Thursday, June 15, 2006


When there's nothing to say, why write? I'm trying to come up with something interesting to say, but this first week of summer has been just getting acclimated to the schedule change... oh, and sleeping in now that the kids can make their own breakfast.

I haven't had a drink since May 30, not that I'm going all AA on you or anything, but it's nice to have hangover-free weekends. I have also been doing WW religiously and walking or doing yoga each day. Will report back tomorrow if there's any substantial weight loss -- I could always amputate a leg for a quick 20 pounds.

Note came in the mail today--mammogram came back clear. Did you get your boobies squished yet?

Will blog about something interesting soon.


Andie said...

no, no boobie smashing here. My doc tells me I have a while before I have to get it done. Glad yours is clear!

and yeah I know what you mean about not having anything to write about.
I have things I *could* write about, but then I wonder if anyone really cares.

Chrissy said...

Andie---we care! ;-)

Steph, you'll do great with the weigh-in. Yoga is a form of weight-lifting, imo. Have I done any exercise in the last 8 weeks? NO! Have I had a margharita in your honor? YES! Would I cheer at a weigh-in? OMGosh, NO! C

J C said...

all this talk about squishing boobies has got my mind somewhat sidetracked

in any event, hope the summer is starting off well and that you find inspiration to write something soon

viva italia!

Andie said...

PS- I forgot to mention... I don't drink. really. once in a blue moon i'll have a beer or a glass of wine, but rarely.

I was in college, and woke up from a night of being sick from drinking and said that famous line "i'm never drinking again!" while my face hung into the toilet... and well, I stuck to it! LOL

So it can be done!