Friday, June 23, 2006

Weight Watchers & Cute Coaches

So, I'm depressed. Weighed in and was thinking to myself, "Okay, if I lose at least 2 pounds this week, then I will treat myself to a grandeicednonfatsugarfreevanillalattenowhipofcourse." Here I was confident that I would have lost at least that much, or okay, maybe even just 1.8 pounds.

Nope. Only .4 of a pound.

That's technically NOT EVEN a half-pound. And we've got big party/eating/drinking plans for the weekend so I am fearing that the 3.8 pounds lost last week might not stay away.

However, a friend suggested drinking white wine with seltzer and a chunk-o-lime this weekend. Frothy, fizzy, buzzy, tangy, with lots of ice so I might be able to get away with that. But the margaritas at the fiesta tomorrow night might pose a problemo.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you I have a total crush on Ajer's baseball coach, and had a real live conversation with him yesterday and I felt like all mushy on the inside and nervous and wondered if I had a booger hanging out of my nose or anything equally gross happening with my face.

And, to make matters WORSE, Hubby knows I have a crush on him, and at one of the games where I was absent, Hubby starts prying and getting personal info from another players' parents who happen to be friends with the coach (like he's trying to get info in order to hook us up!). The other parents said they've been trying to find a nice girl for him, and Hubby tells them, "Well, if my wife wasn't married... heh heh hee."

So now I am afraid those people told the coach that I have a crush on him. How embarrassing. How Junior Highish. How totally, predictably me.


Martini said...

I coach my son's baseball team....same thing happens to me.

It's fun....when it's happening I look at my wife and she grins.

It's nice to know you still have that jr. high'ish feeling inside :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

So, r martini--do you think the coach can tell I'm crushing on him? Shit!

My husband keeps teasing me and embarrassing me in front of him! Thank God the season is practically over. I hope he doesn't get a hottie soccer coach!

Martini said...

Manic Mom.....absolutely. Nothing wrong with there?

Anonymous said...


You kicked ass last week with your huge weight loss! And you still lost this week. Any week that you lose is a good week, regardless of the amount. Just keep writing it down, and it will keep coming off.

:) Pam

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hi PAM! So nice to see you here! I know, I know, even if the weight stays the same as the previous week, it's still a win because it wasn't a gain.

r martini--coach is coming over in a few minutes to pick up AJ. I put on some lipstick (WITH A MIRROR, AND IN THE CAR NO LESS!)... Diva said, "Why are you putting on lipstick? For the coach??" Then Ajers went "Ewww, she does not like MY coach. She doesn't even know his last name!" The hell I don't; he's been googled and everything. LOL, just kidding. And I must not be too hung up on him because I haven't even showered today.

Martini said...

Why do you think he's coming over to pick up AJ?

Anonymous said...

Why shower for him to come over, by the sounds of it youll only get all hot and sweaty when you see him... Save the shower for after..

Crushes are good... in fact great especially when its us women crushing on men...


carrie said...

My son's baseball coach is a hottie too! I am so glad the season ended, now I don't have to worry about trying to look nice in the pouring rain while wrangling my other kids and watching #2 practice! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

I love that he's taking the crush so well. And that you have one in the first place. It's adorable. Sorry about the weight loss, or lack thereof.

Undercover Mother said...

I have been cutting back and being a good girl for two weeks and the needle hasn't moved at all.