Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American Idol and My Sexy Boy!

UPDATE: Maybe a teeny bit o' live blogging below, cuz it's raining and soccer got canceled!

Due to soccer, homework, dinner, laundry, work, the usual things in life I need to be focused on unforeseen circumstances, I probably won't be Live Blogging American Idol tonight. Plus, they've got Idol Gives Back tomorrow, and then when they kick off Kristy Lee Cook or Syesha somebody on Thursday, I will be attempting to be Super Mom attending a soccer game for one kid, a soccer practice for another in a completely different direction, and a guitar lesson for another, so I won't be able to Live Blog on Thursday for sure. Thank God the kids didn't want to do softball and baseball this season, or else I'd never get to blog!

And YOU dare call me a Slacker Mom.

Speaking of, there's still time to enter the contest for Jen Singer's You're a Good Mom. A winner will be chosen on Wednesday.

Whoops! And speaking of GOOD MOMS, check out My Two Army Brats. Michelle is not a good mom; she's a GREAT MOM! She was one of the first donors in the Manic Mom Virtual Blood drive and now she's spearheading a Relay For Life (where she got 20 people to donate blood in 4 hours!) Go Michelle! And while you're at her blog, you'll see Snarkalicious is still promotin' the Ta-Ta's for her Boob-A-Thon! So many causes, so little time! Talk about some Great Moms!

And not to worry, I'm sure there will be some swooning follow-up regarding what I am sure will be a heart-palpitating, knees-rubbing-together, palms-sweating, wish-I-was-locked-in-a-room-alone-with-you-so-I-could-bite-off-that-sexy-lower-lip-of-yours performance by my boyfriend Michael Johns!

OK couldn't keep me away from a little bit o' live blogging. But Michael up first!? That is like NO FOREPLAY! There's no time for me to get all jazzed up, warmed up for the main event! That's like sex without the orgasm. Wham, bam, no thank you ma'am. And what is up with his stupid neck thingies and ascots? Get rid of his stylist.

OMG, could Manic be falling out of lust?

So now that he's done, there's nothing else for me to watch? Paula's chiwauwaus jiggling all over the place? I don't think so.

OK, Jason, I almost want to go watch Wizard of Oz. You hit that one out of the park. Admittedly, wasn't sure about the ukelele at first, but that sweet little shaveless face of yours... hmmm... no ascot... my new fave?

Me to Ajers: Who's up next?

Ajers: Kristy Lee.

Me: Oh, doesn't matter, she's getting kicked off this week anyway.

So I check her out anyway; she's got a strategy though--she throws out those God songs in order to up her chances. Have you noticed that?

OK, I LOVED Simon after what he said about Jason being Fantastic but now I hate him for not loving David Cook. When he finished his performance, I yelled out, "HE IS A ROCK STAR!"

Come on, was that not GREAT!?!? Yes, a little bit Eddie Vedderesque with the writing on the hand, but way cool I thought! I'd like to Give Back something to a couple of them boys!

Carly's going for that rock star image Simon so wants to see her in, but frankly, she reminds me of Cher's little sister, don't you think? I thought the song was good though. Hey, the show must go on.

I'll just quote Mr. Manic on David Archuletta's performance: "I think he just crushed it." Ditto, dude. Ditto.

Who do we have left? Brooke?

Line of the night: Simon on Brooke's "You've got a Friend"... "Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes. Thank you.

What do you all think?

Who's out Thursday?


Tanya said...

Well I commend you for being a super mom and more worried about the welfare of your offspring than American Idol.


and I don't watch American Idol, so I wouldn't really know the difference.

My Two Army Brats said...
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My Two Army Brats said...

Ok I'm behind cause it's on DVR but seriously M.J. totally sucked tonight!

What the hell is Paula wearing that is so not flattering her boobs arent worth the two bucks from Snarkalicious in that outfit!

My Two Army Brats said...

OMG I figured it out! Paula's dress is on backwards! That has to be it! Nobody would make a dress like that on purpose right?

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

ummmmmmmmm - did ya sleep though SAYESHA????

Robin said...

Manic please go to Michael and CHANGE HIS CLOTHES (what ever you do while his clothes are off is you business, heh heh). That ascot is horible ugly and those pants made his butt look big.

Trust me if an engineer thinks your clothes are ugly, you have a problem.

Maybe while you are there, you could also just burn that dress Paula was wearing, YUCK.

cubmommy said...

Hey, I met a DGN 87 grad named Francine Zobe or Sobe last night. Her dad played for the Knicks. She was in gymnastics at DGN. Do you know her?

We had a Kindergarten mom's night out last night. I was going to ask her if she knew you but did not get a chance. Her daughter is in the other Kindergarten AM class and it seemed that we were separated by our kids classes.

Flibberty said...

I was totally disappointed in our boyfriend last night. Strangely enough, the ascots didn't bother me as much as the fact that his pants were kind of too short, and his vest was weird and GAH! Michael, WTF????

As much as I havent' been a fan of KLC, last night I thought she was okay, and my opinion is that it's Sayesha's time to go home. We'll see . . .

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to say who's out this week.It may be Brooke. no great loss there.Manic I'm not nuts about the Ascot either...but hey you could use it to tie him up...

B. said...

I'm thinking Syesha or Carly is going home. I'm hesitant to say Brooke because she and your boyfriend are my favorites.

MaBunny said...

Morning Manic :)) Just dropped in for a bit of self promotion (/giggle).
I'm hosting a conteston my blog open to anyone. So please stop by and enter. I could do with a bit of laughter in my life atm.

Hope to see you there!

Maureen Lipinski said...

The ascots are starting to make him look like an Australian Liberace or something.

I am getting SO sick of David A. and the weird-pseudo-nervous-twitching smile he gives as he's listening to the judges give feedback.

Mama Smurf said...

Brooke or Carly are hit'n the road tonight!

BTW ~ I couldn't wait for the contest. I just new I was going to win but my "gottahaveitnow" syndrome was flare'n up yesterday and "HADTOHAVEITNOW" is the only remedy!

I'm reading "Rockabye:From Wild to Child" first from another bloggy mama and then this one! Can't wait to start it!

Flibberty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Gang's Momma! said...

I stand by my original call: David Cook is a Rock Star. He's my Rock Star, thank you very much. And quite delicious most nights. Not so loving him last night - hair looked a little freaky old man/pedophilish last night - kinda greasy and too slicked back. But I only saw the wrap up clips at the end - had the big Wind Ensemble concert for #2 last night. No slacker Mom for me - I gave up AI for Dr. D :)

Trish Ryan said...

I'm almost glad I'm not watching Idol this season...it's better to read the posts from the Manic Family!

Anonymous said...

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