Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Blow Dryer and a Little Sex

Who would have thought that two simple things could start a day out so nicely? Well, certainly not at the same time, that would get just a little bit too hot, but really, I feel like a semi-new woman. That's semi-NEW not NUDE for you perverts out there.

Anyway, from recent posts, you can tell I've been down. I have had every emotion from fear to hatred to confusion to devastation. I have asked all the Why Them questions, I have cried, I have gone into my world-famous Depression Sleep, I have almost become a One-A-Day-Xanax girl, and almost had to up my Effexor intake. Right now, though, you've got me on the high-point of this roller coaster, this unknown spherical globey thing we call life, the earth, the world.

The Blow Dryer. Well, I haven't actually used it all year until this morning, when we got ready for church. Oh yes, and that is another thing. When all the questions and the Whys and the tears come, where do you turn? Yep, The Big Guy. And isn't it great that He never turns ya away. Never says, "Hey, where the heck have you been five out of six Sundays, Missy? Why are you coming to Me now?"

Because I need Him now. I need to feel that He is here to offer love and support and care, that He is going to take care of everyone no matter how bad it gets, no matter how many lives are affected. It will all be good in the end. And we have to just keep believing in it. Heck, I might even get out the Bible and read some prolific stuff to enlighten me on this recent curveball He has thrown. Maybe in some way it will help me understand the things He has planned for us in this life, and what we can expect in the Next Life. There's a book title for ya: "What To Expect When You're Not On Earth Any More."

Back to the Blow Dryer. I do not take a lot of time to do my hair, and those of you who know me, I know you are bobbing your heads up and down right now, saying, "Hello? Do you spend ANY time on that hair of yours?" But, since the New Year, I have not once dried my hair. Not even to just get the wetness out of it straight from the shower. And, perhaps this is part of the extra funk that has been created in my life. But alas, a round brush and the hair dryer this a.m. before church, plus the mandatory three squirts of Rave hairspray, and I tell you, the world didn't seem as terrible as I've been thinking it is. That, and the sex thing, and I was not so much in a funk today.

And, this news will shock the heck out of you all. Ready?


Nope. I don't know if I've kicked the grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalattenowhipextrahot habit, but I sure as hell have already saved twenty-five bucks. Although, I have heard from two people the latest craze is a cinnamon dolce latte.

(Sidenote: seventh grade spelling bee--lost trying to spell cinnamon. Will never forget it. Every time that word is mentioned, I relive the trauma of being in that Catholic school library, palms sweaty, mind swirling, trying to conjure up the image of a cinnamon shaker to project the word onto my mind...)

[In SpongeBob fashion, if you're a SpongeBob viewer, say it with me folks...]


Okay, it's like six hours since I first started this post, and I realize it's not really going anywhere. But I'm still going to post it, because if I didn't, then, this would be like something I dreamed I wrote, when I really did write it, and that would just be like taking a piece of paper, writing a bunch of stuff on it, and then throwing it into the trash because it doesn't really make any sense. Kind of like I'm doing right now.

Senseless? Not sure? But my brain is telling me to just put it out there, because in the trash it does no one any good. In Blog World, maybe it will at least help someone learn to spell cinnamon?

P.S... You can still post on the progressive story below...


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better. I hope that your personal strength and faith can continue to carry you through this difficult time. And hey, the fact that you've been able to resist the Starbucks temptation speaks volumes to your perserverence. :-)

karen! said...

You're cracking me up! I, too, sometimes write a big long thing that goes nowhere and seems without purpose, but I submit it anyway. Now I will look at your story thing.
I don't know what your difficult time is, but I hope you feel better.

Chrissy said...

There is a cyber cup of coffee waiting for you on my blog--no calories, and it's free! :-)

prayers continue....{{}}C

Sugarmama said...

I feel like a total depressed slacker if I don't get dressed properly and do something with my hair in the mornings, even when there's nothing else going on. It's funny that something like that matters. Glad you're feeling a little better, and I hope your friends and family are doing alright.

I lost a spelling bee on "extensive" in 4th grade. I still remember it vividly, too!

The Dummy said...

Okay, at least I know how to spell cinnamon now! That doesn't beat my misspelling 'stomach' because I was so frickin' nervous!!

Dear Jane... said...

you make me laugh...or maybe I am just laughing at everything now, you know the manic that follows the depression. Anyway, so you mean you actually get to take showers? Not only do I not get to blow dry, I don't even get to take the shower that prefaces it!

One of my little tricks is if I am feeling really crappy, to get dressed up really nice, put on make up & do my hair, etc. Because if you walk around looking as crappy as you feel, well then it's kind of twice as bad. So this week I plan to show up to work in my prom gown & tiara! ;-)

And the spelling bee? OMG I get sweaty palms just trying to get the word verification letters in the right order.

Jess Riley said...

Susan Powter!!!!! What a trip. "Stop the Insanity!"

muebles parla said...

The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.