Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blogging Live American Idol!!!

He's Hot, He's Hot, He's Hot! And he's safe!

If it's ALLLLLLLLLLLL wrong, I don't want it to be right!

Could he USE me for a while?

UH HUH!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the show JUST started and they bring out Michael FIRST. Mr. Manic is saying, "We have to get rid of him so I can have Mommy back."

But he is SAFE!

Now AJers just came downstairs and asked, "Who's still on American Idol?"

Mr. Manic says, "David Archuletta, Carly, and Mom's boyfriend."

See! Even my HUSBAND knows he's MY BOYFRIEND!!!!

I just said, "OMG, if he was right here, I do not know if I would be able to hold back. I might just have to kiss him."

Mr. Manic said, "I would let you kiss him on the cheek."

"I would not be able to stop there."

The kids were all like EWWWW.

OK, so now I'm totally bored with the show cuz some country dudes are singing and that's all for my guy. THIS SUCKS! BORING SHOW! But you know, Simon is kinda cute in a dirty boy kind of way, and Swishy and I have discussed the Simon Sandwich if you get what I mean? Uh huh. Yes we did.

Besides, I would not be able to share my Michael sandwhich.

~ ~ ~


Tukey just came in--

Tukey: Mom, if you could ask an idol a question, but you could not choose Michael Johns, who would you choose to ask a question to?

Me: David Cook.

Tukey: I knew it!

Me: And I would ask him ABOUT MICHAEL JOHNS!

OK--David Cook's up next: SOFA SAFETY! And high blood pressure. The stress of it all. I can understand.

Ramiele--STOOL. She deserves it. Weak performer. She's like a puppy dog that deserves to be kicked, and NO puppy dog deserves to be kicked. THAT'S how badly she deserves to be kicked.

Christy Lee Cook--Stool, but I loved her makeup last night. I'm voting Ramiele the weakest link to date.

OK! Commercial update! I don't know exactly what Simon said to Carly about her clothes last night, but that apology and the way he winks every now and then... I think he might want her OUT OF HER CLOTHES! He said she was very CUTE! Simon's got a cru-uuusssh! Simon's got a cru-ussssh!!

And yeah, the clip of Phil Stacey from last season. Well, I TOUCHED him at the American Idol tour last year. TOUCHED HIM! He gained some weight since the tour, didn't he? But he's still cute. Nice facial hair. I like a little facial hair. And David Cook's new facial hair--definitely a plus. He looks rock-star hot.

Ramiele is out. My prediction. It is 8:37 p.m. and that is my prediction. Watch. Well, I don't know. Depends on how many friends she has voting. Could be Kristy Lee.

(Maybe this would have been more fun had I announced I was gonna do a Live American Idol blog post? Then we could all be commenting TOGETHER rather than me sitting her live blogging with no one reading!)

Ooh! It's back on, but I bet Dolly-Fake-Tits-and-Everything-Else is probably singing next...

Nope we're just talking Idol Gives Back, and Mr. Manic is telling the kids, "Now you know how good you kids got it. How would you like THAT to be your life?!" Free lessons courtesy of Ryan Seacrest. Thank you Ryan. How much of your millions do YOU donate Big Time TV star man?

Now here comes Dolly Parton. I'm at least going to go peek at her outfit...OK, so she's singing about 'something lifting her up' and I go, "Something's lifting her up allright" and AJer's starts cracking up. And then the song talks about gravity... helloooo, it ain't gravity keeping those triple-quadruple boobs in place. And is she actually singing about Jesus? Is she THANKING Him for her BOOBS?


Mr. Manic just adlibbed this from Dolly as she was speaking to Ryan: "Just don't touch my hair, face, microphone or breasts cuz it could all fall off at a minute's notice."

When I started cracking up at that, he asked, "Are you gonna go blog that?"

He so gets me.

Back in a moment to see who the latest American Idol Outcast is.


OK, I almost feel sorry for her. And for the things I said.


Like how I feel sorry for ice skaters when they're doing their triple-axles or their triple-sauckows and they stumble and almost fall but then they pull themselves together but not before they look like a bumbling fool and you're watching and you automatically shield your eyes cuz you're embarrassed for them for making a mistake. Well, that's kinda how I feel for her.

But hey, she gets to go on tour.

WITH MICHAEL! The lucky little girl!

Here's my prediction for the last four standing:

David Cook
David Archuletta
My boyfriend

Take that one to Vegas and bet on it baby!

This has been a live American Idol blog post brought to you by Manic Mommy.

Peace UP!


Jules said...

We're 3 hours behind here. Now I've got the lead up, I'm waiting with baited breath for the show to start...

And waiting...

And only an hour to go...

TV Fan said...

Okay so I should stop reading! I'm in California so I'm totally cheating by reading your blog!! But I'm so w/ you on the Michael John's bandwagon! I love him!!!

JODI said...

manic I hope you entered the contest for a chance to see the show and a video recording/taping. Now go splash cold water on yourself ;-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OOOH! I am soooo sorry if I ruined it for some of you guys! I didn't even think that some of you might not know what's going on! Well, skip the Dolly Parton stuff--BORING!!!!


Jodi--I so need to enter THAT contest!

Laski said...

I can honestly say my review pales in comparison . . .

I wasn't a big fan of your boyfriend (though I think he is hot--seriously, I do and always have, so don't hate me!).

I just feel bad for Ramielle. She has the voice, but just was simply out of her league.

HOW is Kristy still there??? I have no idea.

I definitely think the two Davids will be left at the end. Maybe Michael . . . Maybe Carly. Who knows. And you know, I was wondering about Simon and Carly myself. Man does he pay attention to her or what?!?!

I'm with Jodi--enter that contest!

Roger Miller said...

What is American Idol?

Roger Miller said...

Okay, I was kidding, I know about it and Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, someone that shouldn't have won last year, so I forgot her name.

From what I have read at and Yahoo, and even laskigal, it looks like both Davids are sure things, which means (and it is 10:07 now) you can put this in the bank, one of the two Davids will NOT make the final four, guaranteed.

It happens every year. Now just you watch. :)

lilypotter said...

You are too funny. I don't even watch the show and I loved that post! BTW- I agree that Michael Johns is a hottie! Yay for cute jail-bait-age men! (I wonder how many of his votes come from Middle Age Soccer Moms? Just wondering.)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Mylhi--you kill me! I know you guys homeschool, but come on! : )

Hey, and GREAT PREDICTION ON THE DAVIDS, although my bet is on a Michael, but I fear a David will win, and there is one that I would take as a runner-up, if you know what I mean!

Laskigal--you do a great review, and I think you'll laugh at my comment on what you said about Michael... I do think he may be a bit clumsy on stage, which would make it all the more endearing when I show him the ropes when I land him in bed!

AutoSysGene said...

I seriously have to be the only one in the world that doesn't watch this show...

Anonymous said...

No, Melissa, there are at least two of us!

Amanda said...

Now I have "Oh Mickey your so pretty can't you understand? You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand" playing in my head and I just know it's going to be there ALL DAY!!!

Cat said...

LOVED your write up Manic! we might have a little trouble - you DEFINITELY have to share Michael if you 'land' him... well, unless David C was there too :)

Flibberty said...

I was thinking last night that it would be reall fun for someone to live blog this, and you did, which is perfect, because it was MJ central. You know what though, I have to take issue with his ascot. What was that? Did I even spell that correctly? I've never had the occasion to spell ascot before.

Unknown said...

Yep,you were right girl! She was OUT OF THERE!

And everything else you said? Me too, about the Simon thing. I would have a sandwich with Beth, cause after all, she IS my bestfriend, and she has a crush on Simon too, so like, I would HAVE to share!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, anytime I reply to these comments, I have to play Michael's song and Diva is in the other room, and she just says when she hears the music: "NOT AGAIN!"

Lilly-the good thing about him is he's young, but not too young, like only 9 or 10 years younger than me. I could be the Cougar to his Cub (Swishy taught me that one!)

Melissa and Jodi--I used to NEVER watch AMerican Idol till last season, but then as a family we started watching it because we thought it would be a good family-bonding time. Who woulda thought I'd be thinking of "bondage" with the singers! LOL!

Amanda--WHY do you have Toni Basil's song in your head now? No one sang that on the show? LOL!

CAT--I would soooo share my Michael sandwich if you would share your David Cook sandwich. Serious!

Flibberty--You are my new SECOND best friend cuz Swish is never ever to be replaced, but yes, that ascot drew an issue or two--I felt a deep desire to rip it from his throat and tie it around his... it didn't add to his maleness, that's for sure. I can just imagine when they were dressing him. He was probably saying in his adorable sexy cute Aussie accent, "Oh no, please do not make me wear this, my mates will laugh at me!"

Bina--Simon Sammy baby! You, Me, Beth, Swish. And then for the main course, Cat and I will have to move over to the big meats of Michael and David Cook!

Anonymous said...

Nuh-uh....he's totally my boyfriend!

Sarah said...

I think you may have those top 4 right on, ma'am. So anyway ..... I came here to ask to see your boobs. Since I gave blood for your VBD (that is virtual BLOOD drive -- not VD!) and have gone again since (and almost passed out & died thankyouverymuch) -- IT'S YOUR TURN! Come on over to my blog and read all about it!!!

Roger Miller said...

Since you are the keeper of all things contest (blog-wise). Here's an idea for you...

See how many bloggers you can get to 'live blog' either the performances or the results show, then everyone can compare comments and... I don't know, it sounds like it would be fun - at least for me to read. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Aahcoffee--NUH UH--HE'S MINE!



Sarah, I am going over to your blog to read all abou tit.

ha, ge tit. hahaha, ge tit?

MILE HIGH--I'm just gonna call you that from now on cuz I can never type mylhi and I always mess it up like on the video that time--I THINK THAT'S A GREAT IDEA, AND I ALSO THINK YOU AND YOUR SIX KIDS AND YOUR WIFE SHOULD START WATCHING THE SHOW!!!


Trish Ryan said...

Oh to be in the Manic living room to witness this live! Your whole family should go on tour :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Trish, you have no idea. When Michael's on, I get really close to the TV, and stand there jumping from one foot to the other like I have to go pee, squeezing my legs together!

Mama Smurf said...

You need to get yourself a Michael John blow up doll or maybe one of those life size cardboard cut outs of him!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Your boyfriend is a cutie, but David Cook is the ONE to beat. LOVE HIM. LOVE HIM. He's goin' to number one. All the way baby!

Sarah said...

The boobs are up! Come take a look! Oh - and if you feel so inclined -- I've got a Boob-A-Thon banner you could display (it's in the original Show Me Your Boobs post). ;)

Maureen Lipinski said...

I just said to my husband last night--"I should totally blog live about Idol."

Michael Johns = lead singer from INXS.

By the way, in response to your comment on my blog, YOU are famous! I'm just going to exploit our mutual I-355 proximity for my own promotional purposes!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

I was peeing myself - laughing at your post! I read it outloud to my hubby as he was trying to watch TV - even HE was laughing!! and continuing to wonder how my TWIN ended up in Ill. Sheesh!!

Got a shorter "do" last night - should snap a pic and show ya!!

momma monkey said...

OMG...i loooovveee michael johns!!! He's been my fav. since the moment i saw his aussie hotness on him...but i think he's married (anyone know) noticed he's always wearing a ring on his left all important finger and haven't been able to find anything if he is....just hubby hates it when i watch AI, cuz he knows i got a crruusshh on MJ! I bubble heart micheal

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jules, he's totally married. Haven't you seen his blond wife in the audience. I shoot her daggers every chance I get. You can youtube his early auditions and see her. Clearly you are not as big a fan as I am or you would KNOW these things! FAKE! HAHAH

momma monkey said...

hhheeeyyy....i unfort. don't get to watch AI 'live' as i'm busy putting juvenile deliquents in line :) I catch my AI online...i have seen his 'family' but it just has her as 'friend'.... at least i woulnd't be robbing the cradle...ahahahaha :)

Texasholly said...

He is so hot. How is he so hot? I don't usually think guys are hot, but he is absolutely hot.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Today in the car, we were listening to my fave song by Matt Nathanson, Come Get Higher, and Ajers said, Mom, who do you like better, Matt or Michael?

I said, "Looks--Michael. Music--Matt. HOWEVER, if I had to be in the room with one of them and have them sing to me, I would choose Michael alllll day long. I think Matt might be too short for me. I have a real problem with short men, even though when I was dating a guy who was about the same height as me once, my parents (YES MY PARENTS!) reminded me that it doesn't matter when you're 'hortizontal!'

And you wonder where I get my sick sense of humor!?!??!