Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spilling Milkthoughts

I got nothing to say
And no one to hear.
Would you listen if I asked you near?

The food is my demon
The taste is my hell
To swallow it whole
To fill up the swell

Running in circles
Not a place I can go
The desert so empty
But so is the snow

Standing afar, but looking within
To see myself searching
For a smile a grin

For sleep’s at its best
Quiet rises from me
To wake is to die
Oh what will I see?

Children and love
And friendships and more
Why can I not quiet
This noise I abhor.

This means nothing,
Just milk spilling free
Really just words
That fell out of me.


J C said...

you know what sounds really frickin good right now? a grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalatte. or better yet, a grandemintmochafrappuccino.

by the way, beautiful writing

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Or better yet... a ventimintmochafrappuccino.

Thanks, J. You always bring a smile.

Chrissy said...

LOVE the last stanza! I'm so glad that you penned those thoughts.

Well, I think you need a girl's night out. A laughing, talking, singing kind of night. A stay out way too late, silly movie, cheesecake and chardonnay night. How can we make that happen?

J, you may participate with MM's blessing. :-)C

J C said...

yes, yes....venti is like, twice as good as grande, ain't it?

glad i could help. and i'd be more than happy to participate in this "girl's night out" - despite the fact that i'm not, actually, a girl. as long as someone pays my airfare to whereever it is that you are, MM.