Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mud And Stuff

OK, I am like two seconds from falling asleep; suddenly everything I have been doing all week has caught up with me and I am cranky, tired, exhausted, and ready to throw in the towel. I need a serious break from these kids, and I ain't getting it any time soon because they had school off today and will not be in tomorrow either for parent/teacher conferences.

And this is not how I wanted to start out this post, with a woe-is-me-my-day-hath-sucked because it hadn't at all. I had a GREAT day with the kids. It was the most amazing, most beautiful day in the world today (well, for November 8 in Chicago, that is).

I wore shorts. The kids wore shorts and flip flops. It was THAT WARM here. Yes, you East coasters can expect this weather on Friday I bet. Cripes allmighty, Tukey is on the stairs whining and griping about how he is going to have a Mr. Meaty bad dream and begging me, pretty-pretty-pretty-pretty-pretty please can he sleep with his sister cuz he's scared and you know what, this is a total rant, free for all post right now i'm not even going to go back and check for typos.

Here I was going to get all flowery and tell you about our beautiful fun day in which I awoke with no hangover from the surprise birthday party I went to last night. First of all, I got my hair fixed in what I called my "Highlights and Happy Hour" at the salon I go to and my girl was soooo great, she didn't even charge me because I had been unhappy with my hair from Saturday (reference back to when the kids said I was looking kinda Goth).

So, free highlights, and then I had a glass of wine while I was getting them done.
After that, I had just two appletinis at the birthday party, which was a lot of fun, and had I not been a responsible adult with a babysitter at home, a husband out of town and a curfew, I might have gotten into trouble with my newly "sexed-up" hair, as Amanda my colorist called it.

I am totally IGNORING TUKEY right now as he is still begging me for something on the stairs and I'm thinking in my head that I really have my fingers in my ears and I'm going lalalalalalalalalal, I can't hear you! Lalallalalaalal, I'm not paying attention.

God, you'd think I was on crack right now. You should see how fast I'm typing this just because I want to get it out and get my butt into my bed because I am so tired.

Reason I'm tired: OK, last night is part of it, I stayed out kinda late for a Wednesday night, and then today when we all got up and realized it was a "Knock Your D In The D Day" (more on that later, but go ahead and guess what THAT means, and yep, my Father made it up and it's now a family phrase!)...

We went for a walk/bikeride to Starbucks and it was so nice out but I kept yelling at the kids. See, I can't even make this a nicey-nicey post because I'm so freaking in need of a break right now, and here the phone is ringing...

OK, I'm back. And beggging Tukey not to cry, and yes, dammit, i see i put too many Gs on the begging word but I'm not making any corrections.

So, we did the starbucks walk, bikeride thing and it was okay, great to be outside, terrific to see golfers on the course enjoying the beautiful weather as we walked along the path to the starbucks.

Got home, and then I decided, who the hell needs to clean up the kitchen or do laundry on a day like this. So we went to the Morton Arboretum, and here again, I am too lazy to link you so if you're that interested, you can google it and find out about this beautiful sanctuary of trees and shit. Seriously. It is gorgeous. We played in the children's garden, hiked up some forestty hills. I watched Diva pick six dandelions and then blow them all at once, wishing so much I had a camera and that I had it on black and white mode because the picture of her blowing the dandelion into the very mellow wind was beautiful. Then I watched as Tukey chased a squirrel with a nut in its mouth, saying, "Come here, squirrelly, come here! I'm not going to hurt you!" Later, I said, "What do you think the squireel's name was?" I knew what his answer would be and I was right: Squirrelly.

So, then, our feets were tired and sore so they asked if they could take off their shoes so I said yes, and then we all took them off and our socks too, and wow, what did manic mom let her children do?

We squished our feet through some yucky, mucky, squishy, wet and slimy mud and it was the coolest, most fun, best thing to do and people were looking at us like we were crazy or that I was the most fun mom in the entire world and it felt so good, like a real foot massage in the forrest, and you know what I spelled a lot of things wrong here, and I'm very, very, very, very tired so I'm going to say goodnight now.

Because I'm so tired.

And, because, I just noticed the bottoms of my feet are still yucky-yuck.


xxxx said...

You are the coolest mom in the WORLD! But you have to get your sleep so we can catch up!

violetvirus said...

It's oredi November 10 and FRIDAY here...God, I feel so fast forwarded!

Irene said...

Whew! I actually felt tired myself after reading your post. Haha! Hope you get some well-deserved rest and re-energize yourself back to being a fabulous manic mom! c",)

Frannie Farmer said...

cfrzjThis is absolutely why I love your blog. You are a terrific, honest, and witty mom....
Thanks. Now I am off to yell at my kids, who don't have school today and keep screaming
"IwannawatchanothermovieNOW" ... grrr

Save Sheila said...

Fortunately my kid had school. But you are a great mom!! I usually talk myself out of letting him walk in mud because it's SO messy and then you track mud everywhere, and on and on. Love your blog, you are honest and funny!

Unknown said...

No wonder you are so tired! But if I were there I would have thought you were a REALLY cool mom! That sounds great! And mud just feels good! I gotta read about your "goth" hair now, cause that happened to me last weekend!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

My kids were home Friday. Ugh, that was fun!!! Actually it was fun and crazy, but soooo exhausting. I feel for you, now get some sleep. I went to bed at 9 last night!!!

1 plus twins said...

i so hope you got your sleep and doing well!! think everyone is in the same boat as you as far as needing a break from kids and really tired. now with the holidays right around the corner unfortunately it is gonna get worse. hang in there and grab your sleep when you can can.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thank you guys. I know I shouldn't be all mopey, but I just can't help it. I really think I'm allergic to the feelings that winter is headed our way, and all the stress of the holidays. I want it to be STRESSFREE!

Thanks to all of you who have told me to hang in there! I know it's hard for ALL OF US, even if we're not moms!

Thank you very much for your kind words.