Sunday, July 20, 2008

American Idol Concert Tour and I Still Heart Michael Johns!

Preface: If you haven't yet read my recap from my night out with Jess Riley, Jen Lancaster and Stacey Ballis, be sure to scroll down after this post to read it.

Also, regarding the concert last night, I did not have my camera with me because I thought I couldn’t bring it in. If I had, these videos would have been taken from my camera. However, these are all from youtube, and some of them are not from last night’s show, but from other venues but you get the idea … Now, on with our American Idol Tour Recap:

So, the biggest news was that when Michael Johns came out, I noticed immediately NO WEDDING RING! I’ve got to get to the bottom of that one! I kept saying over and over to the kids, “Guys, he’s got no wedding ring on!”

Good, smart, wise kids that I have, mentioned then: “So what are you going to do Mom, throw your wedding rings away, divorce Dad and go find Michael Johns? Duh!”

Definitely Duh.

But, it makes for the fantasy a little bit more real, right?

Definitely NO RING—check out at 2:47 on this video:

Does anyone have any scoop on THIS for me???

And get this other BIG NEWS: Tukey had to go potty and it was almost time for the David’s to come on stage so I asked Mr. Manic to take him to the bathroom. When they get back, Mr. Manic says, “Tukey has something very important to tell you.”

“What?” I asked.

Tukey looks at me all smug and announces: “I just said hi to Michael Johns!”


Yes he did! Apparently, the men’s room was in the back near the tunnel by the back stage and my future husband (especially now that he’s sans wedding ring—and yes, this is how TERRIBLE internet rumors get started!) was STANDING THERE! Tukey waved to him and said hello and he said hello back… CLARIFY HERE—Tukey just informed me that Michael Johns said HELLO FIRST! OMG!

After they came back to tell me that, I wanted to run from my seat and go find him, but come on, what would I say? “I LOVE YOU? Go to my blog because I wrote how much I love you on my blog, just in case you were wondering if another 39-year-old woman out there had the hots for you?”

Yeah … No.

Then I had to take stock of the pros and cons between Mr. Manic or Michael Johns so we discussed on our way home from the show:

Mr. Manic’s butt is way better than Michael John’s butt. Michael John’s butt looks a little odd. But I have not seen it without clothes on, so maybe I am not one to judge.

Michael John’s can sing better than Mr. Manic.

Michael John’s is most likely a bit less hairier in the chest than Mr. Manic.
Michael John’s has a way cuter Australian accent than Mr. Manic (but Mr. Manic is working on his!)

I did ask, “Who do you think has more money? Mr. Manic or Michael Johns?” At this point, we don’t know.

Michael Johns sings that one sexy loving lies song pretty damn good:

Mr. Manic and Michael Johns both have a great head of hair. I would run my fingers through both of their scalps happily.

Highlights of the show:

Carly is AMAZING live. Ramielle is cute as a kitten and can sing her little heart out! Kristy Lee Cook is BEAUTIFUL! Syesha came out looking so very hot and I’m sure Mr. Manic is doing is own comparison of Syesha vs. Mrs. Manic in his own head. First and foremost, she’s got a great set of ‘acorns’ which is what we’re now calling ta-ta’s in the family. She kinda got ripped off because when she came out singing Umbrella, the mic wasn’t working so we didn’t get to hear half of it. OK, I guess that means WE got ripped off!

Brooke ROCKED! She sang Feist’s 1234, Let it Be, and an AMAZING Yellow by Coldplay:

Group singing U2’s Pride In The Name of Love

Jason is adorable in real life! He did his Over the Rainbow ukulele song, and also sang CRAZY, which was FABULOUS!

The Davids were the Davids! Archuletta is amazing! So talented on and off the piano. And both of the Davids got the most screams. Cook came out singing Lionel Richie’s Hello, and sang Time of My Life, which I then had to call Swishy for like the sixth time to tell her I wished she was there, and to let her hear and to also tell her I think David Cook had on a bit too much eyeliner. He also sand My Hero and Billie Jean.

They ended the show with this, and really, I wanted to tell them to Please Don’t Stop the Music:

Here I am, a grown woman, mother of three children, harboring on the brink of turning 40, yet I was in a sea of screaming fans watching 10 of the most talented singers in America. And it completely, completely ROCKED my soul to the depths!

I still wanna know scoop on Michael Johns and why he is now too good for his wedding ring. Maybe this will make me not like him too much anymore. Like, did he get too famous for his britches and dump his beautiful, adoring wife? And if so, call me! Hahah!


The Gang's Momma! said...

There is just waaaaaay too much Michael Johns in this post. Seriously. It's not like he WON or anything. Gosh (read all this in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

Glad you had fun. DC still rocks - eye makeup or not. I cannot believe you got the hear HELLO in person. I'd be all up on stage, following him around, answering him. "hello?" "umm, David Cook, you are like my biggest celebrity crush ever." "hello?!"

I'm pathetic. And way closer to 40 than you I bet. :(

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ah, Gang, you are just sad because I was closer to David Cook than you were!!! LOL! I remember our banter during the season how much you loved Cook and how much I loved Michael Johns! Hahah.

And I only have less than EIGHT MONTHS til I hit forty!!! xo

Michelle said...

I notice that you didn't publish the conclusion to your comparison of Mr Manic to Michael Johns. Who won? ;)

Lisa said...

I have something smiley on my blog 4 u.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Michelle--of course I AM THE WINNER cuz I got to go home with Mr. Manic last night! LOL!!!

And Lisa--THANK YOU FOR THE SMILEY AWARD! I love it!@!!!!!

MaBunny said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Cat said...

mm: of course, you can't believe everything you read on the net, but here's an article from 07/08 and it sounds like MC and his wife are/were still cool.

eatmisery said...

I honestly have no idea who any of these people you mention are. I haven't watched Idol in two years. I'm so out of it.

B. said...

That concert looks like it was so much fun!! And Michael Johns said hi to your son....aaahhh!

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that being a mother of 3 has not kept you from enjoying a night out. Way to go! And what a fun night indeed!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Manic, trust me when I say, I'm so much closer to 40 than that. Way closer than I really ever wanted to be. I, in fact, absolutely dread and despise just how close to 40 I am. It's a swear word in our house. No swearing allowed. Yet there it still is. Staring it's ugly rounded 0 at me, creeping daily closer. Ugh.