Thursday, June 22, 2006

100 Things

Okay, anybody who's anybody has on their blog a post about 100 Things About Me (not about me, but about them, you know what I mean?) I've been thinking about doing mine, but I am not going to sit here and brainstorm about various things trying to come up with 100 things that may or may not describe me, that may be how I'm feeling at this particular moment. I'm going to try to figure out 100 things that really describe me, that make me different/unique from others, and truths. This is going to take a while and I'm going to start at #100 and work my way down to #1. Maybe when I get to #1 I will find my true self?

So, check back to this post periodically to see my journey to finding myself. To learning who I am, because at this point, I sure as hell have no clue! This might be a fun exercise. (If you would like to add your corresponding number in the comments after I post a THING, then we can work on our 100 List together!)

100. I sleep on the left side of the bed if you walk into the room; the right side if you are lying down in the bed. (Okay, so this might not exactly be very unique, because probably half of you can say the same, but it's a start!)

99. I am one of those women who cannot apply lipstick without looking in a mirror, and I never apply lipstick at a dinner table as it makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I will be the first to be in my car, searching for my lipstick in my purse while talking on the phone, then apply the color portion of the lipstick, blot my lips with a Kleenex (a box is always in my car, along with a box of wipees), and then apply the gloss portion of the lipstick. I am convinced one day I will get into a fender-bender because of this inane need to apply lipstick while driving. What's your #99?

98. I've had my heart broken, have cried a thousand and twelve tears over a guy I thought loved me or two or three, or cried over a guy who I knew didn't love me but took me whole and I gave him everything. But I am pretty sure I've never broken anyone's heart. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I might have liked to have broken a heart in my day. You?

97. Whenever I brush my teeth, which is at least twice or three times a day, I wonder if I do the same motions each time, like do I always start on the left side, brush four times, then move to the right, then brush the tongue? I wonder if there's a way to track these brushstrokes to compare them each time, you know, like a lie detector test or a heart monitor, to see if I brush the same way every time? That's what I wonder about.

96. Back in the old days when they only had cassettes and records and tape recorders, I would sit with my red radio (wasn't called a Boom Box back then) and my tape recorder next to each other and wait until Blondie's Heart of Glass would come on the radio and then hit the Record button so I could have a copy of my favorite song. Life sure was lame back then.

95. I feel I lost a part of my childhood, a piece of who I was when I was 16 and moving from Tampa, Fla to Oak Brook, Illinois. I decided to give away my collection of paperback books. I had over 400 of them... John Saul, Steven King, all the Young Adult books I could snag (I usually could purchase 3 of them for five bucks at the mall, and still have money left over for Chic-Fil-A). I clearly remember my uncle driving away my books in the trunk of the car, and thinking, "I should not be doing this."

What I wouldn't do to see, touch, smell, page through those books, those books who were my friends, just one more time.

94. Before I met Hubby, I had never eaten at an Italian (not even Olive Garden!), Mexican (except Taco Bell) or Chinese restaurant in my entire life and felt he had opened up a whole new world for me. (And a whole new pants size!) Now I will eat almost any type of food, but I'm not a fan of sushi or Indian food. I would probably like sushi but always get the impression that it's not very filling. I know I am wrong.

Things I will never eat: raw oysters, grilled or sauteed calamari (although I love fried calamari rings, just not the tentacles). I'm trying to think of other food I will not eat: olives for sure, green peppers, oh and I think I may have tried that fo de graix stuff, but will never again, oh and tripe.

What are your food enemies?

93. Outside of the US, I have been to Grand Cayman, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, St. Thomas, Nassau, London for a layover, Canada, Jamaica. If they weren't so far away, I would like to see Ireland, Italy, France, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia (Ramblin' Rose!). I have no interest in visiting Japan ever. Or Iran, Iraq. There are more I would like to visit, more I would not like to visit, but I don't feel like searching through the Atlas right now.

92. I used to crave all things salty and crunchy -- a favorite being chips and salsa -- but now I'm not so sure anymore. Chocolate was never one of my downfalls, but I never seem to be able to pass on it like I was once able to.

91. However, speaking of chocolate, I used to always, always get chocolate cones or chocolate shakes if the choice was for one or the other. Now, I will never get chocolate, always opting for vanilla.

90. I like the idea of being mysterious even though I am far from it.

89. I'm discovering that I'm either really boring or I don't know much about myself.

88. I went to Catholic school from Pre-K all the way through 8th grade in a small school where our graduating class had 23 students. I understand the school is going to be closed this year, or already is. In ninth grade, I went to an all-girl's Catholic school. Tenth through Senior year, I hit the public circuit and that's when all hell broke loose and Manic Mom got her groove on! Ha, just kidding.

87. Because of the Catholic upbringing, in sixth grade, I was chosen to crown the Queen Mary in this Catholic ceremony called The Crowning of Queen Mary or something along the lines (maybe it's to recognize the annunciation--someone tell me, and wait, is annunciation something you do when you speak? In seventh grade, out of every single seventh grade girl (okay, there must have been 12 if our graduating class was 23, right?) I was chosen to play The Virgin Mary in our school remake of the night Christ was born, aka The Christmas Play. I had no lines to memorize, but had to remain very still, kneeling, holding a plastic baby doll the whole time. My legs went out on me when I finally got to stand, and my foot was numb so I almost fell. I cried to my parents. Sidenote--It was appropriate to be chosen to play The Virgin Mary as I was still most definitely a virgin at that time.

86. I've had cryosurgery, a colonoscopy, mammograms, MRIs, CATscans, a C-section, wisdom-teeth removal, and tonsils removed. I take my health very seriously, and I'm all about being proactive.

85. I've never had an abortion. But only because I lucked out.

84. I never throw out a photograph of loved ones. I feel it is a jinx. I also do not delete voicemails from loved ones until they are in my presence.

83. Hubby was ready for children before I was. I had them when I was ready.

82. I never did crack, crank, heroin, acid, X, cocaine, speed, 'shrooms. I wonder if I should have experimented more? I always wanted to feel that intensity from X that people talk about. Plus, it might have made me feel like I was a really good dancer.

81. Every time I go to the movies, I bring my own popcorn, not because I am cheap, but because I am semi-health-conscious and feel less guilty about the calories consumed if I mix my 94% Fat Free Smart Pop Kettle Korn in with some of the good stuff (non-buttered, of course). Still tastes great.

80. I bite my nails, and never paint them. They've gone to crap ever since I had my children and quit taking prenatal vitamins. My toes, however, are always painted, but I would bite them if I could reach. I did this when I was a kid.

79. I pick my face. And can usually spot-on guarantee a blemish for any kind of important event.

78. I pick and pull the skin on the bottom of my feet. They are the ugliest feet-bottoms in the entire world. If I lived in Florida or NYC where pedicures are as cheap as $12, I would get a pedicure weekly.

77. Practically every night, when I'm on this computer, I tell myself, "Self, you are going to bed at a normal time tonight." And every single time, I get sucked into this damn computer and never sucked into bed early.

76. Before I had children, I was always on time. As soon as the periods stopped being on time, and the stick turned purple, my DNA decided to add some weird DNA-Now-Be-Late-For-Everything Code. I am never on time for anything now. If I arrive fifteen minutes after the time we agreed upon, then, to me, that is on time. I hate, hate, hate that this is now a habit that describes me.

75. I enjoy sex so much more with a good buzz-on. Not because I don't enjoy sex when I'm sober; it's just that I am so much more relaxed and apt to do much more interesting things when I'm making love buzzed... like move a little.

74. When I'm feeling fat, I wear black. I am wearing black right now, except interestingly enough, my bra is red.

73. I never had migraines until after the birth of my daughter. I wonder if this is a sign? And that she is the cause of them?

72. I bury myself under the pillows and dig out a little hole in order to breathe. I love to sleep in pitch-black and hate any sunlight to wake me in the mornings. If I could do it every day, I would allow myself a nap, and for me, a nap is not a twenty-minute-close-your-eyes-snooze. A nap is falling into a deep sleep that could even include mid-day dreams. I also enjoy sleeping when I am majorly depressed; my college roommates can and do attest to this to this day--that when I was/am depressed I get into depressed mode and actually have a thing we've coined my "Depression Sleep."

71. I only just recently started buying some limited costume jewelry. Usually though, I just wear the same jewelry daily--same diamond earrings (nothing extravagant, I can assure you), my original wedding/engagement ring on my RIGHT hand, the diamond my mother gave me in place of my engagement ring is now on my left hand along with the anniversary band I got on our seventh anniversary (no surprise there--I begged for it). I wear the necklace hubby gave me when Ajers was born, that is a garnet, that my mother actually chose for me for hubby to give to me. I wear two bracelets--a Nominations one Hubby got me for Valentine's one year with the kids' birthstones and hearts on it, and a silver bracelet a dear friend gave to me--these on my right hand. On my left hand, the watch I got on our honeymoon over 13 years ago. I used to wear the diamond tennis bracelet my mom gave me on my left hand too, but some diamonds are loose and I've been too lazy to get it fixed. What jewelry do you wear?

70. I love cuddling with my children, but not when it's time for bed and they beg me to cuddle in order to stay up later like Diva is doing right this minute. But cuddling for no other reason than they want to feel their bodies next to mine and there's nothing else to do is better than a lot of things in life.

69. I used to; not so much anymore.






































































Martini said...

I believe your #100 is very much a male, female thing. I sleep on the right side (if you walk in the room) and left side (if you are lying down).

It's an interesting question for all of your fellow bloggers.

Who knew 100 could be such the discussion issue?

Anonymous said... too. Feels natural that way.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

r martini--interesting that you say it's a female/male thing. When hub and I first started shacking up, I had the side of the bed closest to the wall. I think I liked the idea that I was in between him and any would-be attackers coming through the door.

But how it is now in our house, I would be the first to be attacked if someone came into our room, but I'm also close to the door so I can save my children from an intruder.

g. said...

Totally opposite for me, I sleep on the right side, closet to the door always have... even when I had the bed all to myself before I was married I still slept on that side... guess I am the weird one... lol

Here's my # 100

100. lived in 5 states in 10 years (Washington, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Oklahoma)...


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Great Idea Gina--everyone who reads can add their number to the list, and we can all work together to create our list of 100!

TTQ said...

If you walk in my room, I sleep on the left side of the bed right-side laying down..wedged between us are our beagle and doberman, above my head my cat.
I won't sleep in the master bedroom, it is my dressing room and guest ummm? err? "suite"?
100) TTQ stands for Temper Tantrum Queen , an old nick that stuck...what can ya do?

Anonymous said...

oooh goody, a group list!

My #100: The Dr. had to break my arm as I was being born, it was a difficult birth and I was stuck.

I think this set the stage for the rest of my life

Elle Charlie said...

The side of the bed thing is confusing me - what do you mean when you walk in the room compared with if you're lying down? Ohhhhhh, wait, I might get it. I sleep on the left side for both. I think. That means when you walk in the room the bed is on the left and I sleep on the left side of the bed, right? I might not be smart enough to participate...

Martini said...

#100.....I'm probably the only male in the world that shops for clothes for his wife....she likes me to...I enjoy it....and I have good taste and judgement...honest truth.

Knock on wood...I've not ever returned with an incorrect size.

No kidding.

xxxx said...

Can I leave one for you? You get your eyebrows threaded, not waxed.

Anonymous said...

The tension is killing me.... What are the other 99?

Kelly said...

Yeah I do the same.
Which means you are cool.
Thereby affirming something I already assumed about you.

What else you got?

Andie said...

Hmmmm I sleep on the left...

my #100- In May 1995, I had to spend the night in the mall where I worked because the whole New Orleans metro area was flooded within a few hours. My boyfriend and I both worked at the same mall, and we had to be rescued by one of those huge trucks the following night because we were stranded there. The whole mall was surrounded by water!

Surprise there, eh?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Monique--I FOUND R MARTINI FIRST! LOL! Just for the heck of it, what size do you buy for your wife? And where do you shop, and if you say Frederick's of Hollywood or Forever 21 you are no longer my friend!

TTQ--I was wondering what the initials stood for! THanks for sharing.

Trish--when the doctor broke your arm, did it hurt?

Ellecharlie--it's like if you are standing INSIDE your house, looking out, the left side would be different if you are on the outside of your house looking in. Get it? Now I think I'm confusing MYSELF.

Swishy--DAMN YOU FOR TELLING EVERYONE MY #51! And, I just got my eyebrows threaded today in fact, and it really hurt this time.

Andie--Did you and your boyfriend scavenge all the stores and eat all the ice cream at Dairy Queen, and then have sex on a bed in JCPenney's? That's what I would have done if I got stuck in a mall with my boyfriend!

Kelly--you are cool too! Your new site looks great--you are such a good blog designer--what's your going rate these days?

Anonymous said...

I don't remember if it hurt or not. I was like -4 seconds old. But in my first baby pix I am in a cast crying my face off.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Trish, you know I was joking about wondering if it hurt? LOL! I bet when we all emerged from our mother's vaginas or cut out uteri, it probably hurt like hell for us too! Thank God we can't remember infant pain!

Kelly said...

Fifty bucks baby.
And I don't do the lipstick without a mirror thing either. I lack that talent.

carrie said...

I think that putting on lipstick or lipliner without a mirror is my ONLY talent!! Loving your blog, btw! Especially all the good stuff about the novel/s . . . I hope you get published so you can live on the shelf next to Little Earthquakes!!


Martini said...

freMonique...sorry but Manic is correct...she found me first. answer your question, depending on the type of clothes I shop in a size 4 or 6 for my wife.

I do not shop for her at Frederick's or Forever 21. I don't shop at a particular store but I'll list a majority of them on my next comment.

Andie said...

No, we didn't! I would have like to do stuff like that, but all of the gates were shut to the mall stores! the only option we had was to eat candy out of a vending machine! And we tried to sleep on the floor of the store he worked in! Didn't work!

Elle Charlie said...
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Elle Charlie said...

My lipstick-related #99 is this: when I was like 5, my older sis (C)and I were watching my mom get ready to go to a party, and she was in the bathroom applying makeup. She put on lipstick and drew in "bumps" on her top lip because she has very thin lips, as does my sis. I don't. So C said "I want lipstick too, mom, but without the bumpies!" and my mom put some lipstick on her. Being a younger sis shadow, I said "I want lipstick too, mom, but without the bumpies" and then my mom told me that I already HAVE the bumpies and there was nothing she could really do about that. And I was devastated. For years and years I thought I had fat lips and I was so embarassed that I would always pull half my lips into my mouth to try to make them look smaller. Ha! Now I'm okay with the bumpies... speaking of which, have you all seen the lips on the Brangelina newbie? Youza!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I haven't seen Shiloh yet but am dying to! I bet you have awesome lips elleCH!

Andie said...

my #99- Lipstick related. I have an unhealthy addiction to MAC lipglass.

I've already bought 4 in the last month!!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I love that you all are sharing your 100 THINGS with me, but you don't have to make it correspond to what I've decided to post. However, this might be fun if I make number 98 about sex positions!

Martini said...

#98 for me....see Manic Mom's comment above :)

Manic, Manic, Manic....what shall we do with you?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

r martini -- It's anybody's guess my friend. Anybody's.

Not even my husband knows what to do with me.

TTQ said...

99) I hate, hate, hate to get gas for the car..I blew up a gas station (actually just the pump) when I was 15, I pulled in the wrong way. The firefighters were laughing, I swore I was never going to drive again
98) Sex? Yes please. The end.
moving on to 97...

TTQ said...

I find it hard to believe you have never broken a heart or two. They just didn't know it at the time, but later they will have realized you were the BEST woman they had ever dated, etc. Too bad they let you slip through through their fingers. You have to kiss alot of frogs before finding your prince...
Shameless plug for my blog..I have a pic of my wedding yesterday...

Andie said...

#98 I broke a heart... in college. There was this guy that I knew from my sophomore year of HS all the way through my junior year of college. He was a good friend. He obviously wanted more. I just couldn't do it. I broke his heart. I remember he wrote me this long email about how he could never talk to me again, etc.

I wonder what he's doing now...

My #97- I often wonder what happened to my record collection. my parents bought me a little blue record player when I was 6 or 7... and I would play 45's of books on record, and i had the soundtrack to grease and I sang along and danced to it all the time... My favorite part was "tell me about it.... stud!" LOL

#96- I had a huge collection of Sweet Valley High Books that my mom made me throw out after about 3 years. They were cluttering up my already messy room. I always wonder what ever happened to all of my books my mom would make me throw out.

TTQ said...

97) I usuall attempt 12 or maore hobbies a year
96) I've been deported from England! (I can go back now).

Martini said...

#98 (really)....I don't mind doing house work. This will sound strange but cleaning, doing laundry and vacuuming give me time to think. Strange..very strange..but my wife doesn't mind.

#97 I love to's my hobby. Recently cooked Italian themed dishes for my wife and 15 of her friends including different wines to accompany the meal. I now have 15 additional friends.

#96 I like all music....from Heavy Metal to Classical...depending on my mood.

Elle Charlie said...

Whoa, I have missed a lot so I'll just start at #95. MM, I think #95 speaks to every inner geek out there - I am way too cozy with my books. In fact, I can't borrow books from anyone ever, because I bend the pages back, doggy ear them, sleep with them, throw them in my purse, drag them on the T, sweat on them at the gym, spill on them... The ironic thing is, I'm known for how well I take care of my and other people's things! So it's very out of character. But my book-of-the-moment always ends up looking beat up, dirty, and very cherished.
P.S. This list is a really neat idea - thanks for inviting others to join in on your process!

Anonymous said...

Ramblin Rose's

100. I am a Yank (american) living in Australia (who misses home like crazy)

99. I have been here in oz 13 years (you'd think I'd gotten over homesickness by then)
98. Not one of my family members has ever come to visit
97. The water does swirl diffrent in the toilet and sinks here.
96 I sleep on the right side of the bed.
95. I have three children one speakes like a Yank the other two Aussies (and they get into trouble at school for using american words.. ie.. mom not mum... )

I think I caught up now!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I am loving learning a little bit about all of you too! This is such a fun exercise!

g. said...

I'll have to think about my 100.. maybe Ill do them 10 at a time... lol

you can add me if you want...

Interesting about the travel one though, I am actually sad that because of all the trouble in the middle east I won't ever be able to travel to Iran, Iraq or any of those places - the historical significance of those places is huge even if you are an atheist like me, it's still kinda where life started at...

Andie said...

#94- I won't eat raw oysters either. and I'm from louisiana! and I won't eat calamari. Yuck.

#93- the only places out of the US that I've been to are Grand Cayman and Mexico. I'm hoping next year will take me to Europe for a 2 week tour though!!!

Steve H said...

i can identify with 85, 95, and 96. nice list so far...

Flood said...

Hello! What a great project. Heart of Glass (#96) cracked me up. I used to do the same thing with Casey Casem's top 40. That was the whole of my Saturday afternoons. Lame? Yes.

Anonymous said...

85 is interesting, what do you mean by lucky?

Since I'm behind I'll just add my #83 re: children. I was married three weeks after my first son was born. I would definitely not recommend that, but I wouldn't change Gabe for the world. Five years later, I planned Asher down to the minute! Let's just say I learn quickly.

MM - looks like we're going to have to throw down and have a Blog-off for r martini :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Flood--remember Friday Night Videos?? We couldn't wait for those each week. And I used to write down ALL 40 songs from Casey's list!

Monique--I meant I was lucky in that I never had to make a decision regarding number 85 because I had my share of broken condoms and unprotected badda-boom-badda-bangs!

Elle Charlie said...

#94 I won't eat Easy Mac anymore because a few months ago I found a hair in mine as I was about to dig in. It was totally my hair, but that was enough to sufficiently gross me out - something about pulling a long cheesy string out of your dinner.

Martini said...

#95....I really dislike negative people.

#94....I really love and enjoy being around women who are confident in their themselves....looks and attitude....Not arrogant but confident.

#93....I workout somewhat religiously either by riding a bike or lifting weights.

#92....I love all food....really.

#91....I am a sports fanatic.

#90....As I mentioned before on a previous post, I love having people over to entertain.

Anonymous said...

Crap I've missed a I'll have to jump in with #81. I get the real deal when I go to the movies...extra butter all the way baby! Clogged arteries be damned! Trans fats I don't care!

I don't go to the movies very often so eff it, is what I say.

Elle Charlie said...

I'll add one along the lines of #81: I drink 2% milk. Me, the most nutritionally health conscious person I know. I can't help it - I know you should aim for skim or 1%, but I hate watery milk. If they make my Starbucks drink nonfat I usually send it back. I also eat regular fat yogurt. And cheese. Huh, I guess now that I think about it my #81 should just be that I don't eat lowfat dairy of any kind, period.

My #75 is that there is a very fine line between one drink and drunk for me, so it's tough to get me to the point where I'm loosey-goosey in bed but not passed out and drooling.

TTQ said...

74- Wearing black when feeling fat-except a red bra..

I think all "hip" bloggers wear black when we feel fat. As for the red bra, well when I feel fat, I know my boobs still look hot, so maybe your boobs are screaming look at me nothing else! ( I gained 8lbs on my honeymoon, but I'm down 3 already)

73) Migraines. got em. In fact that is the Dr I was at today. She said hormonal changes in the body trigger migraines, as does emotional stress good or bad. And changes in the pressure system. I really don't care what cause them, I just want to be able to take something and actually have it work.

Christine said...

72.) There is nothing in the world better than a nap....esp. a nice looong one (like 2-3 hrs). Heaven. My husband was raised believing these were wrong so I've had to teach him the beauty that is sleepy-time.

BD said...

This is nice reading, eloquent. I still am struck in awe with you 100-ers. Its a lot of work.

Perfect example why I failed with 100 things about me, I got to 20 maybe and really I have nothing useful to say about myself...

The 100 I did do though, was perfect.

Gina said...

Amen on 79, 77 and 72!

I am looking forward to reading the rest. Did you see my list in my side bar?

Anonymous said...

100. I sleep on the right side of the bed with the blankets up to my nose, but not above otherwise I feel like I am suffocating.
99. I can do it, but I have to check as I have a tendency to slather it on the bottom outside the line.
98. I know I broke a couple of guys hearts. And I have had mine broke too many times to speak.
97. I wonder what this means?
96. I horribly miss the days of mixed tapes, I do not know how to burn a CD. Something I need to learn.
95. I love the smell of old books, I go to a great used bookstore and just inhale the place.
94. I love Indian food, an old boyfriend who was Lebanese got me into it. I am way into pasta, but I have not yet converted to Pastafarian.
93. I was born in Montreal and I have been to Mexico. Tijuana should not qualify since I was so wasted I don’t remember any of it except trying to find a “banyo.” I would love to go to the Bahamas and Hawaii.
92. I still get cravings for chips, I go for the new sunflower oil ones now. They are yummy! I used to HAVE to have chocolate all the time and now I eat it rarely. I wonder what happened?
91. I was raised catholic and stole the flowers in the front yard of the priests house. I had to confess this and got in trouble.
90. My sister and brother only have 3 names and I have 5. My parents made my name up but I have found 9 others on myspace with my name! My name is Mandria. But I go by Mandy.

Wendy Hill said...

I can't wait to read the rest. I totally relate to #77 and may have to use it when I do my 100 things about me. It is almost 12:30 at the moment and I intended to head to bed at 11. The only night I've managed to avoid the suction of my computer and blogging was last night - and the earth shook - go figure!