whole no sugar/salt/caffiene route before and lost 20 lbs.

I plan on doing it again, but I really like my coffee (already decaf) ok it's the salt. I like me a big slat lick please.

March2theSea said...

good luck..but be careful..sugar is in EVERYTHING it seems.

MaBunny said...

Thats great Stephanie. I didn't do to bad this Halloween, and am trying to curb the cravings, but it is hard. Congrats on the no diet coke thing too - that will help more than you know! I've been decaffeinated for going on 12 years now... not even coffee....

Unknown said...

Hey good on you! Just randomly stopping by!

I'm so surprised by how much soda people in the states consume...might sound weird but we're kind of a water and soda on special occasions family.

Good on you for giving up the sugar, next try to do anything not in a packet...fresh fruit and's a killer!

sarah Pekkanen said...

I'm so curious to see what happens because I am the WORST sugar addict. I think I need to stop cold turkey like you did because it's just not possible for me to eat a little... congrats!

Amanda said...

Congrats on avoiding the sugar, but please, PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE SUGAR FREE. DO NOT eat artificial sweeteners. They are excito-toxins that will leave you depressed and cranky.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I have not eaten a ton of the sugar-free stuff -- an occasional pudding. I bought some sugar-free cookies but they SUCK! So no worries on that front! :)

Momma Sunshine said...

The all natural "just peanuts" peanut butter is actually really good. It took me some time to get used to it, it has a much more intense flavour, but now I LOVE it, and the "regular stuff" tastes weird to me.

Good for you for making healthy changes!