Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who's A Good Mom?

OK, so since Michael Johns was a bit of a disappointment last night in his ascot, vest, and much too short and butt-bulging-not-in-a-flattering-way pants, we'll just move right along here on Manic Mom to better things, like the winner of the You're a Good Mom contest!

I asked author, Jen Singer, to go through the comments to pick a winner, and she emailed me back with her first choice for a winner:

"I like anonymous and the cereal."

This was the exact comment posted:

Anonymous said...

Many years ago when my children were young, the neighbor kids from across the street popped in around dinner time. (Those days kids and neighbors "popped in" at any time). The 5 year old little girl looked at the meal my darlings were eating and said to me "Don't they ever get a hot meal for dinner?" I answered, "Yes, at night I heat up the milk for their cereal!"

You ready for this way classic turn of ironic events?

The anonymous poster was MY MOM!

My mother was talking about ME and the FOOD she used to SERVE my brothers and sister and ME for dinner! And Jen didn't know this and Jen thought it was the best SLACKERISTIC answer out of the bunch!

And the story about the girl asking her if we ate hot food ever was TOTALLY TRUE! And we are still family friends with the girl who asked my mother that!

I told Jen it would be a big bad case of nepotism if I announced that my MOTHER had won for the BEST SLACKER contest, but how appropriate is THAT??

I called my mom right away and she was screaming hysterically over the thought that she could actually win one of my contests! Then she said she will graciously bow out of the contest and she can just read my copy of the book when she's here in May, babysitting my kids and feeding them Captain Crunch for dinner while Mr. Manic and I are on vacation.

Once a Slacker Mom, always a Slacker Mom! Love you Mom! You're the best Slacker Mom in the whole world, and you raised me Riggity Right!

So, RUNNER UP winner of the contest is none other than MT for being this cool of a SLACKER MOM:

MT said...
One of the things that I have taught my kids is how to use Febreeze when mom "forgets" to do their laundry. I can't even honestly say that I have taught them. They have seen me do it so many times they think it's normal!! Sorry, some nights America's Next Top Model is just too good. Laundry can wait.

So, MT, email me at so I can get you your book! Congratulations!

Coming up very soon--Manic meets up in Chicago with this blogger, and this blogger, but sadly, and surely, because it is beyond their control, will not be going to see Oprah with them, even though it is her birthday!

Peace UP!


Tanya said...

I'll have to remember that for when I have kids. Heated up milk in cereal = hot meal.


Congrats MT!

lilypotter said...

That is great! See, no matter how old you get, you can always blame your mom. Nice to know.

Congrats MT!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

So, so funny that it was your mom who officially won your contest!

Why won't you be able to go to Oprah?

My Two Army Brats said...

That is so great that your own mom was your winner of the slacker mom contest!

That's just too perfect!

I sure can't wait for the next contest and more self promoting that's for sure.

I was too embarrassed to admit in writing my slacker mom moments, I have many especially as a deployment looms overhead.

Jules said...

Yay for your mom! I loved her response too.
A big congrats to MT. :)
And how sad that you can't go to Oprah, but an early Happy Birthday to you. Hope you get lots of H*O*T things.

Anonymous said...

knowing your mom, i am laughing so hard right now. tell your mom i said "hi". Sharon

Monnik said...

oh, that's funny. glad I'm not the only one who resorts to cereal for dinner at times. :)

Trish Ryan said...

Three cheers for Manic's Mom! And I love your tips :)

Cecily R said...

I love your Slacker Mom!

My kids know the fine art of the early morning Febreeze shower too...

Laski said...

Wait, my mom used to crush graham crackers in hot milk AND she used to feed us fried bologna and spam. I thought it was gourmet--the way she went on and on. Whatever. . .

Your mom is awesome. Your mom and my mom would be buds . . .

Manic, did you watch tonight? I did . . . I won't give anything away . . .

Anonymous said...

A tad late on this, but such a funny story via a fellow Slacker: 7 year old son whom lives in his own happy world on a soccer team with a very anal/organized coach: Mom (trying to teach responsibilty):"Reed, get your water and get in the car. Your coach will be mad if you're late." Reed gets in car withOUT the water. Mom decides, "Oh well, you'll remember next time after you see how thirsty you'll be." Upon picking him up, Reed has a refreshing red Gatorade compliments of the uptight/responsible coach whom responded, "These kids run real hard. Hydration is important." ...Lesson learned: Forget your water and the coach will give you a Gatorade!! Reed's world really is pretty happy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats MT! I am so proud of you! I know your mother and she would be proud too.
Your sister,

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


I don't know how to get a hold of her!!!