Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Feeling Less Alone

Hey, Lurkers and Regulars--thanks so much for sharing parts of your day with me from yesterday's post. Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing this just all for myself, and that gets pretty lonely, so I appreciate you all taking the time to share your days with me, and it made me happy that so much of what we do on a daily basis is similar, although not the not showering part, but I DID shower today, you'll all be thrilled to know!

Had an RWA meeting tonight. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's Romance Writers of America (I tried to come up with a cute acronym like Really Wanting Out! but there's an A instead of an O, so, so much for that!). Anyway, hi to Kathy Sullivan, and that stripper I met named Alexandra Stevenson... haha, inside joke to Sister Maryfrances (another inside joke!). And also, Deb Larson, who is also a new member, and who wrote Memories Trail.

It's a great group of some amazing women who are motivating me to keep on writing, writing, writing, oh, and rewriting, rewriting, and rewriting. I'm attending a conference in a couple weeks, and not only am I excited about getting together with a bunch of writers (do I sound like a nerd?), it's also TWO NIGHTS away. Not that I don't love and adore and completely miss my family, but it'll be a nice break.

And I'll be hanging out with some very cool women, including shacking with these two writer babes, Trish and Jess. I am hoping not to get so overly excited and drink too much that I end up spending the whole night next to the Porcelain God. So girls, keep an eye on this old lady, will ya? And what are you both wearing?

Speaking of old, yep, that's me, in about a day and a half. I will be 37. Feeling kind of old, but I don't think that number bothers me as much as the 6s always did. Six is just over the hump of the halfway decade mark; seven is still three years from 40. I have lots of good things planned for myself. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and if that means booking your own treatments at the spa, then hey, like I said, "I'm just a girl who's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!"

Must say thanks so much to Brenda Scott Royce, who sent me an AWESOME prize all for just signing up on her web site. I received an autographed copy of her debut novel, Monkey Love, a $20 Starbucks card (only $14-something left--Brenda--thanks for the grandevanillalightfrapnowhip and yummy spring flower cookie--awesome dinner!)

Brenda also sent me this very, very cute tote bag, and it's got an adorable monkey on it, which I carried around all night tonight, and if I wasn't so tired, I'd take a picture of it and post it here. Oh, and the gift package included a monkey pin, and a very large chocolate and pecan candy bar, which at first I figured I'd have to share with Diva, but then when I realized it had pecans in it, there's NO way she'd want it. Can't wait to read the book, and I'm sure it will be lots of fun, with some monkey puns and Starbucks references, so go out and buy it if you're looking for a good read!

And for those wondering, Diva's tooth has not fallen out, but we had a pretty bloody scene this a.m. which caused Tukey to yell, "I have to Frow UP!" Then he went into the bathroom and puked up his french toast sticks. And another puke session today when Tukey spotted a scrape on his knee while we were driving with five kids in the car, and again, he got so worked up, he yelled, "I have to Frow UP!" And he did. But fortunately, I am a professional vomit catcher, and emptied the wipee box at his first noticed, twisted my arm back to give it to him, where he did brilliantly puke into the wipee box, saving me from the disgusting job of cleaning up "Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese-not-digested-and-in-whole-pieces" puke from each crevass of my minivan.

It's those little things, I tell you. Those little things that make my life so complete.

Past my bedtime, although I did lay around all morning with a pillow over my head in bed with Tukey during the complete full viewing of Ice Age, and then a Dora episode, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, and then Lazy Town... fitting show for my morning.

How are you doing? Would love to hear how your day was or is going, and can you make it into a haikku poem for me? Five syllables, seven, then five again. It would really make my day to read some haikkus from you. As I said in the beginning of the post, I don't want to feel like I'm all alone in this!



MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

My Haikku:

Eyelids drifting now
Period cramps arrive soon
No wonder I'm tired

Jessica said...

Before I get to the haiku, I just want to say that I'm glad you have people encouraging you to keep writing - so important.

Also, 37?! are still a young'un.

Okay - my day:

Came from the shower
With a rash on my left cheek
I look like a freak

Anonymous said...

Aargh. You and my writing partner! You're both turning 37 this week, and you're both complaining about your age, and I want to shove you both off the nearest cliff!

(But Happy Birthday, anyway.)

her master said...

My gf, M, wrote one yesterday, titled 'The lonely hiccup':

Alone I sit at
My computer. No water,
hiccup, oh, hiccup.

domestic_valerie said...

dinner guests coming
must clean the kitchen or else
good food great new friends

this was last night...this morning I'm just tired. Yawn!

have a good b-day spa tomorrow!

Jess Riley said...

Can't wait for the conference! Don't know what I'll be wearing, but I do know that I'll probably get overly excited and drink too much right along with you. :)

("I have to Frow up", poor kid LOL!

Oh, and happy early birthday!

A lame attempt at haiku:

My pants are too tight.
Thanks alot, Reeces Pieces--
I used to be light

annabkrr said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can't haiku. DOn't have the gift, or the brain. I'm conferencing 4-28 too, which one's yours?
Two days away from two kids, but Wyatt the nursing wonder will be ever with me.
How about:
Blogger letters wave
Oh verify me, bryzzt one
Is that y or x?

thisbearbites said...

Eighty-eight degrees
Perfect weather for my Jeep
Wind blown hair from hell

tommy said...

write about me, write about me!!!!

Anonymous said...

My haiku:
Reading blogs in bed
Should be excercising now
Sigh. Will do that soon.

Have fun while away! I'm going to the RWA conference in Phoenix next weekend. I'm excited, but I feel guilty about spending so much money to attend a conference when I'm not even published yet. That's what I should do--exercise and then write.

onedivorceddiva said...


Bobita said...

I suck at poems
Haven't got a thing to say
but, Happy Birthday!


Hey, Tag!
You're IT!

Sugarmama said...

I should make dinner,
But I like to read folks' blogs.
Ha! I'M the boss here!

Anonymous said...

It's Easter Sunday.
Ham, sweet rolls, eggs, jelly beans.
Please pass the Pepto.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

My birthday weekend
Has come and gone too quickly
Will Blog tomorrow

Steve H said...

37? Hell, I wish I was 37...!

Trabinski said...

I've been meaning to visit your site for some time. I keep hearing how funny you are. I finally stopped by and OMG are you my twin? (Well, except I just turned 36). But your comments about what you did, didn't, wished, and will do - we are living parallel lives.

Here's my haiku for today (but am inspired to perhaps create a daily one!! :) :

Dishes in the sink
Are really starting to stink
Hey, where is that drink?

Anny said...

haikus are not my strong suit, but regardless, i assure u that ur not alone!

Buffy said...

The just over the hump '6' freaked me out as well. Because youre always going to be closer to old when you're a '6' than young.

My glass is never half full.