Friday, January 27, 2006

Eyebrow Threading, Easy Bake & Other Things

Okay, I really must be bi-polar or seriously Manic because so far today, I have awakened in a gorgeous mood and realized I forgot to share my maiden experience with you on this: Eye Brow Threading.
Okay, it's such an "ancient-Chinese secret" (sorry, couldn't resist that--hopefully you're all old enough to remember that commercial? If not, I may become depressed again!)... Eye Brow Threading is such a secret, that I can't get any of the links to work so if you want to know more than what I am sharing here, Google EYE BROW THREADING.

So, I got my eyebrows threaded. If you haven't done so yet, and if you're an eyebrow waxer, you should really, really, really try this alternative and probably cheaper route to finely arched beautiful eyebrows.

I was at the mall, not feeling depressed or anything, really, and there was this one little booth that sold Indian accessories and Henna tattoos and you could also get your eyebrows threaded for $12.

I sat in the chair, told the woman I didn't want them too thin, and let her have at it. She wound up a long piece of white thread and manipulated it through my eyebrows, and twisted it and then pulled, and yes, it is tiny, fine hairs being ripped out of their folicles, and you do hear a sensation of rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppp as she is pulling the thread, but it was quick and easy and I have newly shaped eyebrows!

So, there you have it: Manic Mom's recommendation to get your eyebrows threaded. It's cool. It's fun. It's something to blog about!

And then there's Easy Bake. I have gotten through my whole parenting life avoiding this toy all little girls love, using the usual, "Hey, G'ma will do Easy Bake with you when she comes to visit!" (Because, come on, G'ma, don't you really just love baking with Diva?--and yes, folks, my dear M-I-L does read this blog--hee hee!)

But yesterday, I couldn't get away from it. Diva's little friend shows up for a playdate with package of Easy Bake mix crap in hand. I literally cringed when I saw it, and thought, "How the hell am I gonna get out of this one? Cuz it's one thing to put it off with your own daughter, but when your daughter has a friend over, and you want to impress the friend so that she will LOVE your daughter, so they will forge a true best friend friendship as they get older, so they will laugh in their teens and say, "Remember when your mom let us do Easy Bake? How cool was that?!?!"... So, I took one for the team you could say, and we got out the Easy Bake.

Yeah, okay, it was a little bit fun. They mixed up the white cake mix. They mixed up the watermelon (?????--totally gross BTW) frosting, and we baked up two miniscule cakes. These cakes also came with a Gummy Mold of a Lifesaver which congealed into a real gummy saver thingamagig, but we all agreed it was too yucky to eat. In the end, minor kitchen cleanup, two cakes smaller than the size of donuts, (both that were NOT completely consumed, and there were five people taste-testing it--we all agreed we should have just eaten the white cake plain), and very, very delighted little girls. Priceless. Right? Well, good news is G'ma's coming tonight to watch the rats while Hubby and I go out in limostyle to this party, and I've kept out the Easy Bake, special just for them!

Okay, since I'm in such good spirits today, and not sure how long the feelings will last, hee hee, I'm going to include two links here of stuff I either wrote (you'll have to scroll down to part two, second essay), or said. Use your judgment please if you choose to read.

Here's to the FREAKING SUN SHINING! I am guessing you could go to previous posts and mark them either:

Cheers and happy weekend to you all!
PS--Tukey just puked on the floor. So much for good moods.


Anonymous said...

Steph, Kelsey got Easy Bake for Xmas one year. We did it one time then I casually wrapped it in a plastic bag and put it on the top shelf of the toy closet so she forgot she had it and I never had to do it again!! And it is sitting right next to the Icee Maker that we used once and then I hid. Am I a great mom or what!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to have to look up eyebrow threading now, because the name make it sound like a painful procedure, but you seem not to have felt any pain at all. Hmmmm.

Heather Hansen said...

OH poor Turkey!

I have always wanted to try threading. Everyone says it's great. I can't find a place who does it!

Tuesday Girl said...

I love my eye brow threader. I travel really, really out of my way to see her so I must love her.
It is SO quick and so much less painful then waxing.
Love It.