Tuesday, April 11, 2006


~shower today
~feel like blogging
~put away the laundry
~diet all that much
~not feel productive
~take a nap, although I wanted one

I DID...
~fold some laundry
~go to yoga
~watch the neighbor's kids
~spend two bills at Target
~schedule some playdates
~made dinner that no one ate, and hubby didn't eat until seven-something o'clock
~edit some stuff I get paid for
~work on the rewrite of 40
~kiss my husband
~kiss my kids
~console Diva who is going through Pre-PMS I am sure of at age six

~took a power walk
~put away the laundry
~hadn't painted the kids' bathroom Buzz Lightyear Green and Blue Man Group's Heads blue (will post a picture)
~could lose twelve pounds
~went to bed an hour ago

~shower tomorrow
~work on the rewrite of 40
~maybe get a coffee
~put away some laundry
~maybe take a nap
~go to my RWA meeting
~hope it sunshines
~celebrate 37 years on Friday

Answer these questions for me, because it's lonely without comments from you.
What didn't you do, what did you do, what will you do, what did you wish you had done...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I didn't:
* shower

I did:
* run on treadmill
* make dinner that grownups loved, one little person ate, one little person complained about
* get a TON of work-for-money done
* clean guest bath in prep for mom's visit

I wish I:
* didn't eat all those vanilla wafers
* could lose five pounds

Today I will:
* lift weights
* go grocery shopping
* volunteer in little person's classroom
* pick up mom at airport!

Anonymous said...

oh, and i WILL shower today!

onedivorceddiva said...

Yesterday I didn't:
- Get a job

Yesterday I did:
- Clean
- Clean
- Clean

Yesterday I wish I had:
- Not eaten all that food!
- Understood why the FB keeps flying to Canada?

Today I will:
- Keep cleaning
- Prepare a holiday dinner
- Try not to panic
- Remember that friends make me rich (but a job would be nice!)

cubmommy said...

Yesterday I didn't

-take the kids to the park
-did not blog
-did not look for a place to rent in the suburbs.

I did

-take a shower
-do yoga
-walked up to meet hubby at train
-went to the bookstore
-bought Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein(one of my childhood favorites) and The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett(I loved the first one Chasing Vermeer)
-cleaned the bath
-sweeped and mopped
-watched the Cubs on TV

I wished I

-taken a nap
-looked for a place to live
-packed for the move
-could lose my tummy flab

Today I will

-do aerobics
-read my new book
-watch the Cubs game on TV
-scan ads for a house to rent in the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Manic, I have been a lurker for a while, but your blog spoke to me so much today about the 6 year old going through pre pms!!! Dear God, we had 3 meltdowns this am before even getting in the car to go to school. I looked at hubby and said (under my breath, of course)"Boy, she's going to be a fun hormonal teenager!" Glad to hear of someone else feeling the same!!!!

Great blog, by the way!

eatmisery said...

I'm back! See my blog for the picture of my new little girl!

Anny said...

um, my only question is: what is up with all this not showering stuff?? :)

Erin said...

Hey girl!! Long time!

Looks like your list looks eerily similar to mine! :)

Stop by my new place: www.emptycerebrations.com. There's even some video of the kiddos if you page down a bit.

Aren't you so thrilled about Amy and the baby! :) :) :)


Sugarmama said...

Today, I didn't yell at my older daughter. (Yes!) I did plant our herb garden. I wish I hadn't eaten 2 hot cross buns AND a slice of oatmeal-applesauce cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. Today I will go help my older daughter plan her own personal little flower garden. Right after I catch up on some other blogs...

joyce said...

yesterday I didn't:
go for a run
go to the store to buy more milk

I did:
rake the front yard
garden claw two flower beds
partially clean up the (disgusting) garage
set up the trampoline

I wish I:
had been kinder to hubby
spoke to the kid's dance teacher
remembered to fill my prescription
practised times tables with the girls

Today I will:
send 7 kids off to school
entertain 5 pre schoolers
practise better posture, cuz my shoulders hurt from raking!
drink too much coffee
not drink enough water
talk to the dance teacher