Monday, February 06, 2006


That's how I feel. As if I'm being pulled in a million different directions yet not going anywhere. It's frustrating to be in this frame of mind. And I don't know how to stop feeling this way. I am irritable, cranky, moody, introverted, and really, I don't think this is me, and I don't like how I'm feeling about myself, about the energy I am wasting sitting, waiting, doing nothing (to paraphrase Jack Johnson)... What am I waiting for?

Isn't everything I need already here, right within my very own reach?


Jessica said...

Often times, I find everything I need is within my own reach...and just as often it doesn't always feel like enough. Then, I add "guilt" to my repertoire.

J C said...

i would say that often, we DO miss the forest for the trees

that everything we do need and want is right in front of us

but sometimes, it's not. sometimes, there IS something missing and we must journey out to find it.

wherever it may be, i hope you do find it.

onedivorceddiva said...

on the other hand - sometimes we think the more we do, the better we'll feel

sometimes we ARE pulled in different directions

sometimes we forget that it's okay to take a breath & just be

of course, being is not always easy

sometimes we just need someone to say it's okay

just be


cubmommy said...

Sometimes we have to step back and just take a minute to breathe and get oriented. Things will become clearer when you take a moment of peace.