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November 3, 2007

Minute With Manic

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Today's featured Blogger is none other than Stephanie at which kind of disturbs me because my name is also Stephanie, and oftentimes I feel like a pig, like right after I’ve just eaten six Baby Ruths and three Muskateers (the Pay Days are all gone).

Manic: So, first off, what’s so evil about pigs? How did you come up with your Blog title?

Evil Pig: So, back in '96 I had just graduated from college, and had a degree in Liberal Arts.

Manic: Ooh, I’m way older than you! I graduated in ’91, but with a Liberal Arts degree too, and look where THAT GOT ME?? You know, you just might be young enough to have had a cell phone since its inception, huh?

Evil Pig: Sure, duh. Of course, with my degree, I couldn't find a job because no one wanted to hire me for my expansive knowledge of British Literature and the Novel Before 1960.

Manic: Hmmm. There were books back then? And what’s British Literature? Is that like that Jane Eyre or Jane Austin stuff? I don’t follow that genre.

Evil Pig: Anyway, I got a job at a place called "The Pampered Princess" where they sold...well, they sold a bunch of frilly crap that old ladies buy.

Manic: You mean this place?

Evil: Manic, you are good! They had these specialty, hand-milled soaps, and one of them had a pig holding a bouquet of flowers on it. The pig looked totally evil. So, because I'm a good sister, I bought it for my brother for Christmas. Hence, the tradition of giving "the Evil Pig soap" began. That's where I got the Blog title.

Manic: What a great family tradition. We usually give the fake poop as a Christmas gift, but, OK, this evil pig thing is fascinating! I checked on the Pampered Princess site, and didn’t find any piggies, but then I did a google search where I discovered some shocking stuff!

I started out with googling Pig Soap which led me to a couple interesting photos. I thought this piggy was pretty cute, and doesn't look very evil, but this is what you get when you google Pig Soap:

Here's some cute 'hand' soap:

Get it, "HAND" soap?

But then when I googled Evil Pig Soap, this showed up, and let me tell you, this is pretty evil!

And I'm not making this up! This totally came up when I googled Evil Pig Soap! Scary!

Manic: OK, next question-- What’s your favorite kid lunch? Like for instance, today I had an Uncrustable PB&J and a kid-size bag of Fritos. On occasion, I’ll crave a tuna fish sandwich (tuna and mayo mixed together ONLY) with Ruffles or Lay’s potato chips INSIDE the sandwich. Then I smash down the bread a bit until I hear the chips crack a little. Awesome! Have you ever tried that?

Evil: Dude! I LOVE a good 'ole PB&J, but only with Smucker's Strawberry Preserves and Peter Pan peanut butter.

Manic: SCREEEEECH! You’re lucky this is not The Gong Show (WAIT! How many of you EVEN know what The Gong Show was?!?!?) because if it were, you’d be getting gonged right here… Strawberry jelly? No way man. It’s grape all the way for Manic!

Evil: Well, you can’t gong me here. So, as I was saying, my favorite kid lunch is a bologna sandwich with mustard and Lay's potato chips. In it. Oh yes, apparently we were separated at birth because the only people I know that do that are me and my father.

Manic: OK, Evil, I could accept the fact that maybe we were separated at birth except for one small fact. Why do we have the same first name? There’s no way our parents would have done that, separated us, but then given us the same name. That’s totally lame. But tell Dad hi for me!

Evil: Next question please.

Manic: If you could go to any restaurant for a nice meal, where would you want to go, and what kind of food would you order?

Evil: There's this awesome restaurant in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, that I love. It has the best ceviche EVER. Now, it's not exactly a restaurant for a "nice" meal, but if I'm eating ceviche and I can look out and see the ocean, it's nice enough for me.

Manic: OK, I get the ocean thing, but what the hell is ceviche? Cripes, I am going to learn a lot doing this Minute With Manic thing. Time to google, and here’s a picture:

What the hell is that? Oh well, this indicates to me that at least you’re not a food snob. Do you ever send back food at a restaurant? For what reasons?

Evil: Good God. I sent back an enchilada when I was an undergrad. When I cut into it with my fork and pulled the bite away from the rest of the enchilada, a hair dragged its way across from the inner workings of the enchilada. It was a long, black hair. In my cheese. Go puke now.

Manic: OK, I will. Hold please….BARF! OK, I’m back, and I’m guessing you haven’t ordered one of those ever again! Next up-- Desserts… discuss… evil as pigs or eat them and become a pig?

Evil: Both. I like to give desserts an equal chance. They ARE as evil as pigs; therefore, I eat them and become a pig. I guess I'm inherently evil.

Manic: And quite talented!

Evil: Thank you!

Manic: Cutest all-time animal ever?

Evil: My youngest child.

Manic: Hey, mine too!

Evil: Or a hairless cat. Damn, I love those things.

Manic: OK, so now that’s just gross. A hairless cat is probably grosser than a burrito with hair! So I was assuming you’d give an answer of an animal with fur, but you’ve stumped me here! So, give me another animal WITH fur.

Evil: Yeah, funny, neither of the ones I chose have fur. Now you want one with 'bout a marmoset? Those are damn cute.

Manic: Good God, I have to go back to google images again! For those of you who don’t know what the heck a marmoset is, here’s a pic:

This reminds me of a joke I once heard… An evil pig and a marmoset walk into a Mexican restaurant and order a ceviche…

Hey Evil Pig, thanks so much for playing! I’ve definitely learned a lot with this interview! Oink oink!


JODI said...

Don't tell...but I sneaked a peek at my daughter's email a while back. When I looked just now at the "evil pig soap" that was of a naked Hasselhoff cloaked with pooches in the appropriate spots...well that is what I found in my daughter's email; that picture except someone had pasted that band director's head to make the picture humorous. I so wanted to forward it to my friends but working for the school district... well... I just didn't think it was a good idea (not good for job security). When I looked at your insert of that picture all I can see is the band director.

kay said...


naked hasselhoff under evil pig cracks me up.

i'm going to have to get some of those hand soaps. they look like someone cut the hands off of a bunch of babies and set them on a plate. bizarre

AutoSysGene said...

Naked Hasselhoff...(shudder) WRONG!!

Potato chips in a sandwich? SnoreMan does that all the time. He's all about a dorito/lunch meat sandwich though...I thought he was the only strange one. He's teaching my daughter the finer art of sandwich making these days...I'm slightly afraid.

Ceviche is seafood cooked by something acidic like lemon or lime juice. Do I get points for knowing this? Finally wasting all this time in front of Food Network has paid off.

I swear I must be the only one who likes PB&J without the J. I think that just makes it a PB, right?

Great interview, I think you may have missed your calling Manic!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Melissa--I just had a lunchmeat sandwich and DORITOS, and Diva is here eating a PB sandwich cuz she HATES jelly!!!! Too weird!!!!

Melisa Wells said...

Gong! IIIII remember The Gong Show...and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine! And that sleezy Jaye P. Morgan!

What an awesome show! Now THAT was Family Fun Times.

P.S. My 15-year-old LOVES PB sandwiches.


Melisa Wells said...

BTW, for those of you youngsters out there who are saying, "Huh? Gong Show? What kind of stupid show was that?"

It was an early, early, early predecessor to all of the "reality" shows of today.

If you'd like to check out Gene Gene The Dancin Machine, go here: (and then come back to Manic! and then visit me!)

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Jodi, that is freaking funny. I can't stand Hasselhoff. Baby hands on a plate. ew.

And I had the very best ceviche in Mexico, too. On our honeymoon in Cozumel at a scary-looking place by the side of the ocean. My husband and I talk about it to this day.

I loved the Gong Show!

onthegomom said...

The 'hand soap' freaked me out... wow!

I remember the Gong Show. Not sure if I should be proud of that fact or not?!@?

And I LOVE potato chips, doritos, fritos...whatever, on my sandwiches and so do my kids!

Anonymous said...

I luv the gong show....!!! Totally hillarious!! I remember yelling at the television gong them gong them...

PBJ and Potato chips yummmmmm and dorito's with M and M's ....


blog author said...

im lovin these minutes with manic.
i've seen the 'hand soap' and they totally make me giggle while grossing me out.

blog author said...

oh, and i TOTALLY LOVE potato chips in a GRAPE PB&J. but, i've given up chips, so i can't have that anymore :(

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

The Hoff...his "evil pig" is in rehab now me's thinks.... can tell you're not from the South because if you were you'd know how arse-kicken good ceviche (pronounced Say-Vee-Chey). It's a fabulous mexican dish. Evil Pig, if you're ever in Dallas (or You for that manner, Manic) I've got a great place we can go for ceviche...No YouTube today...exploding Peeps or Quiet Riot guitar solos? You're not falling down on your job are you? By the way, my blog "fame" has brought in many domino necklace orders....when you going to tell me which one YOU want? Or did you already? It's been crazy this past week....Peace Out!

domestic_valerie said...

I liked the hand soap...but I can't think of a place I could put it without freaking everyone out. Hmmm...wouldn't a fish bowl in the kitchen look great with all those little hands? Heeheehee

I (heart) Google images. "evil pig soap"--that was the best.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

>>It has the best ceviche EVER. Now, it's not exactly a restaurant for a "nice" meal,<<

Wow Evil Pig, I have never heard of this "ceviche" before but I want you to know how proud I am of you for speaking out so openly about this terrible STD. Now we all know to 'eat' at nice places!

Thank you.

Kate said...

hilarious post! you really should have a blog where you just interview bloggers!

i ALSO only eat tuna sandwiches with mayo and chips EXACTLY as you described! i have been told this is 'low class' however, they just dont know what they are missing! it is really the only 'proper' way to enjoy a tuna sandwich!!

thanks for the (now) daily laughs :)

Melisa Wells said...

I do remember hearing ceviche on Iron Chef America once or twice...

Cecily R said...

I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Sometimes I indulge and make myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I am feeling particularly Bertish (of Bert and Ernie fame...his fav), but it's been a while.

Oh, and I'm with EP on the whole strawberry versus grape thing. Totally.

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Once again, I am laughing outloud....David Hasslehoff, hand soap, ceviche, hairless cats...

It was ALL funny!!
Manic, you are onto somethin'! This is GREAT!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, listen up Heather, no one said there's a guaranteed Youtube video in each posting! I'm just supposed to post every day--come on, can you imagine the pressure I'm under! Holy F Bomb this is harder than you think! I go about my day, and something will pop into my head, like, "Ooh, I should make that a question!" and then I'll lose it... oooh, the pressure! Que or is it queque?... Queque the David Bowie youtube video...

Oh and yeah, 'me not from the south?' WRONGO!! Tampa Florida born and bred sista, till I was 16, and mah daddy married mah cuzin's sister's brother's aunt and moved me up heah to the north!!

And yes, yes, yes! I want a necklace! I need to get a good look at my options once more!! Can you email me the selection or do I just look on your blog? Glad you're getting some biz... have you cut me my check yet? hee hee.

Kate, if you've been told the sammy and chips are low class, then I'm right there with ya babe, cuz I'm about as low class as they come!

Anonymous said...

I eat a kid lunch like every day. It's usually a PB&J sandwich, chips, applesauce and a string cheese. Because I refuse to grow up.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Okay,hands on a plate - just so wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. (muttering and shuffling around my living room, wrong)

And the Hasslehoff pic? That's just scary and creepy and wrong on a whole different level. Those poor puppies. What they must have been thinking. You'd think PETA would get right on that. Or the Humane Society or something. ICK.

Finally, hello?! Peanut butter and fluff is THE consummate kids' sandwich. Fluffer Nutters, I believe they are called. MMMMMMMMMMM!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

I love fluffernutters! I put maple syrup in mine and cut big marshmellows in half and squish it together.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


I LOVED FLUFFERNUTTERS as a kid!!! YUMMY! I tried to get my kids to eat them once, but they didn't like it!

What kind of child does not like that!??!!?

cubmommy said...

I eat a kids lunch everyday. PB&J with a small bag of chips and yogurt.

Naked Hasselhoff freaking me out.