Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sorry Blair, No Cab Vomit

Three appletinis, one glass of clois de bois chardonnay and I'm good to go. I totally needed this night to shed my depressed snake skin and come clean into spring, cuz isn't spring just like in a few more weeks?

I decided I'm not fixing any mistakes and as soson oops, as soon as i decided that, i stopped making mistakes. wow.

so, there ,,, not three, yes, three I SAID THREE appletinis later, plus a nightcap glass of fully filled clois de bloi8, wahtever chardonnay, and I'm happy, no cab vomit.

Wait. We did not take a cab. Lucky Gina drove us gals home. Thanks Gina! Do you even know I have a blog??!?!!?

So, the waiter, who I have met before. SHOUT OUT TO JOHN AKA RAINE... told me something so precious tonight, so important. See, he is not only a waiter, he is also many more things: a hair designer; a music producer; and a musician from this band:
Air This Side of Caution, which I just so happen to have in my hands a signed CD, so THERE!...

ANyway, John aka Raine to his music pals shared his CD with me, and his blog, and I told him I was a writer/blogger, etc etc. and then I told him he probably woulnd't be interested in my blog, cuz come on, it's all aobut... oops, about, being Manic Mom and her Mental Myraids, ooops Myriads. You know what John/Raine siad... ooops, said?

He said, and this is prophetic. Wait, is that a word? Anyway, this is important.

He said, and I quote, from John aka Raine from Air This Side of Caution


So. That is what I'm going to do. Tomorrow, after I get my super-buzzed-but-not-cab=vomit=butt into bed.

Good night freinds... oops, friends. Cuz you are. I hope you know that. Really.


onedivorceddiva said...

The magic of friends - The magic of martinis! Got to love it!
Miss you!

David Amulet said...

A well-oiled post, I love it! Real "in the moment" prose ... I could almost smell the apple on your breath as you typed!

-- david

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

DD--you know it girlfriend! Miss you too, wish I were there to celebrate your 32nd birthday with you! Hugs.

David--can you also smell the smoke in my hair? ; )

Back to bed, slight pinging in the head this a.m.

Sugarmama said...

Awww! You sound like such a sweetie when you're drunk!