Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1, 2007

Minute With Manic

I’d like to introduce you to the first-ever Minute With Manic featured guest! So, with no further adieu, please meet Heather!

Blogger Name: Heather
Blogger URL:
Blogging since August 2005

Manic: Hey Heather! How many pieces of Halloween candy did you eat since yesterday? I myself had two mini Baby Ruths and a 100,000 Grand mini this morning for breakfast.

Heather: Does gum count? If yes, then I ate two pieces! One piece of Super Bubble, and one mini-Pay Day.

Manic: Ooh, I absolutely LOVE Pay Days!

Heather: Pretty darn good huh, only two pieces? Forget the fact that my stomach is only the size of a mini-Pay Day so, that's all it can hold anyway (due to weight loss surgery last Nov.)

Manic: Ooh! Now there’s a topic I totally would like to know about!

Heather: Do you know how many years it would take me to eat all the candy in my son's Halloween pumpkin? I think I'm going to save all the gross candy that we don't like for next year and give it to the teens who show up to my door without costumes and their pillowcases gaped wide open. Whadya think about that!

Manic: I think that’s a GREAT idea! But I have to tell you, one of the cleverest costumes ever was a kid at the door with NO costume on, and when I said to him, “Hey, what are YOU dressed as?!” he coolly replied, “Well, I’m a pedestrian!” I totally cracked up and gave him a ton of candy for being so original.

(Heather is probably thinking at this point: Who’s interviewing who here?!?!)

Manic: OK, Heather, so what is your favorite kind of candy?

Heather: Pay Day, of course. You’ve got the peanuts and caramel, the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Manic: The perfect PMS treat!

Heather: I used to work for Nestle’ so I’ve got the brand loyalty!

Manic: Which candy will you automatically throw out because it’s just stupid Halloween candy?

Heather: A squishy candy eyeball...Oh and I HAVE A PARTICULAR HATRED FOR ANY KIND OF CANDY CORNS! Thank goodness we didn't get ANY! Those would have definitely been File 13'd.

Manic: I hate candy corns too, but oddly, I enjoy the ones with the chocolate tips. Why do you think the candy eyeball is stupid?

Heather: Come on peeps...I don't know about you but, we're not into eating anatomical parts at my house. Our last name is Rice NOT Dahmer...

Manic: Interesting that you say, “Come on peeps” because I profoundly loathe that little Easter treat. And did you know you can blow ‘em up in the microwave? See, I’ll show you:

Manic: So, Heather, if you could dress up as a famous person for the day and be that person, who would you choose? And no, you cannot pick Paris Hilton!

Heather: John Gotti....

Manic, thinking to herself so as not to hurt Heather’s feelings: Gee, this is going to be tougher than I thought. I’ll have to play smart here because I have no idea who John Gotti is… must google John Gotti.

Heather, continuing: …and I'd have special "concrete boots" created for my outfit. Then I'd give props to Prada for designing my boots. They'd be my biggest "hit" yet. Color: "Gun-Metal" Grey....In fact, Prada is naming their new Spring 2008 line, "Mafia Couture" in my honor. Coming to store shelves March 2008. As an added incentive, if you pay with cash, we'll throw in one of my very own autographed Louisville Slugger's (from my personal collection nonetheless). Nothing says "ba ba bouy" better than concrete and a new bat. Remember to stop by and see the new Spring line, because you don't want to know what'll happen to ya if YOU "Fa Gid Aboud it"!

Manic: Well, OK then Heather, that’s interesting. Who’s Prada? Oh, never mind! On to the next question!

What was the stupidest costume you've ever seen, besides that outfit Britney Spears wore during her performance of Gimme More?

Heather: Oh my gosh, I saw a kid who was dressed (straight jacket & mask) Like Hannibal Lector....His dad pushed him from house to house on a furniture dolly.....IT was pretty stupid. His candy sack was "tied" into the straight jacket straps. When I passed him I said, "Holy Hannibal"....He just looked at me and said something about "fava beans" blah blah blah...couldn't really make it out.

Manic: Now see, I think THAT is hysterical! I love that idea! The kid gets to be carted around the whole night! No tired feet! I’m sure the dad wasn’t too happy though. What is the most unrealistic thing you are most scared about?

Heather: Cruise Control...Could stem from an episode when I was 16, when I blew out two tires. I had set cruise control so that I could FOCUS on changing radio stations (so much more important) instead of pushing the accelerator. I will never forget my mother's reaction (YOU DID WHAT?) when I called her for help.

Manic: And there probably wasn’t even cell phones back then, were there?

Heather: Shut up Manic. I’m not that old! Anyway, I had to wait for three hours for AAA to come fix it.

Manic: Did they bring beer? Oh wait, that’s AA. Sorry. Next question, not that I’m not enjoying our conversation, but it’s turning out to be Many Minutes With Manic, and you would not believe the mess this house is in. Wrapped Christmas presents in the foyer (yes, I know, hate me!), discarded Halloween costumes strewn throughout, candy wrappers and beer cans all over the place, clean and fresh-scented (thanks to my new addiction to fabric softener) unfolded laundry on the couches… OK, enough about me, here’s another question for you:

Manic: When do you look most scary, and why is this?

Heather: Any day other than Mon/Wed. because on those days I HAVE to drop my three-year-old at Mother's Day Out. So, you gotta look like Supermom right?

Manic: SCREEEEEECH!!!! NO HEATHER! You do NOT have to look like Supermom in front of all those superficially transparent women!

Heather: I actually DO shower on those days and get all glammed up so that I can walk him in to school. I won't be one of the mom's dressed in her Sportsbra and Danskin leggings with black eyeliner smudges under her eyes and looking like she just got in at 2 AM from a Quiet Riot concert.

Manic: Heather, I’ll pretend not to be offended here. Do you know what I wear to the bus stop every day? Do you know how I dress for school functions??? And the fact that … hmmm… well, this might just be my favorite tune…

We might be cutting this interview short.

Heather: Well, on those days, I'm SuperMOM! Oh, and my shirt will have a rhinestone "S" on the front.

Manic: Mine usually has ketchup stains and chocolate syrup in the shape of an “S” that stands for SLOB!

Heather: I won’t hold that against you, Manic, but hey, if any of your Bloggers visit my Blog AND leave me a comment saying they found me through Manic Mom, I’ll offer a 10 percent discount on my Faith Creations i.e. Domino necklaces which I sell for $12 each.

Manic: So wait! This is the kind of math I can do! That would be like $1.20 off! Cool!

Heather: Here are some pics of my creations—

Manic: Ooh, they’re really cute! And pretty! And inspirational! Where were these suckers when Swish and I were looking for our MUSES?!?!?!!

Heather: Finally, I would like to offer you a domino necklace FREE....for making me laugh every day and because I think you're a pretty cool chick. Let me know your fave colors and if anything in my inventory specifically strikes your fancy. This was SO FUN!

Manic: OK, Heather, now I am truly stunned! I wasn’t expecting presents for doing this Minute With Manic, but WOW, they are sooo cute! I definitely have to have one! Thank you, and thanks for playing Minute With Manic!

And don’t forget peoples, we’re doing fun interviews every day for the month of November, so leave a comment and maybe you’ll get featured! And I promise, you don’t have to give me anything!!! Although I’m excited about my new necklace!

Tune in tomorrow, where the topic of Minute With Manic will either be about FOOD or something else!

Peace Up, and make sure to stop on over at Heather’s to say hello and see her fun creations!


Kate said...

Very funny! you two should drink together!
oh i am hoping tomorrow is about food! though the peep blowing up was kind of fun, i dont think it counts as 'food'. Maybe try to make something healthy from left over halloween candy? (HAHAHAHAHA!)

kay said...

holy cow i can't wait for my turn!! what great questions. and awesome answers!!

pick me pick me pick me!!!!

kay said...

so what if i comment about 16 times? will that increase my chances?

Cecily R said...

Jon and I just had our daily moment alone watching the peeps blow up (Gracie is downstairs and Evie is asleep and Isaac is still at school). Love over the microwave...

I love Minute(s)with Manic! Seriously, this post was stinkin' hilarious (we are trying to abolish the work frickin' at our house lately because I hate it when Isaac says it, so I have to use our replacement word)!!! You just keep getting funnier!

Melisa Wells said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny, especially the "looking up John Gotti" part.

But then I read this:
Manic: And there probably wasn’t even cell phones back then, were there?
Heather: Shut up Manic. I’m not that old!

Now, especially with my 82nd b-day this Tuesday, I am severely depressed. I may be the only person on earth to give up on NaBloPoMoFo after the first day due to depression over old age.

But seriously, gotta go: I want to check out Heather's blog! Great interview, Manic!
(Manic, did we tell people that we found out at our lunch that we're even the same age? We 81 year olds have to stick together!

look for me on NaBloPoMoFo, at least for my post on Day 1...

Melisa Wells said...

ARGGH...I hate when I forget the ")". Sah-ree.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

>>Heather: Shut up Manic. I’m not that old! <<

OH! That's the second time in one week I took a direct hit! First over roommates and now apparently I'm ancient. You know, cell phones only hit mainstream 10 years ago. Pre-dating cell phones does NOT MAKE YOU OLD!

Oh, hang on, they are back again, where is my cane? {shaking cane on front porch} "GET OFF MY YARD YOU LITTLE BASTARDS BEFORE I CALL YOUR PARENTS"

By gar, that scared 'em! Now, where were we? Uh...

xxxx said...

Now you have a new muse! But we need the same one!

OK, and I seriously love candy corn and Peeps, so I will take all the ones you guys don't eat :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Hey you kids! Turn down that music!"

That makes me old, not the cell phone thing.

What makes me lame is thinking "I would love to try the peeps thing but I wouldn't want to have to clean up the microwave after they explode."


KATE said...

I love your first Minute with Manic feature!
I love it! Great questions, & I love your responses too! That Brittney video is ridickerous!
I'm with ya on the not getting dressed up to drop off kids. I was actually trying to take pix of people at preschool drop off, they look like they are going to the freakin Prom!!
I'll post about it!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! Especially Blowing up of peeps!!!

What a great interview.....!! Well done.....

Waves a tim tam at ya....


AutoSysGene said...

OMG! You guys are hysterical! I want to be you when I grow up...though I guess I'm old, I grew up before cellphones were popular. Can I borrow your cane, Rob?

Great interview!!

Matt said...

Gosh... I thought I was a youngster until I saw that cellphone comment. I didn't have one until college and that was only because it was slightly cheaper than long-distance phone cards.

Also, I always had a crush on the mom dressed in her Sportsbra and Danskin leggings.

Hmmm... I must be old and deviant.

Andie said...

so fun!

you definitely had a great idea with that one!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


There weren't cell phones when I was 16; come on everybody! They weren't really mainstreamed (like we're talking crack here or something) until well after AJers was born, which was ten years ago. I didn't have my first one until probably just 8 years ago.

We're not really old, we're just inundated with new technological advances every dang day! It's hard to keep up!

blog author said...

dont feel bad Manic, i didnt have cell phones growing up either. mom would give me a quarter on the way out the door in case i needed to call...which entailed having to find a pay phone that worked and wasn't covered in something gross.

and i dont like candy corn, but i love the candy corn pumpkins (more mallowcream i think).

xxxx said...

OK, I just have to chime in and say that I did not get my first cell phone until THREE YEARS AGO!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I used to get a DIME for the payphone! Yes, I remember when phone calls AND letters to be mailed only cost a dime!

And Swish, YOU NEED A CELL PHONE! And Swish is NOT old guys! She's a B A B Y !!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You know what guys, next person to comment gets a shot at a Minute With Manic... so, who will it be???

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

and this is because Diva chose a number, and after not including my comments, the next poster would be that number she chose!

cubmommy said...

Hey don't worry Swishy I did not get a cell phone until three years ago either. Now you can't find a pay phone anywhere.

Great interview!

Drewpy Drew said...

I love the hour with Manic. I've never seen a peep fart before.

Jenster said...

OH NO!! I just realized this is not good. I'm going to find 30 more blogs to read by the end of the month!!

Great interview!!

Melisa Wells said...


I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ah yes Melisa...the IBM Selectrics....Beautiful piece of machinery....Remember the "correction tape" you'd slide in up top to make your corrections. We must have been in typing class around the same years (mid 80's)..

Dani said...

Oh, my hubby showed me the blowing up peeps this past year at Easter. Very fun. I hate peeps.
Congrats on being the most prodigious producer of words on this first day of NaBloPoMo. Everyone else I've read (so far) has been too busy to write much.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

LOVE IT.. Nanoblogmo? What was it?

Way better than nanocantwritetodaybecauseofmychildreno

My neighbor caught me dragging the garbage out on Monday...I was wearing Spongebob pajamas, my nasty robe and slippers.

It was almost noon.

domestic_valerie said...

Hmmm...I feel my west coast time might leave me out of comment picking.

Great interview. What a fun way to blog for a month!

And, 13 times in a row?? My god woman, you're made of tougher material than I. But if I don't get a positive in a week or so...well...we'll have to give it a whirl next cycle.

onthegomom said...

Hilarious! Loved the first "Minute(s) with Manic"! John Gotti cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Feeling the error of my ways, I thought I'd check out Manic for a quiet start to the kid free school day...only to find that not only am I too old to party on a school night (especially with Ukranians) but I pre-date mobiles too!!

So, one down, 29 to go, can you keep the pace up?

The Gang's Momma! said...

What a fun idea :) And yes, if you pick me I'll be honest. Boring, but honest. My life isn't nearly as interesting as my blogging thoughts. But a girl's gotta have some outlet, right? :)

I'm getting the strange feeling that I am the old one in the crowd. I had to re-read both the post and the comments to get all the references to pop culture that apparently I either missed in my niavete of teen-hood or missed because I was past it. Hopeless to think I missed it because I hadn't gotten there yet. Maybe it was the niavete.

Enjoying this feature - keep up the great work!

Happy Working Mom said...

What a fun interview! Love the added commentary that you supplied :)

Michelle said...

This is too funny. I have to agree with kate's comment. It would be funny to see you trwo drinking together! LOL

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...


I am FUNNY!!!


Cecily R said...

Ummm, hello! It's the 2nd and no post yet from Manic and the Manic Minute...I need my fix! Heh.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

It's November 2nd! Where is the post you promised me?

Unknown said...

LOL! Heather set quite a precedent, didn't she?

Tanya said...

I think this is a cool idea. Now you will have something to talk about everyday and I will have something good to read to distract myself from my novel everyday. What a win win win situation!

XYZinn said...

Are you two sisters? I think you look a lot alike.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

She is pretty cute, isn't she? But no, we are not sisters. Just cyber friends! Now anyway! LOL!

Heather--where's my necklace!!!!

: )