Thursday, April 20, 2006


I so want to kick my husband's ass right now, right after I beat the shit out of my computer with my kid's baseball bat--could it go any slower? I've taken a Xanax; somebody put me out of my misery.

Weird thing about me #2 (if you missed #1, it's in the previous post):
Before I met the husband who's ass I feel like kicking right now, I had NEVER, and I mean EVER, not even an Olive Garden, or a burrito place (aside from Taco Bell) ... I had never eaten at a Mexican, Chinese or Italian restaurant in my entire previous-before-I-met-husband life.

Can you believe it?

What did I eat, you ask? I guess I lived off of pizza, burgers and fries. And I wonder why Diva has an eating disorder?

Okay, deep breath, some Ohm breathing... and I'm ready for bed. I have been staying up far too late these past nights. I just realized I never blogged about my birthday (I did not want to kick husband's ass over that one because he did come home from work early, get me a dozen roses, treated me to a spa day and then a great dinner out... so there was no ass-kicking going on over the weekend.

The house is a mess. Wanna know why? Because every freaking day when the kids get home from school, I take them on a bike ride, or we go to the park, or we go out for pizza, or we set up the sprinkler outside and have about 12 neighbor kids over and I'll make popcorn and they'll play and I'll watch them play. The house is a mess, but who cares, because they are having fun, and Manic Mom is all about the fun.

OKay, I've lost it. And this is a total PMSing feeling crappy post, but who cares, I'm going to post it and not even read over it before I do so.

Can't wait till tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. where I'll be outside at a bar sipping on the first of probably many appletinis...

PS--Oh, if you are an Emily Giffin fan, leave me a comment if you want to be part of a special contest/drawing to win something Emily-Giffin related that I personally am in the possession of.

Oh, and one more thing--I totally just had the urge to eat a whole bag of potato chips in my bed.

Hope you have fun weekend plans! xoxo


xxxx said...

Ohhh, you make me laugh, but I'm sorry you had a crappy night! Would love to hear how the hubby pissed you off!!! :) I started Baby Proof..I'm like, I'll read ONE chapter, because I'm still trying to finish ANOTHER book...and of course I'm on chapter 8!

cubmommy said...

Girl, I know what you mean. I wanted to kick my husband's ass last night. Not a good night.

Sorry you had a bad night as well. MEN Ugh!

I have read Something Blue which I thought was good. I thought Baby Proof comes out in June. Is it out early?

What is your surprise?

joyce said...

I love your blog. Men just come with asses that beg to be kicked.

g. said...

lol at joyce's comment, isn't that the truth !!!!

I love EG !!!! had to wait freaking FOR EVER for Something Blue to come out in trade size since I had Something Borrowed in trade size and they HAD to match... took forever!!!!

oh and check out it is so incredibly sad....

Anonymous said...

my name is stella...and i am a fellow anti-ethnic food eater.

i have blogged about my aversion to anything not white, orange, or wrapped in paper.

my fiance actually created something called 'ethnic tuesday' which involves dragging me kicking and screaming to crazy restaurants like MOROCCAN, and THAI, and eww...INDIAN.

we are traveling the world for a year...and i might not make it. seriously. they are going to have to admit me to a hospital and hook me up to a bag of liquid McDonalds.


Heather Hansen said...

Can I join you with that apple martini?

Anonymous said...

Yes, why is hubby deserving of an ass kicking?

How do you get hands on this drug I've heard wonders about?

Where do you live so I can join you for the drinking hour?

Feel better.

Bobita said...

You're leaving us hangin'??

What did husband do? Or not do?

Come on...we're all waiting with curiosity and anticipation!