Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tagged and Completely Stumped!

Fellow-Gal-Pal Blogger Bobita has tagged me, and while I love a good tag, this one totally has stumped me!

I'm just not weird enough. I don't think so anyway. And what I have thought of as being weird in my life, I've already sent those traits in on an anonymous postcard to PostSecret, and no, I've never urinated on a roommate's McDonald's uniform. Sorry to disappoint.

So, anyway, this tag is about confessing six weird things about myself. Can you guys guess or make up six weird things you think I might have done in my life, or would like to do? And please, no farm animals, okay?

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but here's a haikku to let you know why:

Rewrite, write, rewrite,
Novel, refreshed, rebirthing
It will live someday

Would love you to send me a haikku on any subject you like!

Ooh, childhood memory weird thing just popped into my head. My favorite song in fifth grade was The Rose by Bette Midler. I had a Barbie record player and the 45 record of the song (some of you may not even know what a record album is!) Anyway, I would go into my room, play the record, and belt out the words to the song like it was my last dying breath. I would be one with the song. I would become Bette. I would breathe in her songness, and sing her beautiful song.

I sucked.

I love whenever I hear that song on the radio. The memories inside unleash, and I am 10 again, singing like I was made to sing for all to hear.

Tell me something about you. Pretty please.


Bobita said...

LOVED your "Rose" confession!

I, too...was Bette as a youngster!

I was also Dolly...belting out the vinyl-rendition of "9-to-5" whilst roller-skating in my friend's basement!

And...ashamedly...I can sing along to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" as though I wrote the damn song myself! (I've actually won some $money$ in bars because of this skill...)

Thanks for accepting the tag-challenge!

tommy said...

Good luck with the novel babe:-)You Rock!!

Steve H said...

you had bette, i had barry manilow... there, i said it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

bobita--Loved Devil went down to Ga--sang it in about 8th grade. Never got money for it though!

ANd thank YOU for tagging me. Maybe if I come up with more stuff, I'll add some.

Tommy, no... You rock! I might have to change the OB in my novel to Dr. Tommy. As it is now, he's Dr. Hottie, so maybe it's two of the same?

Hotwire--bet you didn't see Barry in concert TWICE? Bet you don't have COCOCABANA downloaded into your iPod. Bet you didn't play, "We Made It Through The Rain" at your wedding???? Who's your daddy? Barry's your daddy! I love him!

Everyday Mommy--to tag, you have to be tagged, or you can start your own I guess. In order to tag someone, you just post their blog name and then go over to their blog and tell them they've been TAGGED and need to answer some questions.

Christa said...

Where've I been? I've been lurking. I guess. Where have you been??? Oh, yeah, at the bar with appletinis. Have some new stuff for you, hope you have some newly edited stuff for me. Let's make a date. They say you're easy, but really, really, you are NOT! I loved Bette then and love Bette now. My confession is that I also adore Niel Diamond, Paul Simon and John Travolta in Grease. My wierd confession is that I recently went to a business meeting whereafter we gals went to a bar and this guy that's WAY too young for me who had very nice arms bought us drinks and flirted. While inebriated several drinks later, he walked by us, turned to chat to me and I apparently grabbed his arm and squeezed it. You read it right, I TOUCHED another man. And then later that evening, more drunk than I have ever been since my days at the University of Florida, I apparently confessed to my also inebriated roomies that I wanted to suck on his arms. And now I am at another meeting, in fact its three meetings and six months later, and I am being GOOD, and everyone is still making fun of me. Nice story, huh. You shoulda seen this guys guns. You would have sucked on them, I bet.

Sugarmama said...

Hey, I sang "The Rose" in my 8th grade variety show in front of the whole school. Does that count as weird? I'd totally forgotten about that...

Anonymous said...

Was just searching the blogs and came across yours!! Love it love it love it. I think I'll be hooked.

Ramblin rose

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks Ramblin! I'll check out your blog! Send your friends over to Manic!